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Slap! - Carter Oosterhouse
He's been lurking around here for a while, and I honestly don't know why I haven't Slapped him before now. I mean, look at that face - and that body - and the perfect amount of chest hair. Wow! Yes, today's Slap is home improvement hottie Carter Oosterhouse. It's enough to make me want to take up building houses!!


More Carter Oosterhouse

Oh, yeah.. the perfect man.. the hair on that chest.. And you havent seen him on This Old House because he is on Trading Spaces
Tom | 2011-05-09 21:51

Tom: Thank you! I was worried thinking that this was really Norm and I needed new bifocals.
bottomguy | 2011-05-09 21:51

Jeez-- if he has anything goin' on upstairs OR downstairs then life is not fair...
The Puckster | 2011-05-09 21:51

Dammit, I just jerked off to this really wet sexy dream I had and now I gotta go at it again!!
The Puckster | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Up until 1 and awake at 6:30...

Nap time!!

Slap! - Nicky Hayden
I've been meaning to Slap this guy for a while. He's been one of my favorites for ever and ever. I mean - how fucking sexy is he? And when he gets on that bike? Dear god!!!

More Nicky Hayden

Check out this hilarious clip from So NoTORIous. Either Tori is moonlighting as a dominatrix or making a very convincing video to kidnappers if Mimi La Rue ever went missing-you make the call. So NoTORIous airs on Sunday nights at 10 on Vh1.


Margaux | 2011-05-09 21:51

You have slapped alot of good looking guys over the past few months, but I think that Nicky definately takes the cake. He is hotter than hot to me.
Jaason | 2011-05-09 21:51

He's been hot for a long time too. I met him in the flesh at Brainerd Raceway in Minnesota. We are both southerners so he recognized my accent and just wanted to talk. I nearly freaked, but it was all good, after he got my address, phone number and measurements he sent patches, pins, autographed posters and more to me. I still get stuff once in a while when something big happens. I met him back in 1998. He was bleached blonde then. I have some pix of those days if you ever want to see em, email me. He has been cute from birth, but the Vanity Fair layout photos are PFG too.
CJ Johnson | 2011-05-09 21:51

OMG. He is a wet dream come to live.
mike | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Travis Schuldt
Sorry for the late Slap today, but I had to meet the people delivering the lights to my construction site. Geesh - "We'll be there some time between 8 a.m. and Friday."

Anyway, on a happier note, today's Slap is Travis Schuldt, who from the pictures I snagged (from Dreamcaps, probably) appears to have done some work on Scrubs lately. And he definitely looked good doing it!! He was also on Passions for a few years, but I wasn't a fan way back then...

More Travis Schuldt

He is soooo Hot! I was thinking just last night as I was watching Scrubs, that I needed to Google some images of him. He is currently on Scrubs laying the boyfriend of the blnde chick. LOVE the shirtless pics, he has a VERY NICE BOD!!!!
Eric | 2011-05-09 21:51

Travis really looked hot in last nights episode of scrubs , the bi-three way scene with JD's brother and Elliot was great. Someone needs to write a Brokeback Mountain type role for Mr. Schuldt
John | 2011-05-09 21:51

Hmmmm Was he a gay character??

Vey sexy
Mike | 2011-05-09 21:51

I am SO in lust with this guy. Sweet!
Caleb | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Taylor! Who knew??
Sorry for my lack of an American Idol post last night - we were at some friends' house for a lovely dinner.

Anyway, The Malcontent has a few thoughts, especially about Ace, but I have just one question: When did Taylor become a fisting bottom?*

* He was wearing a red hankie in his right pocket last night. Yikes!

Bwaaa-ha-ha! You know that some queen backstage did that! I love the old hanky codes.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Here's an animated graphic of asteroids in the vicinity of earth over a two month period (a few years ago, I gather). Frankly, I'm amazed we're still here...

See more information.

Check out for the latest on near-earth-asteroids (NEA's).
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51


It's amazing how close some of those asteroids get.
Jon | 2011-05-09 21:51

All I need is a little round ball thingee and a red fire button, and I can ensure the planet's safety.
Squeaky | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Mr Spain Guys
Today's Slap, courtesy of famousmales and Xtasis is (are?) the guys of the Mr. Spain 2006 contest. Wow. What a selection of hotties! Personally, I'll take bachelor #1.

More Mr. Spain Guys

are they all waxed to within an inch of their lives? There does not appear to be a hair on their bodies. What a shame!
marvin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Oh, man. Anyone want to take a trip to La Madre Patria?
Hector | 2011-05-09 21:51

The missing hair is sad, but I would like a helping of #16 anyway!
Shawn | 2011-05-09 21:51

hi, sorry but i need to do this, gm, your spanish is wrong, it should be "me les gusta muchos" and yes, i agree, estoy de acuerdo!!
seth | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Gee, is someone running for President?
Last week a group of 8 Democratic senators met with gay groups to
listen to complaints last week from gay groups that they and their party colleagues have hindered progress on gay rights.
Michael at GayOrbit has a more detailed look and basically expresses the very same sentiments I have.

I would hope their lact of speaking out on these issues is more like the way the repugs in 2000 (meaning Bush) didn't talk much abour abortion.

His core understood he was on their side. But, they didn't want to talk it up for fear of upsetting the swing voters. They wanted the swing voters to believe the "compassionate conservative" crap thay were putting out there. All the while, the Pat Roberson crew was fully aware that they were all very far right socially conservative in their cold little hearts.

But, this is probably too much too hope for with democrats.....
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Takeshi Kaneshiro
Today's Slap, as suggested - and provided! - by Patty, is Taiwanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro. It looks like most of his work has been in Taiwan, but lately he seems to have done a few American pictures. HOT!!!

More Takeshi Kaneshiro

I wouldn't kick him out of bed. Nor, given the "wet" picture, out of the shower...
Eric W | 2011-05-09 21:51

I'm not a rice queen or anything, but this guy is quite beautiful. I've seen him in 'house of flying daggers' and he was very hot.
Terry | 2011-05-09 21:51

Been in love with him since Cheungking Express. Nothing sexier than an emo cop in Hong Kong.
kablamo | 2011-05-09 21:51

well, the "wet" picture is actually for Biotherm advertising.
He's an asian icon.
ajex | 2011-05-09 21:51

I am 6% White Trash.
Not at all White Trashy!
I, my friend, have class. I am so not white trash. . I am more than likely Democrat, and my place is neat, and there is a good chance I may never drink wine from a box.

Well, my place isn't really neat, but it's right - I'll probably never drink wine from a box.

(Via Daniel)

I am 16%..... hmmm I wonder what the other 84% of me is?!?!
Kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

17%???? This is totally bogus! So I count on my fingers...big deal!
myackie | 2011-05-09 21:51

It said I was 22% white trash. Does that mean the other 78% is blue trash?
mike | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Stephen Gately and Andy Cowles
I'm way behind on this, but I wanted to get it in anyway. Today's Slap goes to former Boyzone star Stephen Gately and his new husband Andy Cowles. The two were married last week in the U.K. They're both just so cute!

