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Slap! - Javier Lopez
A couple of weeks ago Tobias suggested Baltimore Oriole catcher Javier Lopez as a slap candidate. Honestly, Javy is tough to find pictures of, but Tobias was kind enough to send along some skin. And I must say this: I managed to score front row seats at an Atlanta Braves games game several years ago - and Javy is indeed spectacular in person. His arms are nothing short of stunning.

More Javier Lopez

yeah... i fell for Javy when he was with the Braves (I think). Man i loved to watch him squat behind that home plate!! And when he wouls swing that bat... OMG!!!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

yeah...his arms were awesome in the past but it seems that he has lost some weight recently (wink, wink). still, nice.
scott | 2011-05-09 21:51

He looks a bit like Eddie Cibrian, huh.

Other hunky ballplayers:
Brad Ausmus
Joe Mauer
Mark Mulder
Joel Pineiro
Craig Counsell
tebo | 2011-05-09 21:51

Ahh yes... My Man. Sorry for not posting a "thank you" sooner, but I've had internet issues this weekend.

Thanks again for the slap

Tobias | 2011-05-09 21:51

Another new kid
Yes, boys (and girls) there's another new kid on the block. Doug over at Man Fan Pics has had some very tasty selections up lately, including my perennial favorite triplets, The Karshners. Also look for Matt Lanter (yum!) and the always popular Chris Evans.

Check him out

I love MAN FAN's site, its a great follow-up for my Daily Slap, like cereal after my coffee.
I really don't need to get even more f**king horny while I am at my office, butt I can't pass up a good looking piece of ass in the morning!!!! Thanks guys!!!!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slapdate! - Bradley Cooper
While I'm at it, I'll do a Slapdate of Bradley Cooper in this season's Kitchen Confidential. Geez, he's so CUTE!

I really have to start watching the show. He's way hot!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

I agree...I'll have to find out more about this Bardley Cooper. Any relation to Anderson????They'd make a cute pair!!!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Kitchen Confidential has the hottest cast of the season!! Owain Yeoman and John Francis Daley are so tasty too.
anon | 2011-05-09 21:51

DOUG, thanks for the nod, but I was thinking of being in between them, not watching them....nice site by the way, I like stuff I should see!!!!You have good taste, do you taste good too??
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slapdate! - Eddie Cibrian
Some very clever TV watcher managed to capture some shots of former slap Eddie Cibrian on Invasion last night. Damn, he looks good.

More Eddie Cibrian

When I see Eddie, all I can is ungh! He is so incredibly beautiful...
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Me too!
orn | 2011-05-09 21:51

hottest man on the face of the planet. it's really just that simple.
matt | 2011-05-09 21:51

The real question is: Jamie Bamber and Eddie Cibrian step nude into your bedroom, but you can pick only one. Who do you pick??? In honesty, I don't think I can decide.
tebo | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Christopher Gorham
Today's slap, at the suggestion of Kevin, is actor Christopher Gorham. His most notable roles seem to have been in Popular and as Jake in Jake 2.0. I can't seem to find much else about him - anyone know anything?

More Christopher Gorham

I definitely think Christopher is post-twink. He needs a bit of chest hair, but in the knit cap shot you can see his five o'clock shadow and his beard is getting pretty full. Mmm mmm mmm.

I'm surprised we haven't seen any photos of Eddie Cibrian for the Slap! Surely you saw the scene of him in his boxers on "Invasion" last night? Whoa!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

can't see
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

He is currently on "Ugly Betty" playing Betty's co-worker/poss love interest Henry from the Accounting Dept.
John | 2011-05-09 21:51

SUCK! - Chad Michael Murray's Nipples
As the first ever Guest Slapper on Bentblog, I am happy to introduce the first (of hopefully many) SUCK! A distant cousin to the SLAP!, the SUCK! involves other body parts -- equally as delicious.

The first SUCK! goes out to Chad Michael Murray and his incredible nipples. They are exquisite, don't you think? And, thankfully, he's not afraid to show them off.

Fortunately for us, he's just separated from his wife of five months, Sophia Bush. Now -- don't crowd him, people...

