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Slap of the Month - July!
July seems like it have been the month with the most variety in quite some time. Or am I imagining things? Regardless, we've had some super hotties like Jensen Ackles, perennial favorite Nick Beyeler, a couple of royal Slaps, Superman, and some great looking fur in Robbie Williams. And who could forget the newly out of the closet Lance Bass?? Go girl!

Chris Isaak

Ahmed Zabedy

Yehuda Levi

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Prince Harry

Prince William

Ed Harris

Jensen Ackles

Joseph Fiennes

Brandon Routh

Dermot Mulroney

Eric Close

George Clooney

Kevin Sorbo

Nick Beyeler

Fabian Elsner

Steven Strait

Lance Bass

Adrian Grenier

Frank Schleck

Dmitry Chaplin

Robbie Williams

Rob Lowe

Jaymz Tuaileva

Matt Dallas

Aiden Turner

Dan Futterman

Eduardo Verastegui

Les Hill

Nick is DAMN gorgeous, but man he is a BIG GIRL! As long as he doesn't talk he's golden. I'm voting for Futterman!
Craig | 2011-05-09 21:51

I've been in love with Joseph Fiennes forever, although a difficult decision he still gets my vote.
Bill | 2011-05-09 21:51

Decisions, decisions

Do you die of brain cancer? Or walk around looking like a moron?

Anti-EMF headwear


I laughed when I saw this Foxtrot strip this morning. Its very true especially here in Jacksonville, FL. Its been so hot here the last couple of days were have been getting some severe storms in the afternoon.
mike | 2011-05-09 21:51

Damn u northern hemispherians and ur hot warm weather. have sympathy for those of us living in melbourne australia.
BrOKeN | 2011-05-09 21:51

The last post, about Shortbus, brings up a question that I've had for a while - and I'll put it to you:

Do you prefer that I embed YouTube videos directly into my posts? Or do you prefer that I just link to them? I know it's nice to see part of the video right in the post, but it seems to make my browser do extra work that's kind of annoying. So I'm torn.

Anyone have a preference?

They both work for whatever works easier for you!
Jim | 2011-05-09 21:51

Links would be better as Outlook won't show videos from RSS
Ken Ent | 2011-05-09 21:51

I just caught the trailer for a new film coming out from John Cameron Mitchell (the guy who brought us Hedwig and the Angry Inch), called Shortbus. Looks and sounds like fun.

You can watch the trailer here.

SHORTBUS explores the lives of several characters living in present-day New York as they navigate the comic and tragic intersections between love and sex. Male and female, straight and gay, the characters find one and other – and eventually find themselves – when they all converge at a weekly underground salon called “Shortbus,” a mad nexus of art, music, politics, and polysexual carnality.
Sounds interesting. I may have to catch this one. Look for it in your local arthouse theater some time in October.

This has been in the works for sometime and a lot has been written about it because the actors have real sex while portraying the characters.
Curt | 2011-05-09 21:51

Curt | 2011-05-09 21:51

The hottest newspaper publisher in the world?
Maybe. GayOrbit has the details.

Slap! - Les Hill
Today's Slap is a guy I ran across on famousmales forums a couple of months ago. I set him aside to see if I could find more pictures, but never really came up with any. This pic and the ones after the jump are fairly old (10+ years, as far as I can tell); I did find one more recent pic, but in stark contrast to Rob Lowe, he isn't aging so well. So instead of ruining a perfectly twink-y post, I'll just put in the good ones as provided by Casperfan at famousmales.

So anyway, for those who are interested, here is Les Hill's IMDB page.

More Les Hill

And look! I got the "more" link in today. I'm a good boy!

Cute, nice butt, but who the hell is he?
Jim | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Eduardo Verastegui
Steven made my job easy again - he sent along a nice batch of pics of today's Slap, Mexican model and actor Eduardo Verastegui. He's mostly been in Mexican productions, but he's seen a few extra roles on American TV, including Charmed and CSI: Miami, and in the 2003 film Chasing Papi.

More Eduardo Verastegui

Update: D'oh! Link fixed! Thanks, Matthew, for helping out!

Update 2: This post seems to be cursed. Anyway, I fixed the problem with 5 images at the end of the post not showing. They weren't actually image, it was just a bug in my image processing software.

Mas! Mas! Pour favor.
Ted | 2011-05-09 21:51

Ewww, he looks greasy and full of himself. Way too beefy and butch looking for me.
Brandon Humphries | 2011-05-09 21:51

Where are the other pictures? I am anxiously awaiting for them....soon.
KCChieffan | 2011-05-09 21:51

you must have missed this pic
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slapdate! - Justin Timberlake

It's been a while since I Slapped Justin, but I came across this picture of him in Mexico today.

I wish he was the gay one.

plays | 2011-05-09 21:51

Always been a fan of Justin.

Also been very interested in JC, before he got all screwy with the hair. Another slap at some point, mayhaps?
BluWolf | 2011-05-09 21:51

Haha nevermind, I saw the slap of JC a while back. Yeah. Justin's the hotter one now.
BluWolf | 2011-05-09 21:51

I dont get it... he always looks like hes walking around with half his brain shut down. Im always surprised hes not drooling in every pic
Tom | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Dan Futterman
Let's have a brief fur interlude, shall we? Dan Futterman got his start on Another World in 1992, and had probably his most famous role in The Birdcage in 1996 as the whiney son, Val. The man-on-man pics you see after the jump are with former Slap Matt Keeslar in Urbania.

Lately, Dan seems to have given up acting. Well maybe, he's certainly doing less of it. But he's finding new success as a writer and producer with last year's Capote.

Honestly, there's something strangely cute about him - at least in the right light - but I'm not sure he's aging well. He should probably stick to writing and producing.

More Dan Futterman

I loved him in Urbania and when I saw him in a play in NYC in 1996. Unfortunately he didn't even take his shirt off onstage.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

I think he's very cute, and though straight, he's played gay a lot. He was also Charlotte's gay straight boyfriend on "Sex and the City." "Urbania" is a little weird indie movie set in NYC; it's not very good, though he's good in it.
Greg | 2011-05-09 21:51

I think he's hot! Mmmmm. I thot so when I saw him in Birdcage too. He's still hot.
And what is that movie, "Urbania"? It looks great.
AZ Gay | 2011-05-09 21:51

Excellent choice. He has totally hot fuzzy thigh. Those grey boxer/brief pics are fantastic. I could totally molest him.
clinton | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Aiden Turner
Sorry for missing a Slap yesterday, and being late today, but as you might have guessed from my post about "tech support", I've been having some computer problems. Specifically, I've had to re-install everything on my computer from scratch. UGH.

So anyway, on to the Slapping. Today's Slap was requested by "Rich from Baltimore". I've Slapped Aiden Turner before, but it's been quite some time and he's just too hot not to Slap again. Aiden stars as Aidan Devane in All My Children. He also had a turn on my favorite twinkish "skin show", MTV's Undressed.

More Aiden Turner

Lots of pics are courtesy of

We passed each other jogging on Manhattan's West Side, and I must say he is absolutely stunning in person... and I was thrilled to see that he hadn't shaved his chest. The first thing I noticed as he approached was a ripped, hairy guy coming at me ... then I recognized his face ... I live close to where AMC films and see Aiden and that criminally waxed Cameron Matheson pretty often.
bron | 2011-05-09 21:51

Oh My God!!! he turned me on even without EVEN take off his underwear,,, Yummy!!!!!!!
Samer Thomas | 2011-05-09 21:51

Yawn. Decent body but a TERRIBLE actor.
Michael | 2011-05-09 21:51

RIC says it all.
HDZ | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Ah yes, tech support
Calling to activate my copy of Windows XP with Microsoft today, I ended up speaking with a representative. Always a dicey proposition, especially since in this case she didn't have to be trained to do anything complicated. We had this exchange:

Representative: What is the make and model of your laptop?