Damn, the husband (Andy) is Smoking. Hot.

Spike | 2011-05-09 21:51

I refuse to wear flowers when I get married. They sure are a cute couple.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

And Cowles is my late boyfriends ex just before he met me, believe me it's amazing wot your pop star boyfriend's millions can achieve. Believe i still have the amateur pics my ex took of hin when he was trying to get into porn, used to turn a trick or two as well!!!!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Cryptographic porn

From here.

I don't get it *tilts head to side in confusion*
BrOKeN | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Jonny Lee Miller
Jonathan, way back when he came for a visit, asked that I Slap actor Jonny Lee Miller. You may remember him better as the former Mr. Angelina Jolie. Anyway, I'm not sure why I haven't gotten him in, but here he is - lovely little furry chest and all. I remember seeing him first - with his future ex-wife - in Hackers; I remember an especially enjoyable scene in a pool, come to think of it. I haven't seen many of his recent projects, which is definitely too bad - he just seems to get cuter and cuter...

More Jonny Lee Miller

OH MY!! OH MY!! OH MY!! Gotta love that furry little chest! Thanks !
Bleu | 2011-05-09 21:51

One of my most favorite men ever!!!!
The Puckster | 2011-05-09 21:51

The man is perfection itself. I've loved him for so long.
Terry | 2011-05-09 21:51

Ahh, the joy of Jonny Lee! Even as the bleach blonde Sick-Boy in Trainspotting he was hot!
Kim | 2011-05-09 21:51

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The real reason...

Slap! - Bret Harrison
Today's Slap is the absolutely adorkable Bret Harrison, star of the new Fox show The Loop. I've watched a couple of episodes, and they seem to be doing a nice job of showing skin on a regular basis. And so far it's a fairly funny show, made all the better - at least for me - because I'm an airplane geek.

I do have one complaint about last night's episode, though. There was a scene where they were discussing a Virgin Atlantic 747 and its relative merits, but when the plane was shown "taking off", it wasn't a Virgin (which I can understand, they may not have had permission for that), but it wasn't even a fucking 747!!! Come on - if you're a quirky, geeky show about an airline, you could at least buy clips that show the right kind of plane!

Oh and [SPOILER]737's can't fly from Chicago to Hong Kong![/SPOILER]

More Bret Harrison

Caps courtesy of DaveId.

Nice to see a guy with eyebrows.
Myackie | 2011-05-09 21:51

nice rack in the last pic
!7 | 2011-05-09 21:51

nice face, cute face..what else? cute weenie? twinkle little star...
ian | 2011-05-09 21:51

Young? He's like 24....that's not that young, he just has that little kid look going on for him...
Nicholas | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slapdate! - Markus Poyhonen
You'll remember Markus Poyhonen from earlier this month. Well, Hannu was kind enough to send along some more pics of Markus for us to enjoy, so you can check them out on his "more" page.

More Markus Poyhonen

I. Want.
hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

On airline security
Bruce Schneier, one of my favorite columnists, has a column on his site about the problems with our current airport security techniques.

One of the most frustrating things about the new regime of airport security, at least to me, is that 9/11 was not caused by terrorists getting box cutters through security. It was caused by our entire airline system being unprepared for aircraft to be used as weapons. With hardened cockpit doors - and lots of twitchy passengers - the 9/11 terrorists wouldn't get anywhere today. Yet we continue to hear lots of loud people talking back and forth at each other about knives with 3-inch blades.

Still, current procedures require us to take our laptops out of bags, remove our shoes, many times to submit to even more invasive procedures. To make matters worse, human beings just aren't well adapted to staring at the monitors on x-ray machines for hours on end - that's why you occasionally hear reports like these:
In tests between November 2001 and February 2002, screeners missed 70 percent of knives, 30 percent of guns and 60 percent of (fake) bombs.
and more recently:
Imagine an explosion strong enough to blow a car's trunk apart, caused by a bomb inside a passenger plane. Government sources tell NBC News that federal investigators recently were able to carry materials needed to make a similar homemade bomb through security screening at 21 airports.
But is that really surprising? As Bruce notes:
Break up something into small enough parts, and it's going to slip past the screeners pretty easily. The explosive material won't show up on the metal detector, and the associated electronics can look benign when disassembled.
And as for guns and knives?
Faced with an endless stream of identical objects, the [human] brain quickly concludes that everything is identical and there's no point in paying attention.
What that means is that a basic cursory screening is good enough. If I were investing in security, I would fund significant research into computer-assisted screening equipment for both checked and carry-on bags, but wouldn't spend a lot of money on invasive screening procedures and secondary screening. I would much rather have well-trained security personnel wandering around the airport, both in and out of uniform, looking for suspicious actions.
Most importantly:
In some ways, if we're relying on airport screeners to prevent terrorism, it's already too late. After all, we can't keep weapons out of prisons. How can we ever hope to keep them out of airports?

I prefer when Bent Blog is cheerful with pics of twinks.
hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Kevin Costner
I think we've had enough twinks for a while, so let's change things up - at least for a bit. Today's Slap is actor Kevin Costner. I know, I'm using the term loosely. At least he's a better actor than he is a director - and I include Dances with Wolves in that; unlike most people, I was unimpressed.

Actor or not, director or not - Kevin is a hottie. I find it surprising myself that I think a 50 year old is hot, but there you have it. My favorite movie of Kevin's? I'd have to go with No Way Out, and he was tolerable in Tin Cup.

And I'm betting that this one gets the WindReader seal of approval.

More Kevin Costner

I've always thought he was a hottie. But I also enjoyed Waterworld.
John in T.O. | 2011-05-09 21:51

Always been a favorite of mine. Thanks for including some more 'mature' hotties.
Rich | 2011-05-09 21:51

He is good to just look at
Bruce | 2011-05-09 21:51

Kevin Costner is totally disgusting. This is an actor who never felt compelled to work out. Take a look at his slimy backside in "Dances with Wolves," or his body in "Bull Durham." Yuck! I have never understood his appeal. His best acting part by far was in the "Big Chill," and he was cut from that film.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Kevin Rans
Having finished a week of Soap Slaps, I was casting around this morning for my next victim. I've had gobs of great suggestions, but honestly I was too tired to look through them to find a good one. And then Don sent along this guy. Flemish pole vaulter Kevin Rans. Kevin is quite the hottie I'd say, although I'd agree with finneye, from whom I got Kevin's pictures, he could smile once in a while...

More Kevin Rans

Jim | 2011-05-09 21:51

Very nice!! The video does his pictures justice! Nice to see this man in motion!! Yum **But you are right, he could smile a bit more.
Bleu | 2011-05-09 21:51

who cares about smiling with those thighs
Chris | 2011-05-09 21:51

He only smiles afterwards ;p
don | 2011-05-09 21:51

And then there were 11...
Mandisa: God, she was amazing - quite the vampish performance! She has that incredibly powerful voice, and it has so much character. Yes, she's the first out of the gate, but I'll be surprised if this isn't one of the best performances of the evening. I worry that her weight might keep her out of the finals - but I certainly hope not. She's got my vote!