More of Chad's nipples

Ed. note: Yes, this is a guest slap - Bent's first ever! Mr. X has been after me for a while to post a couple people, and I decided that I should have the occasional guest slap anyway, so here he is! I don't know if he'll be doing a Suck! every time, but I can't wait to see!

nipples are a bit to big for me, but i'd still SUCK on them....
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

HEY...wait a second. The nipples are just a starting point, i plan to work my way down!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

dae and Saturn, you guys work on the front, I'll take his ass!!! Now that would be a party!!!!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Allow me the applaud with great vigor the attention paid to a man's nipples, a decidedly overlooked erogenous zone. And these nips are beauts, too!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Bruce Bartlett takes a look at the infatuation in Congress and the White House these days with pork projects. And while pork is obnoxious, Bartlett points out that Congress and the Bush Administration have been far more reckless with new entitlement spending, specifically the Medicare prescription drug benefit. And while Social Security is a big problem (and one of my - and others hot button issues), Medicare is a much bigger problem. As he summarizes quite nicely:
... we could repeal the drug benefit, finance Social Security forever with no benefit cuts or tax increases, and still cut $7 trillion off our national indebtedness.
Charming, no?

Slap! - Chris O'Donnell
Today's slap is one of my long-time favorites Chris O'Donnell. I remember thinking how cute he was way back when I saw him with Jessica Lange in Men Don't Leave. And of course seeing his ass in School Ties was very nice. He even looked good in that silly nipple suit as Robin in Batman & Robin.

And now we can see him every week as a fucked-up lawyer in Head Cases. The pilot opened with him wearing only a towel - an auspicious start if ever there was one. And I have to say he still looks really good - a few extra pounds are really nice. I just wish he hadn't shaved his chest.

More Chris O'Donnell

Actually, no you can't see him every week anymore. Head Cases is the first casualty of the new fall season; cancelled after 2 episodes.
FlashStash | 2011-05-09 21:51

Silly Nipple Suit! You wound me! ;)

Val and Chris as Batman and Robin, was a wonderful sexual fantasy for me for a while. Come to think of it... maybe it's time to watch that movie again.

John in T.O. | 2011-05-09 21:51

Wasn't George Clooney Batman with Chris? That George is so fickle, first he takes Chris under his wing, then gets all wet with Marky Mark and has Matt Damon and Brad Pitt playing strip pokem, I mean Poker. busy, busy George!!!!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

He is OK. I was looking at the pics, and i realised there is wee foreign flavour, some suggestions: Ben Bratt, olivier Martinez, and some Bollywood hotties (saif ali khan, zayed khan, emraan Hashib, john abraham, vivek obirei, hrithek Roshan, amongst many others, After a summer of shit hollywood movies, i am obsessed with Bollywood - fitter men too).

anyway, keep up te greak blog!!
George | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Jacob Young
Back when I wondered idly who had replaced Jonathan Bennett as Adam Chandler (#5) on All My Children, jj was kind enough to e-mail and point out that Jacob Young was busy playing Adam Chandler (#7) -- and billy had asked for a slap a while back too. Nice. And a little research turned up the fact that former slap Jesse McCartney played Adam Chandler (#3). I guess I should do some research and see what's up with the other guys who have played Adam. And I wonder - do the casting guidelines for this character include the word 'twink'?

More Jacob Young

nice, but too pretty for my taste,
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

This one also play Rick on "The Bold and the Beautiful" for a bit, too. And I'm not ashamed to admit that I know that, either. :)
Hector | 2011-05-09 21:51

the picture in the red shirt is hideous ... the hair and the shirt. What a bad shirt.
the dude (you know, like in the Big Lebowski) | 2011-05-09 21:51

Me want chest hair!
brian | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Steven Gerrard
Today we're doing something a little different. Adam was kind enough to send along a batch of pictures of Steven Gerrard, so I offered him the chance to write the Slap post too.

And just to stir things up a bit more, next week we'll be having an honest-to-goodness guest slap!

So with no further ado, here's Adam on Steven (yeah, he wishes...):


Today's slap is Steven Gerrard, England footballer and captain of Liverpool Football Club, the current European champions, not to mention a team mate of David Beckham and Michael Owen.