Me: Dell Inspiron 9100

Rep: Do you remember where you bought it?

Which is why you should get a Mac.

I had a similar experience when trying to install windows on my new mac using bootcamp. I made the mistake of calling microsoft tech support to activate my copy instead of the number that is flashed up on the screen. 38 dollars charged to my credit card later i realized i needed to call the other number. You'd think they would have said "Oh you have an activation issue? call this number instead", BEFORE they charged me.
Brandon Humphries | 2011-05-09 21:51

It is frustrating, but it is a legit question. You can buy Dells other than from Dell Direct. I would hope they use the information to determine if yours is an isolated case or a trend and take corrective action... oh wait, you said Microsoft... Sorry! (LOL!)

MACs are good if 1) you believe everything you hear or see in ads. 2) You are a 1 to 4 as a power user. 5 to 10 and they have the same issues as PCs running Windows. 3) You are willing to give up some of lifes luxuries, like living indoors, to pay for it.
Will | 2011-05-09 21:51

Oh please: my old Dell Inspiron died after only 2 years of ginger use. I got an HP Pavillion to replace, we'll see how it goes with this one...

By contrast, my Mac laptop--which *is* easier and *more fun* to use--has had zero problems for over 5 years now. Higher up-front cost, lower total cost of ownership. I'm 100% convinced of that. I use Windows machines purely because of 1 piece of software I need to run for work.

I foresee in the near future buying a Mac laptop and running both Windows and Mac OS on it in the future, to replace both both machines. But I'll have to wait until my current Mac actually goes on the fritz, first. By then, maybe my piece of software I need for work will have a good open source version that I can use for free on Mac OS anyway...
ubu | 2011-05-09 21:51

I would never, ever, EVER go back to a PC again. I don't know what a "1 to 4" power user is, but I run large research databases, MS Office, some handy widgets, and work collaboratively with folks around the world using videoconferencing and other virtual meeting tools. I usually have about 15 or so windows open at once (sorry, I just counted - I've got 22 open). Sorry Will, you sound like someone who has never used a PowerBook!
gm | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Dear God, I'm ready for October!!

Click the image to see it ... grow.

Update: As Matthew alluded, if they kill off Jamie's character this season I don't know what I'll do. I'm getting upset just thinking about it!!!

October 6 is the premier!
ubu | 2011-05-09 21:51

Cris | 2011-05-09 21:51

Cris | 2011-05-09 21:51

Oops, the degree to which I am affected can be seen in how I managed to mangle my email and website in that last post.
HDZ | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Today's random hotness! - Jesse Rose

Jesse Rose, courtesy of

Perhaps I should be looking for real estate in Paris
France Telecom is rolling out very high speed service:

For €70 ($88) a month, customers participating in the fiber trial get Internet access, digital television broadcasts, and unlimited telephone calls over an optical connection with a theoretical maximum data rate of 2.5Gbps downstream, and 1.2Gbps upstream.

Moscow's top spammer
I'm not (necessarily) in favor of the death penalty for spammers, but as one newspaper in Moscow noted, this guy deserved it.

Slap! - Matt Dallas
Recent discussions with Mr. X turned up another lad that I'd been meaning to Slap and had simply neglected. I was also kinda surprised that nobody else had mentioned him. Matt Dallas is currently making a hit as the mysterious teenager - with no navel! - on ABC Family's Kyle XY.

I've read a couple of short write ups of the show, but haven't watched a single episode. You can watch all six episodes (with some limited commercials, I'm sure) on ABC Family's web site.

More Matt Dallas

Pics courtesy of the lovely fellows at Dreamcaps

I had ignored it until I saw him on GMA and The View one day last week. He was so cute and the most interesting eyes. Dreamy for sure. I am 38 so he makes me feel like a dirty old perv.

I watched the ep that night and it was a really charming/intriguing show. Definately will watch again. Only six eps? Bummer.

Matt will be big. I felt the same way when I saw Brittney Snow in American Dreams. Just a sparkle about him. Hope he has a good team behind his career and a good boy behind him. lol
clinton | 2011-05-09 21:51

Some queens just don't deserve beautiful men.
Clay | 2011-05-09 21:51

I worked with him for a couple years right before he got this gig on XY and he was the sweetest guy. Hopefully Hollywood doesn't change him...
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Kyle XY, what a great show: interesting and great eye-candy....
Nicholas | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Lance Bass Comes Out

A bunch of people sent me links today to the story about recent Slap Lance Bass coming out in this week's issue of People. He's been living in a bit of a glass closet lately, so few are surprised, but I'm still glad to see it - semi-public or not, it's a tough decision to make.

Coverage in:


The Advocate

Once again, I wish Lance the best.
Redbull15 | 2011-05-09 21:51

I'm not into the type of music generally produced by "boy bands", but I have seen the ocassional TV interview or mag article of Lance.
From what I can see he's a decent soul who deserves nothing but support, especially from the gay community. It seems we pout when they wont come out and they get bitchy when they do...
I think he's still hot as fuck , and even if you don't feel quite that way, I bet none of you who are nit picking about his weight or whatever would kick him outta bed !
Be pround and happy for him and his bf ...
Bax | 2011-05-09 21:51

We're from the government. We're here to help
Bruce Schneier has the details on a report from here in Denver about sky marshals:

The air marshals, whose identities are being concealed, told 7NEWS that they're required to submit at least one report a month. If they don't, there's no raise, no bonus, no awards and no special assignments.

"Innocent passengers are being entered into an international intelligence database as suspicious persons, acting in a suspicious manner on an aircraft ... and they did nothing wrong," said one federal air marshal.
I didn't watch the story, but I've been seeing teasers for the last week or so. I had no idea this was the story. I guess all we have left is hoping that it's not true.

Update: Looks like Bruce updated his original report on this story with some new info. While it may or may not be happening, it looks like it's not as big a deal as the nitwit Denver reporter would have us believe.

Slapdate! - Brandon Routh
I was surfing around Dreamcaps this morning and came across some new pics of Super Slap Brandon Routh shirtless. Specifically, there was a brief scene in Superman Returns where he was shirtless - and wow!! He's amazing.

So anyway, the pics of that scene are after the jump, but they're definitely spoilers, so if you haven't seen the movie, you may not want to click. How you could help yourself is beyond me, but consider yourselves warned.

More Brandon Routh

Also, all comments about his yumminess in these pics will have to go after the jump.

Slap! - Jaymz Tuaileva
Today's Slap is another guy courtesy of So You Think You Can Dance. Jaymz was one of the real hotties on the show, but he was voted off several weeks ago. Mr. X and I were having a discussion about the relative hotness of the SYTYCD guys, and his vote was for Jaymz as the hottest. I had to go with Dmitry, but it was a pretty close call.

More Dmitry Chaplin

D'oh! Got too fast with my fingers this morning and had Dmitry's picture here - fixed now. Thanks, Scott!