Bucky: Augh. I know I should stop complaining, but why are we still seeing him? I wasn't convinced by his performance tonight any more than I have been in the past. It just felt forced - like he's really having to try to enjoy the song. I think Simon uses the karaoke analogy too often, but at least in this case I think he's right.

Paris: At first blush, her performance felt like "Mandisa light". It's more than an "ordinary karaoke performance", but is it a truly original one? Eh. Maybe. It was good, but I think she can do better. I do agree with Randy - the ending was much better than the beginning.

Chris: Oooooh. Walk the Line. This'll be fun. Hmmm - a rough start, I think. Great ending, though. I prefer Johnny's arrangement, but that's not the point - I thought Chris was fantastic. He was totally in the performance, which is so important. And I still think he shaves his chest.

Katharine: Geesh. Have we seen this chick before? She said she's "gonna be singing to someone". She's almost there, but not quite. A pretty good performance, but not the commitment that it needed, I don't think.

Taylor: Can we just give him a Valium or something?? I still think he dances like Elaine. Although I'll admit that he's growing on me. One thing is for sure: Taylor commits to every song. Interestingly, the first 1/2 of tonight felt like a flinch, but I think he saved it.

Lisa: One word: Indicated. She has a very nice voice, but it just wasn't an interesting performance.

Kevin: Ugh. Sitting down? This feels indicated too. It just didn't do it for me. The walking with hands in his pockets? It was just average to me.

Elliott: Does Elliott look better tonight? I still think his voice is nice, but so far this performance needs to go. By the end I think he was doing fairly well, but I'm not "moved" - sorry Paula.

Kellie: I thought that was a nice performance. Her voice is great, and I still love her personality. I think we had a decided lull in the middle of the night. I'm just hoping that Ace finishes as strongly as Mandisa started. She is so damn funny!

Ace: Wow. Tough song. But he's another performer that I think commits to every song, every time. He's also one who seems to know what he's good at. But all of a sudden I'm not wild about the ending. Fundamentally, though, it was a very appealing performance that will bring him back next week.

And, BTW, Barry Manilow is one of my favorites. No snarky comments, please!

Oooooooh. DialIdol statistics have started!

Neat. I voted so many time for Ace that my phone crashed. Not, by the way, that I think Ace was the best tonight - that was Mandisa - but he seems to need the votes... As for who I'd vote off, I'd have to go with Lisa.

Elliot did look different tonight - a little more polished. And, dude, he had Ace beat in spades. Not a big fan of Lisa, but Kevin has GOT to go.
Squeaky | 2011-05-09 21:51

All the contestants looked different tonite..the stylists for the show are doing their jobs by making them look appropriate for the song they are singing. Mandisa looked INCREDIBLE with curls (and that girl can SING). I also thought that Elliott sang circles around Ace (who always sounds under the note to my trained ear). I think Elliott learned the most from Barry (why isnt he a permanent judge/coach on this show...he always gets the best performances out of the contestants). Lisa will go tonite (tho it should be Bucky)
Doug | 2011-05-09 21:51

Now that we're into the real Idol show, the talent began to shine through last night. Mandisa is the Diva; what a voice! Chris should have a career already. Taylor drives me up the wall with his practiced weirdness. Bucky should have been gone a few shows back, though he seems like a nice, down to earth guy. Kevin needs the Vienna Boys Choir. Kellie is a breath of fresh air and likely has a career down the road. Paris is Mandisa lite, in several ways! Katherine has a beautiful voice, but she seems to be un-idolish. Lisa is probably gone tonight, if not Bucky. Ace is cute, but far from the best. Elliot may look like the Amish, but like Mandisa, he has a remarkable voice that he is able to control. And the songs he chooses, are usually among the most difficult ones sung each contested night. This year, I think Mandisa, Chris, Elliot, Kellie, Paris and Katherine all have great potential for lucrative singing careers.
Bill | 2011-05-09 21:51

chris does shave chest--found pic of him at mike with no shirt--where it looked like he was already buzzing a little--damn hes hot and fill jeans quite nicely
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Get your dialing fingers ready!
Or, should I say, your dialing computers? You see, during American Idol last week I mentioned a great auto-dialer site, The next day the owner took his site down because of legal harassment from FremantleMedia, the owners of American Idol. Thankfully, he was able to get some good legal advice and feel comfortable putting his site back up.

So again, I'll be watching DialIdol's statistics as the evening goes on.

I won't be able to use DialIdol, because I don't have a land line - cell phone & cable modem only for me, baby! - but anyone who has a land line should consider using his dialing application. As long as you don't vote for Bucky!!!

We need more controversy!
We haven't had anything to stir people up in at least 24 (48?) hours, so I thought this might do the trick:

Where o' where is that precious sign hanging?
muffy | 2011-05-09 21:51

Here's one:

Dear Hillary,


The Democratic Party.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

I love Hillary too, but her Presidency would be a death wish for the Democratic Party. It is more important to win the next two elections, than to push a devisive female president. Plus she's pandering to the centrist republicans, and drifting farther and farther away from the progressive base. Her stance on the war is the same as the president, she just proposed a flag-burning law (what the FUCK is up with that??), and she's trying to woo the pro-life crowd. Sorry Hillary, but I'm voting for Russ Feingold.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

that should read, "...but her CANDIDACY would be a death wish..."
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

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More soap stars!
Michael over at Bare Naked Men is also featuring soap stars this week! Check 'em out!

Specialists argue that business loans aid a lot of people to live the way they want, just because they can feel free to buy necessary stuff. Furthermore, banks offer term loan for young and old people.
Krystal24Jensen | 2011-05-09 21:51

I'll take 300 condoms, please!
From Europe comes a story of fake - actually made as a joke - Euro notes being passed as real cash. Here are a couple of samples:

Apparently a store clerk accepted one of the 600 euro notes for cigarettes:
He told me it was a new type of note and I just figured I hadn't seen one before.
The bills certainly look to me like they have "real looking" features, but how can anyone think that currency would have pictures of naked men and women? The mind boggles.

Slap! - Colin Egglesfield
Today is the last of the Soap Slaps. Having Slapped so many of them, I kinda have to agree with Franzel's comment from a day or two ago - they're so pretty as to be kinda waxy-creepy. Some less so than others, but I think it's a hazard of the job - you just have to look unnaturally flawless to be a soap star. Anyway, today's Soap Slap, at the suggestion of "Bantling14" is All My Children's Colin Egglesfield.

Apparently Colin plays Josh, the fetus aborted by Erica Kane way back in 1973 - the doctor stole the fetus and implanted it in his own wife.

More Colin Egglesfield

Life just simply isn't fair.


Slap! - Grayson McCouch
Today's Slap, our penultimate Soap Slap, is As the World Turns hottie Grayson McCouch. Grayson plays Dustin Donovan, who is back from the dead, after being struck by a car and killed. He was buried, but some mysterious hotness virus was in the ground and made him beautiful and brought him back to life, his screaming in his coffin was heard by the cemetery watchman, who was having an affair with his lover Rachel Lockhart, who's the heir to the town's largest fortune...