UK's Attitude magazine singled Stevie out for praise in this month's edition, describing him as “a God...the lean lad next door with legs to die for and a mischievous grin that says ‘Bed. Now’.” Well, if you insist Steve, who are we to argue?

Although Steven's rather camera-shy (at least off the field) he's blessed us with a handful of glimpses of his stunning attributes on the field...nudge, nudge. And did anyone mention those legs....?

More Steven Gerrard

Who's hot and who's not
In perusing my site statistics for the past few days, I was surprised to see a couple of things:

1) A lot of people get here by typing "bent blog" or "daily slap" or some variation thereof into various search engines. Brand recognition, baby!!

2) The most popular guys that bring people here are:

* Rafael Verga
* Brent van Zant
* Ryan Carnes
* Josh Wald
* Ryan Daharsh

Only two Slap of the Month winners out of the five. Weird. Even weirder that Ryan Daharsh isn't listed anywhere on the front page - the others are listed over in the winners section. At the very least, I suppose, I should add him to the "other popular slaps" section.

Nick Beyeler got me here (and am I glad he did ;))
mushi | 2011-05-09 21:51

you forgot the carlson twins!!!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Chris Evan did it for me & i've never been happier!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slapdate! - James Purefoy
I found 'em! Some lovely person captured and posted the nude pics of James Purefoy from Rome. Check 'em out.

anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

The Future
This is what we have to look forward to here on earth:

So, if you can figure out a way to hang around that long the view should be pretty interesting.

Slap! - John Stamos
Today's slap, at the suggestion of Mr. X, is John Stamos. You will, of course, remember him from Full House. Has he done anything else? Haha. Actually, he's on a new show this season: Jake in Progress. I haven't watched, so I can't tell you that it sucks or anything. Has anyone seen it?

Anyway, I remember having mixed feelings about him ever since then - there was always something kinda hot, but extremely irritating. Anyway, he does still look pretty damn good, but I'm not sure he'd so anything more than irritate me. But he does seem to have a sense of humor. Regarding Mary-Kate and Ashley, he had this to say:
Mary-Kate and Ashley, who played Michelle, were great. I miss them, I love them, and I need to borrow some money from them.

More John Stamos

Agreed. And "Jake in Progress" is actually a pretty good show.
Hector | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - James Purefoy
Today's slap is James Purefoy, currently starring in the HBO drama Rome. I must say he cut quite an impressive figure as he was being bathed by a slave - as soon as I find the full-frontal screen caps I'll get 'em up. Hell, he's so hot I may just have to buy a new video card...

Many thanks to Alex (or Scott?) for pointing him out - and getting me hooked on Rome. If you don't have HBO, it's worth it for the original series, including this one.

More James Purefoy

Very nice, I love hot English men!!! I saw one episode of Rome, but I don't recall seeing him. Which character does he play?
looking forward to more pics, thanks!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Ohhhhh, I know who he is, I just checked out the link. He is even sexier now that I know he was the guy in Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon!!! Sorry for the confusion. Good Choice for a slap!!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Ooooooohhh! Yesssss!!! Wonderful slap choice. James is Mark Antony on "Rome". Fully nude in last wek's ep - handsome and WELL built!! Sigh....
Mick | 2011-05-09 21:51

Also played a bisexual Irish hunk in "Bedrooms & Hallways". He has a great conversation with his Men's group about giving in to anal sex. Very hot and a very funny movie!
Stuart | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slapdate! - Chris Meloni
John said he was surprised by my choice of Slap today - this should really freak him out. I slapped Chris Meloni way back in March, but I thought he was worth an update - especially since I found some hot photos from Oz. Now if we can get some similar shots of Wentworth Miller I'll be all set.