Jaymz??!! then Travis...
Nicholas | 2011-05-09 21:51

The first photo made me crack-up, all I could think of was, "Oh, look, its Jaymz, and all the girls from SYTYCD."

While Jaymz was cute, Dimytri will take your breath away.
Jeff | 2011-05-09 21:51

Hey la, my boyfriend's (coming) back!

Thanks Scott! I just wish I could get my husband hooked.

I have heard rumors--rumors--that Apollo might be killed off early in the next season. That would be TERRIBLE! Or Starbuck--that would be TERRIBLE too! Perhaps an e-mail campaign: don't kill them off just to prove you can!
ubu | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Rob Lowe
Shockingly, I don't have any record of anyone ever requesting today's Slap. I may have missed someone at some point who did ask for Rob Lowe, so if I did miss you, let me know - my records are far from perfect.

Regardless, Rob is quite the hottie - he looked great in his younger years in such films as The Outsiders, St. Elmo's Fire and Oxford Blues.

And recently he looked really good in The West Wing. He's really one of those guys who is aging beautifully.

More Rob Lowe

Thanks to Casperfan at famousmales forums for the most of these pics!

Rob is incredibly beautiful...young or aging! Thank you!
Kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Wow, I forgot all about ROB! You know, the older this man gets.. the hotter he gets!
Bleu | 2011-05-09 21:51

I thought "The Picture of Dorian Grey" was fiction.
Tim | 2011-05-09 21:51

I have always loved me some Rob Lowe. Yummy
JK | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Robbie Williams
Steve wrote recently to suggest British pop star Robbie Williams, and since he was nice enough to send along a batch of photos, how could I refuse?? And hell, we haven't had any good looking fur on here for a few days, so I really needed to get some in. Sorry it took so long, Steve!

I just have to say - I think he's so damn hot it's ridiculous! The perfect amount of fur, not too scrawny, cool tattoos, etc. And I love his attitude - not afraid to show almost everything. Does anyone know of any cock shots out there?

More Robbie Williams


This site offers some nude shots of hottie Robbie. I don't know if they're legit, but they look real. Have fun.
Carter | 2011-05-09 21:51

Horsey's nude male celebrity website has one full frontal tabloid picture of him.
Glenn | 2011-05-09 21:51

I sugggested him ages ago at the same time that you took my suggestion to slap Thomas Jane from "The Punisher". I have been "Rob-sessed" for years now. For those who want to see how sexy he really is, go to You Tube and check out his videos for "Radio", "Come Undone" and "Rock DJ". Actually all of his videos are worth viewing but those have the most skin. This guy is bigger than Madonna everywhere else but the US and has no problem playing the gay card. He has broken concert attendance records all over the place and holds the record for most attendend concert (from his 3 day concert at Knebworth Castle during his "Escapology" tour). I have no idea why he isn't bigger here in the states (as he has stated as well) but I kind of like keeping him to myself.
Stuart | 2011-05-09 21:51

HUH?! Flab and no definition. HUH?!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Show/Hide More Comments...

But suppose you're pee shy?

Fish n' Flush

good lord, can you imagine the trauma those poor fish will go through everytime you flush?
david | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Dmitry Chaplin
Yikes! I don't think I would have gotten more negative Slaps yesterday by Slapping Donald Trump! Yeesh - he wasn't that bad, was he? Anyway, to make up for it, today I give you Dmitry Chaplin, of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance.

Reality TV in general is of little interest to me - American Idol being the obvious exception - so I haven't been watching this show. I caught it for the first time the other night, and WOW! I can't believe how hot this guy is!!

[SPOILER]Unfortunately, he was voted off this week. AUGH! How could that have happened? I thought he was clearly one of the best dancers out there - then again, what do I know about dancing?[/SPOILER]

More Dmitry Chaplin

Thanks to Trinity at famousmales forums for capping the images!

Thank you, Rob, for coming to your senses. Dmitry is definitely smokin'! He does still leave me with a hankering for some fur, though...
Steve | 2011-05-09 21:51

He's kinda cute, but....
Hands down, Blake McGrath is the best, the hottest, and the sexiest.
Samer Thomas | 2011-05-09 21:51

GREAT SLAP! I fantasize about him every time I see him on the show.
Steven | 2011-05-09 21:51

He is amazingly hot! He reminds me of a Czech gay porn star, but he's not, I didn't mean to get anyone's hopes up. While I don't know much about dancing, I do know that Dimitry was starting to reach his limits. I don't mind being distracted by good looks, but his lack of skills were starting to show.

I predict the final two males will be Benji and Travis.
Fred | 2011-05-09 21:51

Mountain Dew
I have to say, this is one of the best ads I've seen in a long time:

And it's probably getting as much air time as the Dr. Z ads, but it doesn't bug me nearly as much.

Slap! - Frank Schleck
Today's Slap is in honor of the current running of the Tour de France. Frank Schleck hails from Luxembourg and rides for Team CSC. Frank appears to be doing fairly well in this Tour, finishing 6th in a recent stage and currently in 11th or so place.

More Frank Schleck

There are only 3 stages left in the race, so I think we should have a couple more riders featured here. I'll put Tom Boonen on the list, but does anyone have any other cute riders to suggest?

Ick. What were you thinking?!?
Greg | 2011-05-09 21:51

If this guy is in any way reflective of the Tour de France cyclists, you might want to skip showing others. Eeewww.
Steve | 2011-05-09 21:51

I agree with Greg. In fact, I agree with all of the comments. What were you thinking?
Kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Gross. This has to be the worst slap of all time.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

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What the fuck is wrong with people??
Apparently, Utah (and, I can only assume, other states...) is having a problem with trucker bombs.

These "trucker bombs" are often filled with human waste. Drivers are dropping them off in Parleys Canyon, along US 6 and I-80 out near Wendover.
Charming. Is there no point lower than which our society will not sink?

Today's random hotness!

Fernando Casarin

Update: D'oh! Looks like that post was removed.

YOWZA!! Steamy!
John in T.O. | 2011-05-09 21:51

is this link broken for everybody, or just me?
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Adrian Grenier
Today's Slap is one of my favorite current actors, Adrian Grenier. He's currently starring in HBO's Entourage, a show about a movie star and his posse; Adrian plays Vincent Chase, the movie star.

Adrian can also be seen in the current feature film The Devil Wears Prada, and the nude pics (sorry, ass only) after the jump are from Harvard Man (I think).

Anyway, back to Entourage. I just can't say enough about how much I enjoy it - the entire cast is fantastic and I think the premise is a great one. One of my favorite characters is Ari, brilliantly played by former Slap Jeremy Piven. And there's my favorite, "E", played by future Slap Kevin Connolly. Finally there's Lloyd, Ari's gay Asian assistant, played by gay Asian actor Rex Lee. There was a small feature piece on Rex recently - anyone remember where?

[SPOILER]Lately Vincent has been involved in the "Aquaman" project, directed by James Cameron, and working for the money and not the art has caused him some personal turmoil. This week we hope to learn the fate of "Aquaman 2".[/SPOILER]

If you haven't seen it, you really should track down a DVD and watch a few episodes, or if you have HBO - watch! It's on Sundays at 8pm Eastern.