OK, anyway.

More Grayson McCouch

Wil | 2011-05-09 21:51

He's a hottie...but yet another Hollywood hunk that shaves his chest..DAMN
Doug | 2011-05-09 21:51

Yes some of a fondest memory of 1998 was the show Legacy . One of the UPN's first attempts as I recall. No one watched it. It was a "Western?" Grayson played the son of Brett Cullen's character ( a hunk in my book too)

They were in West Virginia or Kentucky as I recall with Grayson playing the son of the planter . Grayson had lots of steamy scenes with the slave girl. The love that dare not speak its name in pre-civil war America.

OK, back to reality. You mean I have to watch a Soap to see him now????
tominDallas | 2011-05-09 21:51

Kinda looks like Eddie Cibrian's chromosome-challenged older brother who just learned how to use a razor. Bad, Corky, bad!
jeff | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Craig, Daniel Craig
I don't know about you, but I'm sick of hearing about how former Slap Daniel Craig shouldn't be the next James Bond. Bah. I think Craig will look great as the next Bond. As he said himself:
"We're making a movie, and I think we're making a really good movie. When it comes out, if they still feel the same way then, you know, screw them!"
I was especially happy when he indicated he'd be willing to do the full monty for the movie. I don't imagine he will - it just doesn't seem to fit with James Bond movies - but it's nice to know that he's ready and willing!

Will Daniel Craig be a good James Bond?


There is supposedly a bondage/torture scene in which he gets tied up and stripped naked and then whipped on his "manhood" with a carpet beater. So yes, he will be naked.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

I'd cum in my pants to see that
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Have no enough cash to buy a building? Worry no more, just because this is available to receive the business loans to resolve such kind of problems. Therefore take a auto loan to buy everything you need.
Farmer35Hollie | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Steve Burton
Today's Soap-Slap, again courtesy of Richard, is General Hospital star Steve Burton. Steve plays Jason Quartermaine on GH, which he's been doing off and on since 1999. Honestly, since he started GH he hasn't been in anything else I've ever even heard of, which is too bad, because it would be nice to see more of him.

More Steve Burton

You can see lots more pics of Steve, doing various ... um ... things here, and of course at

Steve was in a movie with Robert Redford and was one of the leads of teh 5 part Steven Spielberg miniseries Taken on teh SciFi channel. He really is a hottie!
Tom | 2011-05-09 21:51

i've seen TAken many times, is he the father of that cute kid -fanny or something? nice abs! hottie!
ian | 2011-05-09 21:51

He's another one that doesn't quite look, ahem, human?! SO NOT judging your choices, luv, but I think there is something kinda creepy 'bout soap guys (everywhere!), it's like they a so primped, sprayed, waxed and smoothed out that they don't quite look real anymore, or is me?! Like mannequinus?!
Franzel | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Tyler Christopher
Today's Slap, back to our underappreciated men of soaps theme, is Tyler Christopher of General Hospital. I wasn't able to find any pics of his chest, alas, but I think the shot of his ass is quite nice! Maybe Richard has some chest shots that he can share??

More Tyler Christopher

UPDATE: Thanks to Tom and Jim for steering me to! How have I missed this site until now??

Eva Longoria's ex-husband! Not bad!

Kim | 2011-05-09 21:51

oh my! my nights are gonna be hot!
slap me...
ian | 2011-05-09 21:51

But it's national security!
This little gem comes courtesy of my brother-in-law. Apparently 18% of the federal criminal court docket in Washington D.C. is being kept secret. And that's not just keeping the names secret, that's keeping the entire case off the books. That's just incredible to me. The Constitution is unambiguous on this point: Every citizen is guaranteed the right to a public trial.

As my brother-in-law noted, this smacks of Bush Admiinstration hubris. They do what they want, claim it's for national security, and the rest of us can go to hell. As for me, every time the Bushies say "it's for the war on terror", that claim rings just a little bit more hollow. Their arrogance has been, and continues to be, breathtaking.

Bush is a supercilious son of a bitch who is dragging this country down into the depths of hell in a handbasket. Enough said.
Caleb | 2011-05-09 21:51

Sorry Caleb, but the pervert Clinton already did that.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

If having an affair brought this country down, then it was down before it even was even born. Those Puritans back in the day didn't always practice what they preached. Gee, guess much hasn't changed today when it comes to religion. But that is a different topic.

Jim | 2011-05-09 21:51

Back to the books Jim. Clinton was impeached for lying under oath, not for having an affair. (But you knew that... you were ...lying.)
Rik | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Colin Farrell
Taking Scott's suggestion, today's Slap - in celebration of St. Patrick's Day - is Irish bad-boy hottie Colin Farrell. He's not technically part of the theme, but he's been on Regis & Kelly, which is nearly the same thing, so he gets a pass... And hell, I haven't Slapped him since 2004, and it's about time for an update.

Oh, and have you seen his video? Holy COW! That man is a P-I-G pig.

More Colin Farrell

what... no screen clips of the video?
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

Yeah Richard, I think you're right - certainly based on these pics anyway (I'm not complaining, they're nice.) Although I will admit to multiple rewinds of the DVR to "review" that rear end shot in Alexander where he's getting into bed, when you see his butt and the jewels, from behind. I think there are caps of that floating around somewhere.
Joel | 2011-05-09 21:51

any links for the video?
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Where would a person find a copy of his video?
Gkid | 2011-05-09 21:51

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South Park censored!
Via Andrew comes this story, proving that Tom Cruise is the most humorless person in the world.

Not only humorless ... really dumb.
This is the first episode of South Park I've ever watched, and I certainly wouldn't have watched a rerun if Cruise didn't make such a big deal out of it.
One can only wonder how many people like me are out there.

Now I guess it's time for me to tell Viacom, "I'm certainly not going to spend money on MI3, and I won't feel much like watching anything you produce if you keep giving into the likes of Tom Cruise, whether he's in the closet or not."
And on that I'm sure I'm not alone.
Bill | 2011-05-09 21:51

Time for some fun!
I've decided that I'm going to give this recipe, for limoncello, a whirl. Partially in honor of our upcoming trip to Italy, and partially because Raoul Bova looked so good when talking about limoncello in Under the Tuscan Sun:

It just sounds like one of those spectacular summer drinks that, when well made, instantly makes you think you're on a deserted beach somewhere. I'll let you know how it turns out.

A friend made some for me not too long ago. He got the recipe from an old Italian family and it is their prized family heirloom recipe. Sounds much like yours and tastes really good. Serving it COLD is key.
muffy | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Joshua Morrow
Today's Slap, day 2 of the current theme, is Joshua Morrow, star of The Young and the Restless. And yes, someone has already guessed that these guys are soap stars. Should I cancel the theme week because it's already been guessed? What do you think? I'm inclined not to, because there are some hotties on the horizon, but let me know what you think.

I think for the themes I'm gonna have to round up a bunch of hotties and then fit a theme around them. That might make it a bit tougher to guess...