More Chris Meloni

I fell for Chris when he was in an NBC sitcom in the early '90s. I think it was called "The Fanelli Boys." He wore tight T shirts with very short sleeves that showed off perfect biceps and pectorals. He often appeared shirtless. His large bubble-butt cheeks made his tight jeans fit so tight in the crotch that I often wondered how he closed the zipper. He was a young stud then and his body was flawless. He has aged well, but I wish he was still a young stud like he was in "The Fanelli Boys."
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Very nice...loved OZ...Love to see him "full aroused"..nice big nuts too! Sweet
Alex (middle name) | 2011-05-09 21:51

Hey...i was passing by and i just saw some photos of chris meloni but there are many more from oz if u want to see it... this ones are an example
Leoven | 2011-05-09 21:51

Wow... i never thought this is what's behind the suit... Wow!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Jonathan Bennett
Today's slap is former All My Children star Jonathan Bennett, who plays Adam Chandler (#5). That always cracks me up, BTW - I wonder who's playing #6?

So what do I know about Jonathan? Nothing. It looks like he's working his way into movies a little bit, but I really couldn't find much worth writing about. Does anyone know anything about this hottie?

More Jonathan Bennett

Played a good part in "MEAN GIRLS" too bad he was the Queen Bees little play toy...oh wait there's nothing wrong with that :) Me likey
gary | 2011-05-09 21:51

He is like soooo Fetch! you need to watch mean girls to understand this, but it's true.

Junior jones | 2011-05-09 21:51

He's gay. I wish I could reveal my source so I didn't seem so unreliable, but I can tell you that I have a friend who's a minor celebrity who hangs out with him all the time. My friend is gay, and Jonathan is in his posse.
Afs, | 2011-05-09 21:51

He's gay?!?!?! But he can't be. Lol.
That's just annoying if he is.
Mercedes | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Michael Vartan
Michael Vartan, star of ABC's Alias is today's Slap honoree. The funny thing about Michael is that he can go from looking so good to merely so-so in just 2 pictures. And I gotta admit that in the pics I could find, he looks better with his shirt on - weird. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that there's nudity on the next page - it's from his scene in One Hour Photo, and it looks like he's a shower.

More Michael Vartan

Michael needs to get his nose fixed and get pumped up a bit. He's not bad - I wouldn't kick him out. There are times when he looks hot and times he looks kinda geeky - but then again who doesn't.
Someday I hope you post my favorites - I like them tall, dark and handsome:
Dean Cain
Eddie Cibrian
Eduardo Verastegui
Michael | 2011-05-09 21:51

THANKS for featuring him. We all have good days and bad days. Don't care about shower or grower, as long as it functions!!!!
Steven | 2011-05-09 21:51

first shirtless pic might be really great if not for those really bad pants; others, bad hair. Mikey, Mikey, Mikey... get it together!
Evan | 2011-05-09 21:51

I agree, ther earetimes when he's totally hot and then a second later, he's just okay. I just saw the movie he did with J.Lo and Jane Fonda, he looks cute in one scene and kinda geeky a minute later. Don't get me wrong...I'd still do him, that's just my nature!!!!Thanks for the Eddie Cibrian pics, one of my what about Dean Cain????
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Josh Randall
Today's slap is actor Josh Randall. I must admit, I don't think I've ever seen him on TV, but he was apparently on Ed for several seasons, and has had a number of guest appearances on various shows, including Scrubs. Since I've never seen him act, I certainly can't comment on his skill, but I can say he's awfully nice to look at - he has such a lovely amount of fur and a great body to boot. Does anyone know anything more about Josh? Do tell!

More Josh Randall

He's nice. But, you must "slap" James Purefoy for his total frontal nudity scene in 'Rome' on HBO Sunday night.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Damn.. just when I was all showered and dressed and ready to leave for work, you have to go and, um, slow up the process! Josh has always been sexy, even if he did get arrested for buying crack in Brooklyn a few years back. I'd love to massage that chest of his.
Brian | 2011-05-09 21:51

Josh Randall..very nice! I'll have to find out more about him. He has a great build, a real man! I never watched that Ed show, I didn't know it had guys walking around naked!!!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Oh my gosh, I'd forgotten how hot I used to be for him when he was on "Ed," the only thing I've ever seen him in. There was one episode where he was teaching the young nerdy kid how to wrestle that I remember he was particularly tasty in.
Greg | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Doesn't this story belong in The Onion?
Lawmakers are considering delaying some spending to help pay for Katrina relief. Maybe it got onto Yahoo through some sort of feed.