More Adrian Grenier

He's cute however I think he owuld be cutier with shorter hair
mike | 2011-05-09 21:51

Entourage is a good show, but Miss Grenier is totally unbelievable in the role she plays.
Jenna's Bush | 2011-05-09 21:51

he's just not good looking to me. YUCK!!!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

Yeah, I've had a crush on Kevin Connolly since Unhappily Ever after (bad show except for him). And I just can't say enough good things about Jeremy Piven. But Adrian Grenier's hot, too. I mean, how can you not like that mouth of his?
Bret | 2011-05-09 21:51

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How did I miss this?
Somehow I missed the fact that one of my favorite-ever Slaps, Bradley Cooper stars in Failure to Launch with Matthew McConaughey. How did that happen?

I think it must be the visceral reaction I have when I see Terry Bradshaw on the screen. Something about him makes me have seizures.

Regardless, QueerBeacon has a look at the film's gay content. And at Matthew and Bradley.

Update: Speaking of Matthew McConaughey, apparently, he likes to work out on the beach.

anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Dear Dr. Z
Please go play in traffic on the test track.

Seriously, is anyone else ready to shoot Dr. Z? I am so SICK of those damn commercials - I've seen at least 15 in the last 90 minutes of TV.

Aw, come on. I think Dr. Z. is kind of cute.
Fred | 2011-05-09 21:51

I agree that he needs to GO AWAY!! This is just another ploy of Diamler-Chrysler to try to build their reputation. We all know anything their vehicles are trash...
Robert | 2011-05-09 21:51

I find the campaign interesting. Reason is, at first when zee chermans took over Chrysler it was taboo. Now it zeems like zey are embraazing zee fact zey are back on our zoil. It's kinda like zee 4th reich. DD
DD | 2011-05-09 21:51

The reporter is cute, otherwise the ads are totally offensive. Basically they are saying only German engineers could fix crappy American cars. Chrysler is no Mercedes but they make a decent, affordable car - something Mercedes can't do (or won't do?). Jeep is the off-road/4x4 standard and the Germans fixed them?? What's next? I suppose those great German engineers could use their vast space experience and fix the space shuttle!
Will | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Obviously terrorists are afraid of water?
This story just makes the mind reel. Specifically, next year a passport will be required to cross the border between the U.S. and Canada. Ostensibly for security reasons. But (you knew there was a but):

While speaking to legislators and business leaders from both sides of the border at the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region's annual summit, Michael Chertoff said a "practical approach" is necessary.

"In particular, we will not be, for example, including in this set of regulations a requirement for passports for ferries or private watercraft, recognizing that this is a particular form of transportation that we don't want to interfere with," said Chertoff.
What on earth can you say about this?

It is interesting to note that Ressam was caught on a ferry crossing from BC to Washington. Allowing passport-free passage on ferries while checking road traffic: I mean, come on. Chertoff must be some kind of idiot whose incomptence is beyond my ability to exaggerate.

Even so, I really hope there's no way that this rule is actually going to go through. In the Pacific Northwest (WA OR ID + AK), we have closer ties economically (and culturally!!!) with British Columbia than we do with, say, Georgia or Maryland or something. We're tight with the Canucks up here. And, there is a *huge* amount of traffic back and forth across the border of goods, raw materials, and people. Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland regard themselves as "sister cities" in many ways. And in this part of the country, it's not uncommon for families to have members living on either side of the border, too. So, I really hope the Northwest state delegations in Congress will not stand for Chertoff's naive little plan. (At least, let's hope...)
ubu | 2011-05-09 21:51

I live in NH and know how much of an inconveniece this will be. Whole families may be divided. A passport is expensive, and I have in the past introduced friends to Montreal on a shoestring budget. This will happen no more if this rule goes through.
JAC | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Lance Bass
JJ sent along a report he recently read about today's Slap, Lance Bass and his glass closet, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to fill everyone in on Lance's coming out (or not) and Slap him at the same time. Because he's kinda cute.

Isn't he??

Well, I guess. Whatever...

Regardless, former 'N Sync boy has been the subject of lots of gossipy speculation lately about his relationship with gay Amazing Race winner, and former Slap, Reichen Lehmkuhl.

Specifically, there's info on their vacation to Provincetown, the way they share clothes, and their attendance at San Francisco's gay pride parade.

And it just cracks me up that Perez refers to Lance as "Princess Frosty Locks".

More Lance Bass

Most of the pics are courtesy of Bsabas' Boys. Thanks!

that's a nice shirt
myackie | 2011-05-09 21:51

I've got your back on this one. Lance is cute. He's just kinda goofy-hot.
John in T.O. | 2011-05-09 21:51

Not cute. But you have to give him props for the fact that he may be dating Reichen.
Geromer | 2011-05-09 21:51

He made out with a friend of mine while we were in a bar in New Orleans. He was surrounded by two BIG bodyguards.
Craig | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Boat porn


You're not the only one with that reaction. The guys on 'Sailing Abarchy' had some choice words as well.
Erik the Boatbuilder | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Steven Strait
Ruben, the one responsible for the recent Slap of Kevin Sorbo, reminded me that he had also recommended model & actor Steven Strait. And in looking through my records, it appears that Mike had recommended him too. Honestly, I can't figure out how he fell through the cracks - talk about HOT! This is the kind of model that's not, not that creepy looking plastic creation from yesterday.

Steven has been in very little, and he doesn't seem to mind wearing very little. Hopefully that continues when he's on screen more...

More Steven Strait

Surprise surprise, I like him facial haired and furrier. He looks almost illegal when he is shaved (all over).
Doug | 2011-05-09 21:51

those last 5 are super hot. he looks like a man!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

Woof! Steven is so hot with the hairy face and chest. I first noticed him in the movie Sky High where he played a long haired teenage super villian..
tom | 2011-05-09 21:51

He caught my attention flipping channels a few months ago, HBO was playing Sky High. I know, but it was a slow TV night and he looked hot... What can I say, I'm weak.
Eric W | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Ubu pointed out what I meant to post days ago (I think the heat here is melting my brain) -- namely that Jamie Bamber is on the cover of this month's Out Magazine.

It's a fairly interesting article, in large part about gays and how they're depicted on TV, more specifically in sci-fi. It also mentions that Jamie begins the season "married and 30 pounds heavier". Yikes!! But who knows? It could turn out that he's married to Anders. Talk about a win-win!

Does anyone have a hires scan of the Out cover?
ubu | 2011-05-09 21:51

This link has a bunch of covers that you can download as wallpapers. Jamie's is the latest. And you can read the article online there too. It has 3 more pics, none with skin but still he photographs quite nicely.
Stuart | 2011-05-09 21:51

Omigod thanks for that link! I had no idea they did wallpapers of the covers--that's awesome. :-) Jamie and his chest hair now adorn my computer desktop. Even so, I just want to point out that I love him for his body *and* his mind: he's a great actor and a good interview.
ubu | 2011-05-09 21:51

Yeah, the pics are great, but I'm not sure I like the idea of 'gay culture defined', as if TV doesn't do that enough.
david | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Fabian Elsner
Ages ago Gemini6Ice wrote to suggest today's Slap victim, model Fabian Elsner. I think I must be going soft in my old age, because while I certainly think this guy is hot (geez, his body is nearly perfect), there's something just not right about all that perfection. Jamie Bamber is still #1 for me...

More Fabian Elsner

I know a million people prob. told u by now, but did u see your boy Jamie Bamber on the cover of the Aug. OUT magazine?
Cris | 2011-05-09 21:51

Bamber is so much better. The guy has a fit body, that is if he would ever put his arms down long enough for you to appreciate it, but what's wrong with his face? There's just something about the composition that is extremely unattractive.
Stuart | 2011-05-09 21:51

Speaking of Jamie, did you notice that he's on the cover of Out magazine this month? With chest hair?