More Joshua Morrow

Oh, and sorry for the late Slap - and the scarcity of pictures - today. I had to do an appraisal somewhere near Tierra del Fuego and you know what a bitch that drive can be.

Never forget that it's your party!
Now who was the young bloke with the fabulous big arms and shoulders in As The World Turns?
And then there was John James...
don | 2011-05-09 21:51

I know, I know - I'm becoming one of those body hair fanatics. But I just know there's more there on those great pecs than what he's showing. Why do men insist on smoothness? If it's natural, great! If not, why pretend otherwise?
Ed | 2011-05-09 21:51

Oh, YUM! If they're all as lickable as Joshua, keep the suds coming!
gm | 2011-05-09 21:51

something about this dude has always frightened me ~ how LONG has he been on this show, it seems I recall my 35 year old sis having posters of him on her wall, like 20 yrs ago (or so it seems)?! He seems unnatural all around, kinda creepy?!
Franzel | 2011-05-09 21:51

You say potato
Chris and QueerClick have different looks at's newest model, Aiden.

anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Brody Hutzler
Today we're going to start another Bent Theme Week! Richard wrote a while back to suggest this particular theme - again, no hints from me - and Brody Hutzler here is the first in the series. I'm afraid the theme may be too obvious, but I guess we'll see -- regardless the guys are hot, so even if someone guesses the them tomorrow it should be an enjoyable week...

More Brody Hutzler

Let me guess....all soap stars this week?
Jim | 2011-05-09 21:51

There's something kinda scary about this dude.
The Puckster | 2011-05-09 21:51

He has amblyopia...that makes him look a little sinister. And it seems that his eyes are two different colors, doesn't it? Like one is a lighter and one is darker.
myackie | 2011-05-09 21:51

I've met him, and he's so much hotter in person. He also took his shirt off, which helped. No, it wasn't like that... it was for charity!
hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

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American Idol
I figured since I'm watch American Idol live every week I might as well blog about it as I go.

Ace Young: I have to agree with Simon and Randy, just a little bit was missing from his performance tonight.

Kellie Pickler: Her performance wasn't outstanding, but she is so damn funny! I love the fact that she'll say anything that pops into her head.

Elliott Yamin: One of my favorites - his vocals are just incredible. I do wish he'd consider braces, though - I guess that comes after he gets the contract? Tonight? Eh. Again, he didn't knock me off my feet.

Mandisa: I thought her performance was wonderful - her voice just carries me away. And her personality is just so much fun!

Bucky Covington: Tied with Chicken Little for my least favorite performer. He's Kellie Pickler in pants without the personality. His voice has character, but it's just not enough. And fuck! Can we enunciate at least a little bit??

Melisaa McGhee: As my husband observed, I can't figure out why she's still here. I guess it's her non-vocal "talent" that keeps her coming back.

Lisa Tucker: I honestly don't remember much about Lisa. She's one of those that looks new to me every week. But I thought her performance was pretty tight tonight. And if they judges were looking for original, they got it.

Kevin Covais: Reconfirmed my ranking him as tied for least favorite. He is so not interesting. How can he still be here??? He really strikes me as a singer who entered a karaoke competition on a dare. And he's a little snot, too.

Katharine McPhee: Another one who seems new every week. And, um, can we get a wardrobe consultant? STAT! A relatively enjoyable performance, though. Nothing special, but not ghastly. I just don't get Randy's effusiveness about her.

Taylor Hicks: He does have an interesting voice. But the more I watch the more I think he dances like Elaine - "a full body dry heave set to music". But tonight he sounded especially good, I thought. If only I could stand to watch him. And Simon nailed it: "You're like every dad who ever got drunk at a wedding".

Paris Bennett: She's been one of my favorites since the very beginning. And the contrast between her speaking voice and her singing voice continues to freak me out. But I thought she sounded great tonight - and she was more engaging than most of the other performers.

Chris Daughtry: Definitely one of my favorites in the competition - not quite as much tonight - he just didn't seem to fill up the song. But that's OK. I think he'll stick around. And heck, let's have a quick poll:

Does Chris Daughtry shave or wax his chest?


And did anyone notice that Ryan Seacrest is way more interested in the women tonight?? I guess he watches Jay Leno. (If you're wondering, Jay did a skit making fun of Ryan and the way he behaves with the guys versus the girls. I've been looking for a clip, but so far no dice.)

Also, as the show went on, it was fun to watch the statistics change on, where the author of automatic voting software makes predictions based on busy signals. Not necessarily scientific, but interesting nevertheless. Since I'm watching on Mountain Time, I got to see the east coast voting statistics roll in as the show went on. And if you're interested:

[SPOILER]While I was watching, Taylor stayed in 1st place for the duration and Melissa McGhee was in last (and is currently predicted to be booted off). And perhaps it reflects the demographics of people who download automatic dialing software, but Ace Young had - by a mile - the lowest number of votes cast (or attempted) for him - which, of course, make his statistics much less valid. Interesting.

Does anyone have a link to that Jay Leno skit? It was SOOOOOO funny!!! Would love to send that to some friends.
Wagon | 2011-05-09 21:51

Where o where is the that Jay Leno outing Ryan Seacrest skit? Searched in Google but found only one on AOL which doesn't work (or been taken out).
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Chris may very well wax his chest, but I'm fine with that, how about putting that boy in some tight short sleeve shirts so we can show off his bod.

His thumbs are huge if you as well if you've ever leant any validity to that being a corrolation to a guy's manhood.

How about a wardrobe malfunction for him!
Richard | 2011-05-09 21:51

I agree with you on every single person. One thing, tho.. about Elliotts teeth.. he had diabetes, which causes that. But his voice is great.. he and Chris, best of the men!
Tom | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Adam Senn
I am a bad boy. A very bad boy. I need a spanking. Way back - way, way back - Gary was looking around for information on former Slap Adam Senn. Well, anyway, Gary did a bunch of reasearch and found a TON of pics of Adam that I'd never seen before. Wow. So anyway, all those smoking hot pics have been sitting in my Inbox for ages, along with Gary's e-mail - and I finally got them out. So go ahead, spank me. But enjoy Adam!

More Adam Senn

Is this boy anorexic? He needs some meat on dem bones!

Besides, Rob, I'd rather give you a spanking!!!
Jim | 2011-05-09 21:51

I'd rather Slap! you...
then spank you.
The Puckster | 2011-05-09 21:51

wow...he's from Texas! yeee-hah!
myackie | 2011-05-09 21:51

This guy is So hot!!!!!!!!!!
jc | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Bonus material!
Ryan sent along an important tip about The Cleaning Hunk:

Wow. Oh, and QueerClick has some great caps. And don't forget to watch the video.

Now, here's a boy worthy of slapping!
Jim | 2011-05-09 21:51

I hate it when my computer crashes!!
From NetworkWorld, the world's largest Windows error message.

You better stop, or I'll say "Stop" again!
I don't really have an opinion on whether or not Bush should be censured or impeached for his conduct regarding warrantless wiretapping and other potential misconduct.