Slap! - Josh Holloway
With the upcoming season premiere of Lost, I figured I'd catch up on a couple of the stranded hotties. I've already tagged the furry Matthew Fox, the exotic Naveen Andrews and the beautifully twinky Ian Somerhalder. So today I'll get another of the marooned hotties out of the way. Josh Holloway plays the irritating scavenger "Sawyer" to cocky perfection. I wish there were more of him, but what I did find looks great.

More Josh Holloway

How is it that I know that sex with him would be extremely primal??? GRRRRR
Doug | 2011-05-09 21:51

never really cared for him.
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

He's slinky & sexy but give me Matthew Fox any day! Yes! Yes! Matthew Fox!
Baal | 2011-05-09 21:51

Josh...Give him to me and I´ll spank and cuddle him. Matthew Fox? Meh...but Josh...He is a beauty.
Jen | 2011-05-09 21:51

All of a sudden...
I'm feeling rather puny.


Slap! - Gael Garcia Bernal
Today's slap is the completely-smoking-hot Gael Garcia Bernal, star of such films as Diarios de motocicleta, La Mala educación and my personal favorite Y tu mamá también. Gael has had quite a few turns in some sexy romps - I highly recommend checking him out!

More Gael Garcia Bernal

Yep, good slap. Excellent films, good actor, cute ass...
don | 2011-05-09 21:51

nice pics!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

you've outdone yourself here!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

does he have gay sex in that one movie?
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Jared Leto
Today's slap is actor Jared Leto, nominated by Jade Cat for a re-slap. You see, Jared got a good belt from me almost a year ago, and it just seems WAY past time for another good smack. So here he is - with a new photo or two. The one with him in jeans with no shirt and no shoes - that one just wears me out.

Anyway, in case you were wondering - of course you were! - Jared was most notably Colin Farrell's boyfriend in Alexander. And though I haven't seen it, I can only surmise that he looked absolutely incredible. As for me, I remember him (and his cheesy mustache) most from Prefontaine. So here he is - Alexander-defeating thighs and all.

More of Jared

funny...Alex defeating thighs...LOL
he is a beautiful specimen...wonder how he'll age? has kind of a marlon brando look...hope he sticks with "jennie" so we see him turn into a pierce bronson hottie, and not a tub like marlon...ewwww
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Oooooh my goodness. You're killing me....and I'm LOVING it!
joebuh | 2011-05-09 21:51

Damn, he has some AMAZING eyes! Wow, definitely one to cuddle up with and kiss all over!
Erik the Boatbuilder | 2011-05-09 21:51

he is oh so HOT!!!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

On the President
No, I didn't watch George Bush last night. Honestly, I completely forgot, but I wouldn't have watched anyway. I just didn't think I could take it. I knew it would be Bush in his natural element - pour money on the problem and everything will be fine.

With an attitude like that how can I possibly continue to support Republicans? The most important reason that I supported them in the first place has been erased by the profligacy of this administration and its lackeys in Congress. They seem to be utterly heedless of the fact that they push the country ever closer to bankruptcy every day. Tom Delay's recent idiocy is a perfect example.

Drew, of course, says it better:
I don't hate this president and never have. I'm just sick of him. Sick of the naked politicization of everything (Karl Rove over-seeing reconstruction?); sick of the utter refusal to acknowledge that there is a limit to what the federal government can borrow from this and the next generation; sick of the hijacking of the conservative tradition for a vast increase in the power and size of government, with only a feigned attempt at making it more effective; sick of the glib arrogance and excuses for failure that dot the landscape from Biloxi to Basra.

"You can't blame George Bush for what happened in New Orleans, you gotta blame the American people that voted for him. That's like blaming the blind man for wreckin your car after you hand him the keys."

Wanda Sykes, Tonight Show 9/14/05
DC Drew | 2011-05-09 21:51

The problem has always been the alternative provided by the Democrats: it isn't that George Bush is invincible, it's that the alternative has been worse.