Fabian is technically a very beautiful man, too. But I'm devoted to Jamie myself, too.
ubu | 2011-05-09 21:51

I dunno, those tight leopard skin pj bottoms look mighty fine. They'd look incredibly cheesy on most who would dare. I'd gladly be a midnight snack for that kind of wild cat.
John in T.O. | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Ryan Carnes!
I haven't covered Ryan Carnes in a while, so I thought I'd share this pic that I found here:

I think it's time for another Slap.

Surf School is finally out on DVD July 17...

thanks for the cover pix... hadn't seen that !
doncarter | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Nick Beyeler
Reminded by Aussielicious and Oh My God, today's Slap is one of our most popular - world aerobics chamption (I still don't know what that means...) Nick Beyeler.

The beautiful thing about this Slap is that since I haven't tagged him for well over a year, there have been some more great pics taken. Including a couple of really nice frontal shots.

More Nick Beyeler

Thanks also go, as is often the case, to famousmales forums.

Robert | 2011-05-09 21:51

WOW! I'd like to spend a little time with Nick!

Great slap!!
Gil | 2011-05-09 21:51

this guy really does it for me. he's amazingly HOT! always so willing to show off that bod of his & that nice piece between his legs too! Wow, whhat a guy!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

I am pretty sure those are photoshopped cock shots.
JT, formerly bottomguy | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Random hotness!

Today's random hotness, from famousmales forums is captioned "Please Please DVD Behind The Scenes Captures, Dougie & Harry". Does anyone know what exactly is going on?

That would be British pop group Mcfly and their new single 'Please Please' released as the official Sports Relief tune. In this scene the group all huddle into a cupboard and strip off, get their musical 'instruments' out, play for a bit and then dress up as doctors and nurses.
check out more and the video clip at:
Trik | 2011-05-09 21:51

You've got to be kidding me

We finally saw Superman Returns last night. I really can't believe it took so long. I thought there were sections where it moved a bit slowly, but overall I really enjoyed it. And I was kinda disappointed that we didn't get to see more Super Skin, but the brief look we did get was quite nice.

James Marsden also looked pretty good - a couple of scenes featured a nice hairy chest peeking out of his shirt.

I do have a couple of questions about the movie. I'll post them behind a spoiler here, but I can't really do that in the comments - so if you don't want it spoiled, you may not want to read them...

1) What was that thing he brought home from Krypton? He told his mom he buried it and then we never saw it again.

2) Why wasn't his kid able to break the door on the boat? Isn't Superman strong from birth?

I thought the same as Scott-O-Rama did. The only question I had was why is it that he didn't need anything to get back to Krypton (we assume), yet he needed the meteor to get back here to Earth?
Martin | 2011-05-09 21:51

The comics go back and forth about how powerful Superman is. Sometimes he flies in space without a space suit, and at times he has. In Superman II and IV, Zod and his crew and then Superman himself are seen walking on the Moon without protection.

There's still so much we don't know about the kid. Maybe he could break the door and just didn't know he could. Throwing the piano was probably the first super-thing he did, so he didn't know what was going on.

Bigger questions are how they explain tha ages of Clark/Superman and Lois. If this movie takes place five years after Superman II, then it means it was maybe six or seven years after the first one, which establishes that Superman made his debut at 30 (after leaving the Fortress of Solitude) and Lois writes her first article, "My Night With Superman." But both characters in this movie look in their early or mid-20s, not their mid 30s! Lois would have to have written that article when she was 17! I can forgive Superman for looking young. He's an alien and gravity doesn't affect him the same (and I like my Superman looking effen hot.).

Sorry, had to geek out for a moment. I now return you to our normal discussion...
Eric W | 2011-05-09 21:51

The comics go back and forth about how powerful Superman is. Sometimes he flies in space without a space suit, and at times he has. In Superman II and IV, Zod and his crew and then Superman himself are seen walking on the Moon without protection.

There's still so much we don't know about the kid. Maybe he could break the door and just didn't know he could. Throwing the piano was probably the first super-thing he did, so he didn't know what was going on.

A bigger question is how they explain the ages of Clark/Superman and Lois. If this movie takes place five years after Superman II, then it means it was maybe six or seven years after the first one, which establishes that Superman made his debut at 30 (after leaving the Fortress of Solitude) and Lois writes her first article, "My Night With Superman." But both characters in this movie look in their early or mid-20s, not their mid 30s! Lois would have to have written that article when she was 17! I can forgive Superman for looking young. He's an alien and gravity doesn't affect him the same (and I like my Superman looking effen hot.).

Sorry, had to geek out for a moment. I now return you to our normal discussion...
Eric W | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Kevin Sorbo
Ruben wrote a while back to suggest today's Slap, Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo. He was also in the sci-fi series Andromeda and made a few guest appearances on Xena.

Kevin is the third Hercules that's been a Slap - the other two are Paul Telfer and Ryan Gosling. I think I'd have to vote for Paul Telfer as my favorite.

More Kevin Sorbo

Lots more pics at Dreamcaps.

I've never been fond of fur, but Kevin is one that breaks that "rule" for me. I've always wanted to just grab a curry-comb and dive right in. He's also remained an incredibly sexy man through years of different series, and by far the best Hercules for me, although the others are not bad either.
fareva | 2011-05-09 21:51

Did you ever notice how he always had a slightly geeky young blonde sidekick with him? Iolas in Hercules and Harper in Andromeda.
fareva | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - George Clooney
Back during fur week, Jason suggested George Clooney. I don't know that George was very well qualified for fur week, but there's no doubt that he's one of the hottest actors out there today.

He really got his start as Dr. Doug Ross on ER and has since moved on to have quite the successful film career. The Ocean movies are stupid, but they're definitely entertaining - and obviously profitable, since Ocean's Thirteen is under way.

My husband's favorite role for George was as Captain Billy Tyne in The Perfect Storm - he liked the whole beard thing.

Personally, I think George was at his best in South Park as Sparky the (gay) Dog.

It was kinda tricky finding skin pics of George - for someone so hot he doesn't take his shirt off very often - but I did manage to find a few. Enjoy!

More George Clooney

Is there any way to slap this person off the face of the earth? He is the worst actor i know of...behind ben aflack.
gary | 2011-05-09 21:51

Highly over-rated.


Alan | 2011-05-09 21:51

A rather charming man indeed! An «image preserver»? Well, qualities seldom seen these days. I like that. And him too... :-)
Ricardo | 2011-05-09 21:51

I absolutely love that shit-eating grin he has in that photo where the nurses have their hands down his shirt. I bet the nurses are pretty pleased as well. I would be.
cupre | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Eric Close
Diana wrote recently to suggest actor Eric Close for a Slap. Who? Right. I have no idea. But I gotta admit, he's a cutie! I don't think, however, that I've ever seen him on TV. So thanks, Diana! I'll have to keep my eyes out for him.

Diana was kind enough to send along a link to this site with some nice pics of Eric, and thanks to the magic of famousmales forums I was able to round up some nice skin shots! Woohoo!

More Eric Close

YAY - perfect slap. Been lusting after this one for years.
Fritz | 2011-05-09 21:51

Oops! I guess that shows how often I watch TV.
JT, formerly bottomguy | 2011-05-09 21:51

Great! I've even watched a few episodes of the crime series he is in, playing the all buttoned-up straight FBI-type guy -- that how attractive I think he is!


