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Idol - 28 Feb 2012
Full disclosure: This is really the first full episode I've watched this season. So I'm coming in and seeing most of these performers for the very first time (except Phillip Phillips who is WICKED CUTE!).

Reed Grimm
It was, I suppose, an interesting choice to take a pop song and re-cast it as a Jazz number. But I think it suffered terribly in the execution. Reed seemed like he might have an interesting voice, and be a decent performer, but it did not shine through in this performance. I suppose if he makes it through I could grow to like him, because he's kinda cute, but I may just stay annoyed.

Adam Brock
WTF? Is our boy Adam into getting peed on? Why the yellow bandana-thing in the right back pocket? This was a better performance than Reed, and probably worthy of making the next round, but it didn't seem particularly strong to me.

Deandre Brackensick
Wow, this started really badly. I hope it's nerves, because it was pitchy and weak and all over the place. And p.s., Justin Guarini called and wants his hair back. I guess I basically like him - he had a nice personal intro - but the performance was just awful.

SIDEBAR: Are the judges high tonight? Or is it going to be another season of "dawg, that was mad good!"? Sheesh.

Colton Dixon
Does anyone else think he's trying a little to hard to channel Jared Leto? I guess he has a cool enough look - what do you think? As for the performance, once again it was just OK to me. And once again the judges "love it". God, can we have a SINGLE contrary opinion?

Jeremy Rosado
The peanut gallery here is seriously rooting for Jeremy, so this should be interesting. I'm glad he pointed out his nerves - and I'm 100% certain that they're all absurdly nervous, so I guess we have to give them all a pass for small problems with their performances tonight. My first impression is that Jeremy is really a nice guy and I'm kinda rooting for him too. The performance was nice enough, I guess. I liked it more than the others, but I'm still not gaga. NOT gaga. :)

Aaron Marcellus
Finally, I'm hearing vocals that sound pretty good. Not pitchy. Well suited to his voice. Nicely delivered. And his personal video depicted him as pretty nice. Aaron should make it to the next round pretty easily, I'd think. As far as the judges go, apparently the only differentiator tonight (and the rest of the season, I bet...) is the standing-o.

Chase Likens
Another good song selection. Did the producers rig the order? It will be interesting to see how the other guys do. Country isn't always my favorite, but this is a good performance of this song. Maybe a hair pitchy here or there, but overall good selection and good performance. And he seems like a nice (that is, cute) guy.

Creighton Fraker
What an odd-seeming person. Maybe my comment from the last contestant about stacking the deck was wrong? But now that he's started, his voice is sounding pretty good, actually. Absolutely on key, which is a nice change. I don't know if I can stand to watch him every week, but it was actually a nice performance.

Phillip Phillips
My early favorite. Cute cute cute! And he always seems to do interesting arrangements of the songs he chooses. I think it's been cool so far, but I wonder if it could be his undoing. For example, this arrangement of "In the Air Tonight" started strangely to me - I think it evolved into something very cool. I guess if he can continue to do that, it could be great for him. And if he'd take off his shirt, he'd be there. Oh, and WTF? Was that a criticism from Randy? Or almost a criticism? Interesting...

Eben Franckewitz
OMG. I didn't know this season was open to pre-pubescent children! The song choice was certainly ambitious - Adele, wow. And it was a reasonbly good delivery, there were only a few pitchy spots, I thought. And his voice has a very nice tone to it. I'm not sure he'll make the top 6, however. And was that more criticism from the judges? Maybe they're getting into the groove too.

Heejun Han
This is one quirky little dude, but I liked his home video. And his voice seems like such a contrast to the rest of him - I love that. I think that may be one of the best traditional performances of the night, honestly. I say "traditional" because I think Phillip's was decidedly non-traditional, but it was fabulous. On Heejun, I agree with J-Lo: Heejun's voice is smooth as silk.

Joshy here is number 12. I guess there's going to be a number 13? I'm still interested to see if "water skier boy" (that's what I call him) is going to make it.

Josh Ledet
Anyway, on to Josh. Great start on this song for Josh, I think. He seems to have a really nice range, and a great tone to his voice. And wow! That was quite a finish. Another standing-o from the judges. I guess they like him. I think he'll make it through.

Jermaine Jones
Well, I'm sorry it wasn't the cute water skier boy, but the peanut gallery here doesn't seem to care. And I confess, Jermaine sounds really good. I don't know if he'll make it through, but I like him - and I LOVED seeing him tower over the little douchebag.

So there we have it. Who do I think will make it? And maybe this is more my wish list than my prediction list:

Phillip Phillips
Jeremy Rosado
Aaron Marcellus
Creighton Fraker
Heejun Han
Joshue Ledet
Jermaine Jones

OK, I cheated and left seven on my list. That's just the way it is.

So who do you think will make it?

Oh. TLD (the little douchebag) just said *5* people are voted through. I guess I remember him chirping something about that at the beginning, but does anyone really pay attention to him?

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