And until the Democrats shun idiots like Howard Dean, who'd probably deny he was a Democrat if a Republican said he was, they'll go on being worse than the GOP. Bring forth Evan Bayh and others who can command the centre - the sooner the better.
Adam | 2011-05-09 21:51

we elected a moron so that the republican, business biased politicians could have their fun running up the deficit, make huge war profits, and strip the federal government of all social consciousness. he's doing a great job for his team. he's a puppet president, a moron, just like ronnie, but not as swift on his feet...boy, no one could read a script with charisma like ronnie. hey, shut down new orleans, and build it on higher, uncontaminated ground. let the longshoremen and workers live near the boats in the flood plain. get business and the people onto higher ground, are they nuts rebuilding?
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

When I have a bad year, I take a pay cut. Most people suffer with the same. What about pay cuts for federal employees? That is NEVER EVEN CONSIDERED. I say Jesse Ventura for president - he championed the shrinking of government. Because if Republicans aren't cutting, why on earth do we think Democrats will?
muffy | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Chip Arndt
Since I slapped Reichen yesterday, I agreed with a couple of comments and thought that his former parter Chip Arndt was a good choice for today. Honestly - please nobody faint - I think Chip is MUCH hotter. And I don't know who dumped whom, but it is too bad they split up after their TAR win.

More Chip Arndt

The eyebrows are hideous. Otherwise, not bad.
John | 2011-05-09 21:51

I agree that Chip is great looking, but he behaved like such an assh*le on the show, which was WAY unattractive. In a very ugly American tourist sort of way.
Kevin Berlin | 2011-05-09 21:51

where'd u get some of these pics? he looks 15 years younger in the crew neck pic, and the one with the dog! you need a statute of limitation on here. i look good at 40, but my 20y.o. pics are much! whatever, he's a brave guy to bare his tummy pudge next to those washboard ab fanatics, i like that confidence. where's the picture of his much acclaimed package? i need something to drool over and help me recover from the caterpillars crawling across that us please!!!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

I can't believe these guys are gay. This is one time I am definitly jealous!
anonymoua | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Reichen Lehmkuhl
At the absolute insistence of Mr. X, I consented to slap Reichen Lehmkuhl. Of course, phrasing it that way makes it sound like I was an unwilling participant in this little slap. But nothing - OK not nothing - could be farther from the truth. There's something just a little odd about 'ol Reichen, but that doesn't mean he's not slap-worthy.

So with that said, a little info about our honoree: You most likely remember him as the winner of Amazing Race 4, which he won with his then-partner Chip Arndt. He's been trying to take advantage of his 15 minutes of fame by appearing on various TV shows, including The Young and the Restless and also by doing some modeling here and there. I guess we'll see if it sticks.

More Reichen Lemkuhl

Yeah yeah, very nice and all, but I think you should slap Chip Arndt! Check out that sexy hairy chest!!
Bob | 2011-05-09 21:51

Very nice indeed, I wish he and the boyfriend were still together, I am a sucker for happy endings! Nice pic of his crotch in the tightie-whities, but I think Chip is sexier! Good Luck, Reichen! Any relation to Tony Lemenkuhler???
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

I think he's the bastard child of Emilio Estevez and Dolph Lundgren. Wow!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

he's gorgeous, yeah, but these blond buffed bottoms are all their mothers in action...the beauty parlor becomes the gym, the homemaker becomes the self absorbed twink. anyone who lives their relationship on national t.v. isn't normal either, so that ruins the fantasy. but gorgeous is as gorgeous does...which is nothing...just lives out the beauty until another younger one pushes him to the side. it would be nice to see a regular gay couple depicted and admired for a change.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Welcome, Eric Rudolph!
We here in Colorado - well, at least me - would like to extend a big hearty Colorado welcome to Olympic Park, lesbian bar, and abortion clinic bomber Eric Robert Rudolph. Gee Eric, the scenery here is beautiful - too bad you won't get to see any of it.

Sadly, it's not a joke
Via Drudge comes this spectacular piece of information from Tom Delay:
there is simply no fat left to cut in the federal budget.
Be afraid.