Alan | 2011-05-09 21:51

Absolutely fell in love / lust with him in Now and Again. A great choice. A few more pics at:
Raymond | 2011-05-09 21:51

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I'm thinking...
... of a reliable operating system.

There's a new device out there that lets the disabled control their computers with their thoughts.

I just wonder what happens when you think something like this:

God damn it!! Why can't Microsoft build a reliable operating system???

To avoid such situation, I guess the only way possible is to censor your own mind, or else the system will be permanently collapsing... Is that what we really are aiming at - censorship?!
Meanwhile humour is still allowed, I think...
Ricardo, Lisbon | 2011-05-09 21:51

Grilling out!

Thanks, Jim!

I want mine with chz and a kiss at the end
Mike | 2011-05-09 21:51

Yes, definitely with cheese, but the appropriate kind for the occasion: fused, please! (At least around here we call it that way...)
Ricardo, Lisbon | 2011-05-09 21:51

Need more space?
If you need more living space, I have the solution for you - the Aspen home of Prince Bandar bin Sultan is for sale:

The 56,000 square foot home features 15 bedrooms and some large number of bathrooms, although that seems to be tough to pin down for some reason, and I haven't had a chance to inspect the property myself. Yet.

Regardless, all this can be yours for $135,000,000. Quite the bargain, no? If all 3,000 or so of my daily readers team up, we can land it for a mere $45,000 each! It's the ultimate fractional ownership! Everyone owns 3 hours per year.

The person who does buy it will still have the prince as an occasional neighbor - he's keeping the 2 small (15,000 square feet) guest houses for himself for now.

So if you're in the market, I know a good Realtor.

Slap! - Dermot Mulroney
JJ and Rich both wrote a while back to suggest today's Slap, actor Dermot Mulroney. Dermot may be best known for My Best Friend's Wedding, but I really liked him more in The Family Stone. He also was in a couple of episodes of Friends.

Dermot also has a cute younger brother, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

More Dermot Mulroney

THANKS. D.M. has been one of favorites forever, maybe even #1.
Cris | 2011-05-09 21:51

No doubt about it. People go rather easily and quickly over the edge. Just one voice and you're in heaven or in Paradise...
I feel envy. I wish I could too...
Ricardo, Lisbon | 2011-05-09 21:51

He's nicely well hung too, so while his ass is screaming Fuck Me, so's mine.
BenDover | 2011-05-09 21:51

He has one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard. I could get off just listening to him speak.
John in T.O. | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Via Tottyland.

"Sporno?!" Love it!
Hector | 2011-05-09 21:51

That's what I like best about rugby (sorry, tha's how we call it around here; football is something else): you're allowed to use your hands lavishly all the time, all over, devastatingly...
After Italy's end performance in the WC, we surely need some sporn to keep the moral... UP!
Thank you!
Ricardo, Lisbon | 2011-05-09 21:51

Hey it's not rugby (an inferior code played no-where important), it's Australian Football!
Mike | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Brandon Routh
Considering that I haven't seen the movie yet (well, not at the time I'm writing this), I guess it's not terribly surprising that I haven't Slapped Brandon Routh before today. Well, there was that one Slap about a year ago, but it really isn't fair that I've waited this long, since his movie just came out, is it??

I have superherofan at Dreamcaps to thank for pulling my head out of my rear. The beautiful caps he got of Brandon in a swimming pool training for the movie inspired me. They're the best shirtless caps of Brandon who, quite frankly, looked a little chubby in some of his younger pics. He doesn't look chubby at all any more.

And I have to cover the Is Superman Gay? angle. I don't know about Superman, but I've heard rumors about Brandon himself. Rumor or not, it sounds good to me!

More Brandon Routh

I have to admit I haven't seen the new movie yet. But, I am reluctant to do so because of Brandon Routh. In my opinion, he just looks too young to be Superman. Especially if the premise of his movie is that Superman was in Metropolis fighting crime all those years, then he left for 5 or 6 years. Now in this movie he comes back. So, why does he look like a 22 year old? Shouldn't this version of Superman be in his mid 30's by now? I certainly never heard any explanation in any of the other Superman stories that he doesn't age ina normal fashion.

I would have preferred a more mature Superman. Especially to go with this storyline which has him returning after a long absence.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

The real Superman would be in his eighties or nineties by now. LOL.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Maybe when he left Metropolis for 5 years, he just went to a spa.....had a little work done etc to make him look 22 again. I guess those superhoeros do have to worry about their images.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

I'm surprised that no one has brought up the rumor that Brandon's package was so big, and showed far too clearly through his costume, so that he had to be "downsized" in post-production!
Mark | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Joseph Fiennes
Thom asked that I get in the way back machine and visit one of my very first Slaps, for the purpose of a re-Slap. He was amazed that for someone as hot as Joseph Fiennes I only had one picture, but back in the old days that's how things were done.

Regardless, he's certainly right that for someone this hot I needed to have more than one picture. Fortunately, I was able to dredge up a couple of good shots, and even found some video that I could use to capture some nice shirtless - and even a couple of ass - shots.

I first noticed Joseph in Shakespeare in Love and thought he was cute, but four years later in Killing me Softly (the source of ths skin shots after the jump) he looks much better. I haven't seen any of his recent work, but I can only assume that he's still a hottie.

More Joseph Fiennes

Man he's FINE!!!! Did i hear correctly, he has an identical twin?
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

I watched Shakespeare in Love five times. Each time went home dreaming about this guy screwing my brains out. Thank you!
JT, formerly bottomguy | 2011-05-09 21:51

The picture are so great. He has the best facial hair. So sexy.
Lou | 2011-05-09 21:51

Ah righty, AH righty, bitches, BACK OFF! He's MY man!!! LoL - I didn't know so many liked him, I thought I was the only one?! I requested this slap numerous times over the past year, and now I am finally blessed - thank you o kind sir of the mountains Colorado!

I broke up with a mate after seeing Joe in Shakespeare in Love cause I thought, 'Yes! I WILL have poetry in my life, too!' Sadly, this is true....sad only b/c Joe hasn't come for me....yet!
Franzel | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Customer service
I had one of the best customer service experiences in recent memory tonight.

I stopped by our favorite Italian restaurant, The Saucy Noodle, on the way home to pick up dinner. I ordered the baked spaghetti for us. Now, I know better than to leave a restaurant - any restaurant - without checking my order. But leave I did. When I got home, I realized that they'd given us normal spaghetti - not the baked variety.

Patrick called and was very nice, asking about what had happened. They offered to replace the spaghetti, but we'd have to drive back to the restaurant, which really wasn't an option. He thanked them and hung up, simply asking that they "be more careful in the future".

Within 2 minutes, they called me back (mine was the phone number on the order), apologizing profusely; they took my name and insisted that next time we dined there, the baked spaghetti was on them.


Why can't more places have such exemplary customer service? I suppose they could have offered to zip over 2 orders of baked spaghetti for us, but really - what they offered was far beyond what I can remember from any other restaurant. So if you're in the Denver area, be sure to pay a visit to The Saucy Noodle - unless, of course, you don't like garlic, since, as you can see their motto on their home page:

If you don't like garlic, go home!

Hottie alert!
GayWired's interactive top 10 celebrity list has a nice selection of hotties this month, including former American Idol contestant and star of Eating Out, Jim Verraros:

They also added some great shots of Bent favorite Nick Beyeler.