But does this really seem like the best way to break the Republican hold on Congress? Impeachment? Really? I just don't think the Democrats are playing the hand they've been dealt very well.

Yeah, it's all about theory and tactics isn't it:

Bush has exceeded his powers by acting unconstitutionally and so theoretically there is every justification to impeach him.

But a) the majority don't seem to care and b) the Democrats should be trying to de-polarise the country so there's more chance for a big change come November and 2008.

The Democrat leadership is appalling: they're making exactly the same mistakes the UK Labour Party did in the 1980s - swinging to the left and talking only to those who already agree with them.

It's what happens when you have a Democrat House leader routinely elected with 83% of the vote in her San Francisco district - how unrepresentative can you get? And how partisan does representing such a heavily liberal, Democrat district make the representative in her outlook?
Adam | 2011-05-09 21:51

Curious. Did Roosevelt exceed his authority, during WWII, when he (i.e. the FBI) listened in on conversations between Abwehr agents and their controllers? I have opposed Bush on many issues, but he is truly been blessed by his enemies.
Dave | 2011-05-09 21:51

Bush has committed war crimes, for which, in a just world, he would be tried and imprisoned. (Yes, war crimes. He committed aggressive war and he has authorized torture.) In the great order of things, the FISA thing is small potatoes.

The same Republicans, who impeached and tried a President for lying about a blow-job, will not investigate any of it -- not the "intelligence" used to "justify" the war, not the torture and indefinite detentions, and not the FISA violations.

The problem is not the powerless Democrats, the problem is our moronic President and his moronic or corrupt and unprincipled supporters. What have they done to for the rule of law or the genuine security of the country? Nada.
Bruce Wilder | 2011-05-09 21:51

Bruce makes my point for me. Thank you Bruce.
Dave | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Is the world ending?
Not to be flip - well, not too flip, anyway - but you know the weather must be really bad if Al Roker actually stands in front of a weather map.

Slap! - Doug Savant
A while back, Hans wrote to suggest today's Slap, Doug Savant. You may remember Doug from Melrose Place, where he played the token gay resident in an apartment complex that in real life might have had a token straight resident. Lately, of course, he's been playing Felicity Huffman's hen-pecked husband on Desperate Housewives. Hans figured that Doug would be too old for me (at 41), but he's really not - he's still totally smoking hot! So enjoy!

More Doug Savant

Many pics courtesy of XYZ's Doug Savant Gallery.

Why oh why is it so. women with age get kinda wrinkly, being a chick im so not looking forward to old age but men just
..........well u saw the pics.
Sammy | 2011-05-09 21:51

Aw yeah, daddy.

Doug is one of those lucky bastards...he started out cute, but actually looks better with a few years on him.

If he (or his character) and I both in the suburbs, I'd be inviting this guy over and trying to get into his pants all the time LOL....
Spike | 2011-05-09 21:51

Agreed ~ Mr. Savant is definately improving with age! We should all be so lucky!
Franzel | 2011-05-09 21:51

Is it just me of could does Mr Savant look like he could be Jaimie Bamber's hunky uncle?
david edler | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Alessandro Juliani
As promised, here's Alessandro Juliani, courtesy of DaveId.

More Alessandro Juliani

Slap! - Battlestar Galactica
Today's Slap is a bit out of the ordinary. You see, today the Slap goes to the entire series Battlestar Galactica and its assorted hotties (yes I included Paul Campbell, even though he was killed earlier this season):

The season 2 finale was last night, and it just seems like the right time to honor one of the very best shows on television. I'll admit that I have a sci-fi bias, but my husband - who hates sci-fi - watched the first couple of minutes the other night and said, "That show looks really good".

So there you have it. And if nothing else, it features Jamie Bamber. Do you really need any other reason to watch? By the way, I have to cop to a glaring omission in this post: Alessandro Juliani plays Lt. Gaeta and will be the subject of an upcoming Slap.

And while I'm at it, some commentary on the season finale:
Could Baltar be more of a piece of shit? Lying around with 2-bit whores while the Cylons move in? Augh! And there was an obvious - and unflattering - comparison to George Bush in there, but it wasn't necessarily inappropriate, if you ask me. (Not, of course, that Bush lies around with 2-bit whores.)

And how could Baltar win that damn election? I suppose it reflects elections in our country - pandering to what voters want to hear, not what is right.

And while I'm at it, I'm glad Michael Trucco looks like he's gonna stay around for a while - as long as he recovers from his pneumonia while the Cylons attack. OK, maybe he won't be around. Regardless, don't you get treated for pneumonia with your shirt off???


And now we have to wait until October - FUCKING OCTOBER - for new episodes. I'm not sure I'll survive that long.

Anything else? Not that I can think of, but if I do I'll post it later.

Update: [SPOILER]
I, unfortunately, am the one who blabbed about Billy, way up at the top. Sorry, I should have been more circumspect, but it was several episodes back, so I didn't think I was telling anything that people didn't know.

Update for Craig: [SPOILER]
Craig, at the end of the show, after the Cylons walked in the room, they told Baltar that they had tracked the nuclear explosion that was set off to find the humans. They basically said that "as long as you sit down and shut up, we won't kill you". Baltar's response was to surrender on behalf of the human race - or something to that effect. The Galactica, Pegasus and other ships all jumped away in order to regroup and hope to return to fight the Cylons.

Update: Ethan was kind enough to send along this lovely picture of Tahmoh that I had missed:

Thanks, Ethan!!

Ok. All very hot and sexy. BUT, you should have put a spoiler warning in about Paul Campbell's character! I catch the series on DVD, and haven't gotten to the part where his character dies! I didn't know! Damn. I'm still gonna watch, though!
Jon | 2011-05-09 21:51

Best Slap ever.

BSG is an awesome show and Jamie Bamber and Tahmoh Penikett are freaking hot.
Sabrina | 2011-05-09 21:51

Actually it says he dies at the top of the Slap, above Jamie Bamber's pic. That's where the spoiler warning should have been.
Jon | 2011-05-09 21:51

Ok, I need some help. My Tivo cut out the ending of the show so I don't know what happened. The last thing I saw was the Cylons coming in the room to talk with Baltar. What happened after that??? HELP.
Craig | 2011-05-09 21:51

The winner!
In my perusing of the various stories out there in the last week, I was sure this one, about a company being the "Netflix of handbags" was the dumbest. Kip, however, managed to top it, with his story about Chicago requiring blind students to take driver's ed.

Once again government manages to prove that it's better than private industry could ever be - when it comes to stupidity.

Check out the chalk art that a British artist draws on sidewalks around the world. The pictures are amazing:

It's hard to believe they're real, but they seem to be...

How do you find these things? Do you just Google "cool stuff" or what?
Myackie | 2011-05-09 21:51

Get one of your very own!
Via Gizmodo comes word that the world's first "personal" jet is now in production:

For a paltry $1,295,000 you too can have a jet to zip you around the country (well 1/2 way, anyway) at 400 mph. Shockingly, the company says it has already received 2400 orders for the planes. Where the hell are all of those little planes gonna fit??