Can't see the forest for the trees...can't see the fat for all the big blobs of cellulite
muffy | 2011-05-09 21:51

social security is secure for another 30 years with minor tweaks. it's a republican scare tactic there is a crisis. the only crisis for them is they can't get their hands on this huge pool of money and take off with investment scams, soon to be foreclosed banks in texas/colorado and oklahoma, and more money for the oil/gun/tobacco industries. the republicans get while they can, and god bless them for their attempt to dip into the nation's security and create a false "crisis" out of the social security system. it needs to be tweaked, yes, but handed over to the republicans...hahah...look at the deficit they've generated in 5 years...makes me laugh. maybe they want to try "reagonomics"
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Simon Baker
Ted sent along an e-mail asking me to slap Aussie actor Simon Baker, so here you go, Ted. Simon was in, among other things, LA Confidential in a very small role as a gay actor who ultimately does not have a happy ending. He was also in Red Planet with Val Kilmer (hmmm...) and starred in The Ring Two with Naomi Watts (hmmm...).

It was tough to find good (i.e. skin) pics of Simon - he needs to make more movies where we see more.

More Simon Baker

UPDATE: I added the picture that bulgeblog noted in his comment. Nice, thanks!

NICE!!! You may not have ben able to find many skin shots, but I LOVE the one you posted! He is one sexy real man!!!
The daily slap raises my heart rate more the my morning coffee.
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

The first time I saw The Guardian on TV, I was mesmerized by Simon Baker. He is a very sexy man. Not to mention that he is a great actor. I hope he gets some roles worthy of him.
Thanks for slapping him!!
Guardian | 2011-05-09 21:51

have to agree...that's one handsome man! what's up with the blonde/bottom hair frosting though? oh well, i s'pose if you're that good looking you just can't leave well enough alone...haha! i love the new half asian eyelid flap look which is popular in hollywood now...renee z, brad, etc. very exotic!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - John Barrowman
Today's slap, suggested several times over the past few weeks by Barnaby, YB and David, is out actor John Barrowman. He had a series of notable guest appearances in Dr. Who and was in the short-lived Central Park West in the U.S. He's also in the upcoming release of the film version of The Producers, slated for release in December.

More John Barrowman

That top picture is great! Looks like a little pubic hair showing. Looks like a theater production - does anyone know what it is? It would be worth seeing!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Check him out in the HORRIBLE "Shark Attack 3: Megalodon" Where he actually has to say -- "What do you say I take you home your pussy!" Followed by uncomfortable shower sex scene. He's a big girl. A friend of mine here in NY did him... Other than that he is a good singer.
Craig | 2011-05-09 21:51

He's got an interview in DNA (Aust gay mag) comfortably out... refreshing change for an actor.
Brenton | 2011-05-09 21:51

He's openly gay & just did an interview in Brit gay mag Attitude and said he had a big dick and a partner. He was fully nude in a production of "Rope" at Chichester Festival Theatre a few years ago and also stripped in a Dr Who episode.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slapdate! - Chad Allen
I finally managed to find time to see former slap Chad Allen's recent project Third Man Out. Michael from here! had asked me to take a look, and since today was "football day" (for my husband, not me) I got a chance to watch. It was really pretty entertaining - there were a couple of times when things didn't ring true, but overall Chad was quite good (and looking quite good too, I must say) - I do hope they can get the production together for more installments. BTW, the jazz score was really enjoyable - I don't often notice the audio on movies (I'm more likely to notice really bad rendering in movies like Spiderman), but this one stood out.

Oh yeah, Michael sent along some pics from TMO - no skin, but worth seeing. Enjoy!

More Chad Allen

He looks good with a little age on him!
anon | 2011-05-09 21:51

Chad is a role model for the gay community. The first picture of him makes him look older than I want him to look.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

New kid on the block
There's a new blog out there that some may enjoy. Let's just say it takes a more ...erm ...targeted look at hot celebs. He doesn't have a lot of posts yet, but Celebrity Bulge Blog seems to be off to a promising start.