He’s nice! He deserves his own slap I think.
hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

Is this strange?
I was visiting the offices of my hosting provider the other day, just to take care of some paperwork and setup a new account, etc. When I got there they offered my "water, coffee or anything". I'm not a coffee drinker, so I asked for a bottle of water. They didn't have any bottles, but they had a water dispenser with fresh spring water, which they served in a coffee cup.

I couldn't drink it. I just kept looking at that coffee cup - and imagining god knows what - and I couldn't even choke down three sips.

Now I'm not a germophobe or anything - and I don't have any trouble drinking from a glass at a restaurant - but is it weird that I just couldn't drink any of that water??

You're probably just weird.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

The Thais have a saying: khit maag mai dee (thinking too much is no good).
Don't worry about it too much, but keep in mind that we have an immune system for a reason and we're pretty good at fighting off a wide variety of nasty microbes.
Bret | 2011-05-09 21:51

You sound fussy! I’d never ask for bottled water, just water.
hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

The way I see it, something else - deeper and stranger - must be here at stake. Though it became fashionable to go everywhere around with a little, ridiculous bottle of water in your hand, the usual way still is to ask for «a glass of water, please!». And the unusual way to serve it is, by the way, in a coffee cup...
(I wish I just could remember that proverb that starts like «stil waters run something». But being a foreigner, maybe you could help me? I'd appreciate it.)
Ricardo, Lisbon | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Jensen Ackles
Lee wrote a while back to make a couple of suggestions - one of them being Supernatural hottie Jensen Ackles. It's been over a year since I Slapped him, and I must say there are some nice new pics out there! I especially like the way he looks with his beard - YUM!

He spent some time harassing Tom Welling in Smallville and also turned up in the various teen angst spots you might expect from someone who looks like him, including Dawson's Creek.

I just wish I had more time in my TV-watching schedule - I'd add Supernatural because of Jensen and his co-star hottie Jared Padalecki.

More Jensen Ackles

One of the sexiest guys, one of my all time favorites. Utter utterly hot. Worth watching Supernatural for. Great slap!
hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

the last 2 shots are hot!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

This was for me a kind of a dream that came true. And I have to thank you for that quite gladly.
I remembered him slightly from Smallville. But it wasn't until a short while ago that I noticed him in all his splendour in Supernatural.
Heaven! God is indeed generous... Can a guy be more beautiful? And I don't mean just handsome or cute or hot (which he is too, as a matter of fact).
And I can't stop wondering about those words:
«How can he be this good-looking without being genetically engeneerd?»
Well, God is still at work, I guess...
Ricardo, Lisbon | 2011-05-09 21:51

I've loved Jensen since I saw him on Fox's Dark Angel. He is one pretty man, but still a stud. I'd love to see him make out with Brandon Routh (or Cristiano Renaldo) -- but I don't think my heart could take it.
Eric W | 2011-05-09 21:51

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For what it's worth...
You remember the recent dust up (kerfuffle?) over MADD's public service announcement? Well, the author of the original story wrote to point out that he has written a follow up piece for the Advocate.

In short, he doesn't buy the letter of apology from Saatchi & Saatchi, and he makes a reasonably convincing case that MADD Canada did, in fact, know what was going on and approved it:

At any job it’s common knowledge that when your client gets hit with a problem or scandal or something negative goes down, the first thing you do is “take the hit” for your client. In this example, the ad agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, responded with an apology letter to their client, MADD Canada, confirming that MADD knew nothing about it. This would seem to be impossible, since a lot of money was spent to hire the L.A. casting director, the production company, and the director for the L.A. shoot. With the kind of budget and money involved, it would seem impossible to not have obtained budget approval by Saatchi & Saatchi’s client, MADD Canada.
I really don't know what to believe about this story any more. Read the whole thing and see what you think.

The whole thing is giving me a headache. People should just let it lay if they aren't going forward with the ad. Even if they were, I still don't see the big deal. If instilling a fear of 'turning gay' keeps people from taking drugs and killing themselves and others, I really do not care. An idiotic viewpoint is the cause of the ad, not vice versa.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

“I still don't see the big deal. If instilling a fear of 'turning gay' keeps people from taking drugs”

Sorry but lying and teaching people that taking drugs will turn them gay is harmful to society. It’s because of ignorant people like yourself that causes hatred of gays. If you can’t see the harm in associating drug use with “turning gay” then you need to go back to school because that 3rd grade education you have is obviously not enough.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

"Sorry but lying and teaching people that taking drugs will turn them gay is harmful to society. It’s because of ignorant people like yourself that causes hatred of gays. If you can’t see the harm in associating drug use with “turning gay” then you need to go back to school because that 3rd grade education you have is obviously not enough."

You can't even string a few sentences together correctly, so I'd avoid making pathetic, antagonising comments about others' educations.

It's clear you haven't really thought this through. I said IF it stopped them from taking drugs and harming themselves and others, I didn't care. And if you care more about what a few homophobes think about you than you do about people keeping their lives, your existence isn't even worth acknowledging.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Ed Harris
I think we need a brief fur injection here. I was actually kinda surprised when today's Slap - Ed Harris - didn't come in as a suggestion during fur week. After all, even I think he's kinda hot. And I assume he qualifies under just about everyone's definition of fur; if you don't think Ed is furry, I suggest you start looking around for a gorilla.

Ed's been in a lot of stuff, and his performances always strike me as authentic. In fact, he's received four Oscar nominations - for The Hours, Pollock, The Truman Show and Apollo 13. Wow. I think my favorite role of his was as Christof in The Truman Show. There was something so well done in his self-perceived god-like perfection.

More Ed Harris

P.S. I don't think I've ever received an Ed Harris suggestion from anyone, but I'll admit that I may have missed it. If you sent him along, let me know and I'll give you credit.

Pictures courtesy of here, where you can find lots more.

I remember rewinding that scene from Swing Time when it came out on video many times. It made me all tingly inside.
Greg | 2011-05-09 21:51

Ed Harris is the stuff men are made of - I LUV him!! Brilliant Friday surprise!
Franzel | 2011-05-09 21:51

nope, does nothing for me
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

Bleu | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Guilty pleasure
QueerBeacon has a look at one of my recent guilty pleasures - The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Including, most importantly, Jeana's hottie son of questionable sexuality, Shane:

I'm gonna have to Slap him. Soon!

hey, love your site, here's a suggestion, how about doing some slaps in honor of the tour de france, start with tom boonen, think you'll be pleasantly surprised
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.
Read this. It's a summary of an annual report from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada - from a few years ago. I haven't had a chance to read this year's report, but it does raise a couple of questions for me:

1) How dire would the report be in the United States?

2) Why don't we have such a report?

Slap! - Prince William
While we're here - let's just get this settled. Who's hotter? Today's Slap, Prince William? Or his little brother - and yesterday's Slap - Prince Harry.

More Prince William

All the Windsor boys are good looking when they are young, but as they go into their 20's they get more and more horsey looking. Wills was so cute up until a couple of years ago. If you remember the picture of Andrew naked he was really cute then also. Even Charles was kind of cute when he was young. I hope Harry stays hot for awhile because he is the hottest one of them all at the moment.
Curt | 2011-05-09 21:51

A few years ago Wills. Now Harry, without a doubt.
hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

I have never been convinced that Wil and Harry both have Charles as their father. Diana is obviously the mother of both -- and it's evident in the features of the guys. But Harry looks more like that 'other guy' than Charles, as the father. Am I the only one who thinks this?
pierre | 2011-05-09 21:51

William's hot enough, but his stylist needs to tell him to keep his hair much shorter.