Of course, after you win PowerBall (at least twice), you can step up and fly around like Steve Jobs, but don't plan on using your winnings to fly to your house in Europe - the Gulfstream V will take all of your after tax winnings (maybe more) from last monht's $350,000,000 PowerBall.

Exodus International (no link will be provided), the Bible-banger set leading the "ex-gay" movement, has had Liberty Counsel slam blogger Justin Watt with a cease and desist order for this brilliant parody of their billboard:

So, what? Now we're not even allowed to poke fun? What a humorless bunch of people - but you knew that.

(via Steph & Alek)

Slap! - Will Makar
Today's Slap is American Idol contestant Will Makar. Will was voted off last night, unfortunately - and while I wasn't expecting him to win, I was kinda hoping he'd hang in there a little bit longer.

Anyway, as I was poking around for Idol information, I came across, a site where you can download a free speed dialer to cast a lot of votes for your favorite Idol. Most interesting to me, however, was the statistics page, which uses the percentage of busy signals received to try to predict which contestant will be voted off. This week, at least they were right about who left for the men, even if they were in the wrong order.

I'm especially nervous, however, because Chicken Little had the highest percentage of busy signals (what's up with that???) and former Slap Ace Young was way down the list. I know these statistics aren't necessarily indicative of actual voting, but it's cause for concern. So make sure you vote for Ace next week!

Update: Geesh! I posted the cartoon to be controversial, not Will! And yes, I'm going to be posting Elliott and some of the others.

Why did you even bother?
Jim | 2011-05-09 21:51

Jim, so snarky, so snarky. This guy isn't my taste either, but I can wait a day or two! :-)
aba | 2011-05-09 21:51

He is SO underage. I feel dirty looking at him.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Wow... Fred Savage circa Wonder Years...
Not slappable at all. IMO he's waaaaay too young.
Better than the old guy with the big honker yesterday I suppose.
John in T.O. | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Let's have some more fun!
We've been controversey free around here for a while, thanks to my schedule lately. But this should help change that:

From The Aspen Times editorial page, drawn by Chris Cassatt.

Slap! - Mike Rowe
For those of you that are tired - always tired, I guess - of twinks, today is your day. Pursuant to a conversation with Brad - he begged, really begged (seriously, you should have seen him on his knees) - for a Slap of Mike Rowe. Mike can be seen as the host of Dirty Jobs on The Discovery Channel.

More Mike Rowe

OH DADDY!!!!! Man he is just what being a man is all about. The body, the fur, the chisled features....All that and his show is quite enjoyable too!
Doug | 2011-05-09 21:51

More like Grandpa!! His days as a Daddy have long since past. NEXT!!!
Pete | 2011-05-09 21:51

Dammit-- I wanted to be the first one to suggest this one as a Slap!! Too slow.

How 'bout Les Stroud from Survivorman? Or Nick Baker?! Yummy. Yes, I'm a nature freak...
The Puckster | 2011-05-09 21:51

I'll take a pass. I've had better looking gran-Dads!
Jim | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Adam Vinatieri
At Dan's suggestion, today's Slap is football player Adam Vinatieri. Adam is the kicker for the New England Patriots, so he's keeping good company with former Slap Tom Brady. The funny thing is that when I'm forced, by my husband, to watch football, I'm always checking out the kickers and the QBs. The QBs are often cute, but it seems like the kickers always seem to have taken too many kicks to the face or something. But not Adam, he's just a hottie!

And I'm assuming that Jonathan will agree with today's choice??

More Adam Vinatieri

What a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man! uh huh.
terry | 2011-05-09 21:51

In your dreams!
Barry sent along a link to a new site from a friend of his. Michael is running BareNakedMen, featuring Photoshopped fantasy images of your favorite hot stars. Former slap Brent van Zant looks especially realistic...

Thank you for this link.. a lot of my favorites are included already..
Tom | 2011-05-09 21:51

Funny... i always pictured Brent to be much bigger...
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Paul Telfer
Don was kind enough to send along some pics of former Slap Paul Telfer that I hadn't seen before. But since it's been so long since Paul's Slpa, I figured now was as good a time as any to Slap such a fine creature again. It doesn't look like Paul has been doing much on screen lately, but he seems to be tailor made to play Greek heroes - so I guess we need more epics, huh??

More Paul Telfer

OMFG!!!!! Look at that chest!!! (and face, and butt, and.....)
Bludevl | 2011-05-09 21:51

That chest is awesome! I could nurse on that for a long time!;-)
Jimmy | 2011-05-09 21:51

Rob! Thank you. I've already picked my Slap of the YEAR! He's perfect in every way! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jim | 2011-05-09 21:51

The entire torso is just godly. I hate to admit I think he's a "butter face," as in, "His body's hot ..."

Still, I would *never* kick that chest, er, man out of bed. WOOF!
jeff | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Sasha Mitchell
Another of Don's recent submissions to the Slap queue was incredibly good (looking) and incredibly bad (acting) Sasha Mitchell. I first became aware of Sasha when he played "James Beaumont" on Dallas. He also played in 3 of the Kickboxer movies, where the only redeeming feature was the fact that people kickbox shirtless. He last did a few guest spots on ER, but he doesn't seem to be doing much lately. Too bad...

More Sasha Mitchell

Wasn't he arrested for beating his wife back when he was on Step by Step?
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Sadly enough, his wife was a drug addict and filed those charges against him before he managed to get himself and the children away from her. Between that "reputation" and raising his children he's not done much acting until recently.
fareva | 2011-05-09 21:51

Don't forget his stellar work in the hit series 'Step by Step' with Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy...definitely eye candy with no nutritional value.
jared | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Kristian Kjelling
I really have to apologize. Don sent this guy along a couple of weeks ago, and I've been so busy that I just didn't pay enough attention. So he's been sitting here in my Inbox for three weeks. Well, four weeks or more by the time you read this (I'm writing on 26-Feb-2006). Anyway, Kristian Kjelling is a Norwegian handballer. Yes, you read that right - a handballer. And, yes, he can handle my balls ANY time.

QueerClick also had a look recently, which I highly recommend.

More Kristian Kjelling

Those are the most amazing arms I've ever seen. They're like marble.
Sam | 2011-05-09 21:51

That front page shot is definitely his hottest.
Hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

Anyone know what brand of A Shirt he's wearing in t he last two pics?
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Looks like he prefers D&G for the most part, I'd say....

I'd also say... my gaydar is going off :)
Trojan Lover | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Markus Pöyhönen
I've gotten a couple of suggestions for today's Slap - Slaters suggested him ages and ages ago (way back in April!) - and Bulge Blog sent a link just recently. Who? Finnish sprinter Markus Poyhonen. He truly is an outstanding specimen - and unless you've seen the video of him running, and his package flopping up and down inside his Lycra, you've seen nothing. Unfortunately, I can't find the video right now, but as soon as I do, I'll post at least a link.

More Markus Poyhonen

Lots of pics courtesy of QueerClick. Thanks!

UPDATE: Thanks to DCDrew - and via Mutiny on the Bounty, I found the video here. Wow. Just WOW. The package shot, BTW, is in the last 25% of the video.

Mutiny on The Bounty has it posted in his January archives. 1/16
DCDrew | 2011-05-09 21:51

From the looks of the other sprinters in the background I think there is a real need for a "Finnish Sprinters Series"

Do they have a calendar, or maybe a "Finnish Sprinters Gone Wild" video?

George | 2011-05-09 21:51

OH MY :)
Bleu | 2011-05-09 21:51

Amazing amazing. And that "I'm the shit" expression works for me. ;)
Hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Texas A&M hoopsters!
In case you missed it, I thought it was important to share this. Via Andy comes a link to videos of Aggie forward Chris Walker doing a fabulous (and very heartfelt) rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart. He and his roommates (?) seem to like performing, because you can also find Love Lift Us up where We Belong and Thug Love. And as you can see, they like doing it shirtless. NICE!

Check out more pics!

Comments how gay is that?? I just can't picture three frat boys creating videos complete with choreography...LOL.
Doug | 2011-05-09 21:51

The abs in Thug Love are great! I think these guys look like they are having a great time and they're not at all hung-up on the macho shit. I like 'em.
bottomguy | 2011-05-09 21:51

WOW-- I wish I had guys like this on my floor in the dorm when iwas in college!! Hot, hot, hot.
Jason | 2011-05-09 21:51's not "gay" it's "ghey"
myackie | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Michal Bakiewicz
Today's Slap, as suggested by Kris a while back, is Polish volleyballer Michal Bakiewicz. Michal is one of those "two faces": Sometimes he looks wicked-hot, other times he looks kinda goofy. Regardless, the hot ones are hot enough to be Slap-worthy! Thanks, Kris!

More Michal Bakiewicz

Ja kocham bardzo chlopaki z Polski!!! My boyfriend is from Poland and all I have to say is, Slavic boys are the hottest, hands down. Polish, Russian, Czech, Slovak, they are all incredible!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Did you decide to keep the hot ones for yourself? I just don't see it...
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

No way! Michal is hot and half of Polish girls (boys too, i supose) is in love with him. If I can say sth about our volleyball players you should also check out Michal Winiarski :)
Monika | 2011-05-09 21:51

jestem Polka i uwazam ze polscy chlopcy sa swietni ale inni tez sa zajebisci np. Wlosi:P albo Niemcy wogóle chlopcy sa swietni:D:D papa pozdrawiam tych którzy to przeczytali i zrozumieli:D:D a co mi tam wszystkich pozdrawiam
Magda | 2011-05-09 21:51

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A la carte cable
I've been hearing a lot from the right-wing lemmings on talk radio lately about a la carte cable. The idea is you can keep your wholesome A&E programming and not have to put up with the smuttiness of MTV's Undressed.

Well, via Kevin at Washington Monthly comes news that TV preachers are anxious that they will suffer a sharp decline in their audience if people aren't forced to take their foolishness along with ESPN.

Like Kevin I'm very suspicious of a la carte cable - this is very much a case where the free market should be allowed to operate. If you don't like MTV's smuttiness, use your fucking remote control - or better yet, just don't subscribe to cable. Is that so fucking hard? You think there should be some right to receive A&E free of other smuttiness? Dream on. This case also demonstrates - beautifully, I'd say - the pure hypocrisy in the Republican party these days. They are just as happy to impose the power of government as the Democrats are - they just want to do it on different things.

But with this news I may suddenly find myself supporting such legislation.

All the a la carte option does is raise the price of your cable. You get a better price by taking the "package" deal and ignoring the channels you don't like. If you want to start picking and choosing channels, you will have to pay more in the end because the less popular channels are being used to subsidize the others....
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

As Josh Lyman said in the West Wing: "I love how you Republicans want to shrink the Government just small enough for it to fit in our bedrooms"
Adam | 2011-05-09 21:51

It's very strange that the Republican party has become the party of big government while the Democratic party has become...well, OK, it's still the party of big government. It's time for a legitimate third party in this country.
Sam | 2011-05-09 21:51

It's not strange at all...power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Jenna Bush | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Brokebunny Mountain
You may remember various horror movies, in 30 seconds, and re-enacted by bunnies. Well, now they've done it to Brokeback Mountain. Nice. I had a little trouble with performance - I guess their site may be overrun? But it's pretty damn funny.

(via Andy)

Some days I agree...

Slap of the Month! - Raphael Laus
The voting is closed and I'm pleased to announce the winner of this month's voting, model Raphael Laus:

I nearly closed the voting last night, which would have made Channing Tatum the winner, but I was just too tired - so Channing certainly deserves an honorable mention here:

Oh, and to answer the question that nobody has asked, yes I'm going to update the list of winners on the side. Right now.

You're not going to get rid of those great pictures you had of Josh Wald from last March, are you?
JPB | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Jean Galfione
Sebastien wrote to suggest today's Slap, French pole valuter Jean Galfione. As you might expect, I've never heard of this guy, but WOW! WOW!

More Jean Galfione

Oh, my .... please pass the French Thighs.
Dan T | 2011-05-09 21:51

Sweeeet Jesus! He's beautiful, and I don't really like smooth guys...
Craig | 2011-05-09 21:51

Est-ce que nous pouvons avoir de plus? (Translation: More! More! More!)
gm | 2011-05-09 21:51

To quote my best drag girlfriend "oh my aching hole."
Andy | 2011-05-09 21:51

Upgrade complete!
Whew! It's finally done - I got everything moved from the old server to the new with very few problems. Now I'll have a bit more flexibility with the kinds of things I post...

So you enjoy voting?
If you liked voting for Slap of the Month, head on over to the GayWired Top 10 Celebrity List. They have some gorgeous men in there, including one of my very favorites Sean Faris; plus they gave me some ideas (also suggested by others) for upcoming slaps - like Ryk Neethling. Wow.

So head over and vote for your favorites!

Slap! - Eric Dane
Lots of people were gaga over the recent episode of Grey's Anatomy that featured hunk-a-licious Eric Dane -- I got several demands to Slap him. Of course, seeing him in the locker room, was there any doubt that I'd get around to it?

Eric's been in lots of different things, but I'm hoping that he'll be back for another episode or two. I mean, he's a great surgeon, there's more he needs to do!!

More Eric Dane

Good Lord. When I saw him on Greys--I was smitten...I hope he shows up again on regular basis. he is hot!
Briardawg | 2011-05-09 21:51

I have lusted after this man from the first time I saw him, on Charmed.. it would be great to catch a glimpse of him weekly again...
Tom | 2011-05-09 21:51

He's also going to be in X3 this summer as Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man. Can't wait for that!
Azgaard | 2011-05-09 21:51

I am yelling at the TV, Mrs. Dr. Shepard, are you nuts? Go for him.

Hard choice between McDreamy and McSteamy.

Did you not like the immediate reference to him as McSteamy, even before we found out who he was?
Tom in Dallas | 2011-05-09 21:51

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