Harry is definitely the hotter of the two now (a recent development, IMHO).
Spike | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Prince Harry
Steve wrote recently to suggest the Windsors - Harry and William - as possible Slaps. So today we have Prince Harry and William will be an upcoming feature.

I used to think that William was the hotter royal, but I'm having to reconsider my position. I'm fairly certain that Harry has passed him in the hotness department. Of course, I'd still like to be the queen... I think my favorite pic of him might be the one where he's muddy after a polo match. And of course, it's nice finally to come across some skin pics.

More Prince Harry

Thanks, Rob, for slapping Prince Harry. I'm trying to find a photo I once had of him on the beach. Just curious - why did you put a pic of Prince Philip (Harry's grandfather) after the jump?
Steve | 2011-05-09 21:51

Wills has totally lost it. He went ugly very quickly. But Harry... hello Harry. He's grown up to be very fit.
hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

OMG i love harry. thank u.
Cris | 2011-05-09 21:51

I'd fuck 'im.
Jenna's Bush | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap of the Month - June!
With 20% of the vote, June's winner of Slap of the Month is Gilmar Rodrigues:

I think he's a well deserving winner, don't you? And Bent readers seem to be fans of the Brazilians, because another Brazilian - Igor Rosa was the runner-up. Hmmm. Guess I'll have to track down some more Brazilian hotties!

As an interesting side note, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bruce Willis didn't manage to get a single vote.

Sesame Street stung by sponsor's withdrawal
The gay controversey has hit Sesame Street.

Hahahah! I love The Onion! Grade A satire!
Xavier | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Today's Slap comes courtesy of Joey. Mark-Paul Gosselaar is another guy that I can't believe I haven't Slapped before. I've thought he was cute since way back in his Saved by the Bell years, and he just gets better looking.

He was on NYPD Blue for several seasons (whence come most of the ass shots after the jump), and he seemed to have picked up a good role in Commander in Chief before the series was yanked. Unfortunately, it looks right now like he doesn't have anything in the works. I hope he's back baring that beautiful ass on TV soon!!! Or hell, let's hope for a movie and a frontal view!

More Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Most images courtesy of XYZ Pics.

He grew up really nicely, and looks great with dark hair. A nice Mark-Paul/Matt Lanter sex scene would have been great in Commander in Chief. A man can dream.
hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

Damn he turned out to be one hot stud!
Gil | 2011-05-09 21:51

That ass makes me proud to be an American.
Andy | 2011-05-09 21:51

There's you pick of the month right there.
Cris | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Yehuda Levi
Surfing around famousmales the other day, I came across this hottie - Israeli actor Yehuda Levi. The only production that I recognized the name of was Munich, where he played a "Tel Aviv Airport Soldier" - most everything else is reportedly Israeli. That's kinda hard to believe - he's so hot, I can't imagine he can't get more work in the U.S. Maybe soon...

More Yehuda Levi

Pictures from here.

Yeah, he's yummy. He knows it too. Beautiful man.
John in T.O. | 2011-05-09 21:51

anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Very hot...and I bet he's circumsized ;)
JK | 2011-05-09 21:51

Cute, but sure looks full of himself.
Cris | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Ahmed Zabedy
And now for someone completely different.

In the interest of having more diversity, I offer today's Slap - Kuwati model Ahmed Zabedy. I know next to nothing about him, but he's definitely cute!

More Ahmed Zabedy

Pics are courtesy of Pharaoh at famousmales.

Cris | 2011-05-09 21:51

Cris | 2011-05-09 21:51

yummm.. thank you!
tom | 2011-05-09 21:51

Very nice, but he does need to lose that posing look.
hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Get an Apple? Maybe not...
Some owners of the new MacBook (the one that runs Windows) have been reporting a strange discoloration on their laptop's plastic shell. And they've been reporting it after as little as 2 or 3 weeks. Now, my laptop definitely has some "hand stains" on it, but it's over 2 1/2 years old. I would NOT expect such changes after 2 weeks.

So. What has Apple's response been? To lock the post on their discussion board related to the problem. Their reason? It wasn't related to technical support. Thanks, Apple.

In some cases Apple has actually replaced the machine, but in others it has said that the user's only rememdy is to have the plastic shell replaced. A process that leaves them without their computer for at least two weeks.

Now, do I think this is worthy of a lawsuit? Certainly not. But I'd been considering a MacBook as my next machine. I have just changed my mind - why should I support a company that demonstrates such arrogance and lack of concern for what appears to be an obvious manufacturing defect?

Get a platinum. Much better.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

It looks like I'll be shopping at OfficeMax and BestBuy for my consumer electronics needs in the future. I only have one question: Why is BestBuy waiting until 2007??

When you are in not good state and have no money to go out from that, you will need to take the home loans. Because that should help you emphatically. I get financial loan every year and feel fine just because of that.
Hahn32LAUREL | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap of the Month - June!
It's been an interesting month here. We had a week full of soccer players footballers, and a "fur week". I put fur week in quotation marks because it wasn't (necessarily) all that furry. There were definitely some hot guys in there, but I have to admit that not all of them were furry. Regardless, there was plenty of hot skin to be had this month, from the adorkability of Justin Long to the furriness of Matthew Fox to the aging hotness of Tom Selleck. And I think there was everything in between. So have at it - give us your vote for June's Slap of the Month!!

Justin Bruening

Gilmar Rodrigues

Jason Ritter

Novak Djokovic

Luke Wilson

Lucas Black

Chad Faust

Leonardo DiCaprio

Mark Valley

NYC Firefighters

Sebastian Kehl

Carlos Bocanegra

Freddie Ljungberg

Michael Owen

Andriy Shevchenko

Joe Cole

Tim Cahill

Paul Nicholls

Tom Selleck

Matthew Fox

Bruce Willis

Pete Sampras

Steve Jones

Igor Rosa

Marc Blucas

Sean Patrick Flanery

Guillaume Canet

Justin Long


Slap! - Chris Isaak
Back during fur week, Steve wrote to suggest today's Slap, Chris Isaak. I'm not sure how qualified he is for fur week, but he's definitely cute, regardless. I remember seeing him live in concert one time - it was an outdoor concert, and he came out and walked around the grass among the audience. The thing I was most struck by is how short he seemed - and he's actually 6'1" - at least that's what IMDB reports. I wonder if that's a publicist pumping him up... Hmmm...

Chris is probably best known as a singer, and for his own show on Showtime. He was also in The Slience of the Lambs and has had guest spots on a number of established series.

More Chris Isaak

I've met the delectable Mr Isaak, and he is damn fine up close and in person, and his hair does that 'thing' kinda naturally!

Have lusted after him for years now, and he just keeps getting better looking everytime!
Kim | 2011-05-09 21:51

Thank you for slapping my suggestion of Chris Issak!!! Not to sound too much like a school girl from the '50's but... he's dreamy.
Steve | 2011-05-09 21:51

The tank top shot definitely qualifies this stud for fur week. Not a twink and not a bear, but appears to be, like Lucky Charms, magically delicious. Outstanding choice!!
Nick | 2011-05-09 21:51

Thank you. I've always liked Chris Isaak and your pictures show how sexy he is.
Lou | 2011-05-09 21:51

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