UPDATE: Hmmm. Looks like something has changed on BulgeBlog. Not sure what's up, but as of 9/17/2005 the link doesn't work.

cannot access this blog? what's up with the link if it's private/members only? ;(
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Blogger's blogspot servers had some issues last night; the site looks like it's working fine now.
anon | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Tom Williams
Brenton, a fan from Down Under, sent along some pics of Aussie star Tom Williams. The pics here are from his turn on Dancing with the Stars, but apparently he's done a few other things, including hosting The Mole and The Great Outdoors.

Thanks, Brenton!

More Tom Williams

not bad, not bad at all
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

I totally agree about the "hairdo that shall not speak it's name"--haha --he's definitely hot--but cut that damn mu-- (i get nauseous when I say the word) OY, VEY!
:) | 2011-05-09 21:51

he's no Jamie Bamber. Then again, no one else can be...
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

$#&@ me, $#@& me now.....
tim | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - New York City
Today's slap is the


and future

New York City

Various thoughts at:



Pink is the New Blog

Andrew Sullivan (written just days after 9/11/2001)

and here

UPDATE: Oops. In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that I did not create that tribute - I wish I had. Nevertheless, I hope the creator doesn't mind if I post it - it is incredible.

God bless America.
Dave | 2011-05-09 21:51

Thanks so much for your tribute. Just FYI, earlier this year the new Freedom Tower plans were redesigned to address safety concerns from NYPD and FDNY.

Here is a sketch of the new design

hidden1008 | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slapdate! - Jamie Bamber
Yes, you guessed it, it's time for more Jamie Bamber. I've been hearing about this scene for nearly a week from various people, and I finally managed to sit down and catch it tonight.

Un. Fucking. Believable. Could that towel get any smaller?? Wow.

I have never seen anything so fucking hot on Sci-Fi. Ever. It left me nearly speechless. And as I watched it, I was hoping against hope that some saint out there would post screencaps. Well "superherofan" over at Dreamcaps came through. I don't usually copy every picture from a post on Dreamcaps, but this time I had to. So anyway, on the off chance that "superherofan" reads this blog: I owe you dinner for such great caps. Thanks!!

More Jamie Bamber

well, they say that Battlestar Galactica is the best show on television... Truly spectacular! I would have paid money to be on the set when they shot that scene!!
Evan | 2011-05-09 21:51

Is it me, or is there someone floating over Starbuck in that last pic?

Of course, I didn't notice that until the 12th time I saw the picture...
kelloggjammer | 2011-05-09 21:51

It's important to realize that Jamie Bamber is by far the sexist man who will ever grace this Web site. Until my next crush takes fully hold... ;-) His build (damn), his eyes, his jaw, the light blond chest hair... It's all good. He's a good actor, too, and Battlestar Galactica is the best drama on television, period, thanks to his and Katie's and everyone's strong performances. (To say nothing of the writing, but the writers aren't showing us their tan lines in towels on screen, now are they. ;-) ) He's also just a darned nice guy: in personal appearances and in interviews, the man is intelligent, thoughtful, and polite. So I hereby nominate him for Slap of the Decade!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

The Advocate magazine recently had small news piece about the gay/lesbian appeal of BSG, and that was based primarily on the strong female characters like cigar-smoking Starbuck or the fist-fighting blond Cylon. Now this. ! Just having eye candy like Jamie and Tahmoh had been enough for me, but with a towel showing off the volume of Jamie's package...Wow. Now I don't need to use the excuse that it's the best show on TV to watch...
Tom | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slapdate! - Ben Browder
I cam across a few new pics of April slap Ben Browder, star of Stargate: SG-1. Nice!

UPDATE: Oops. Got ahead of myself. Looks like his stint on Stargate will be starting this fall maybe? At any rate, it seems like I saw that the pics I posted are from SG-1.

I just want to lick his chest...I love that he has just enough hair. I'm surprised I haven't seen Victor Webster slapped. He's beautiful.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

er... star of Farscape of which Ben is the only interesting part
baz | 2011-05-09 21:51

Ben Browder is on SG-1 now! These pics are from Friday night's episode. He's sooo hot!! So hot that I tend to overlook the fact that his character on SG-1 acts strangely like his character on Farscape.
Evan | 2011-05-09 21:51

I have a feeling (and I'm hoping hoping hoping) that Jamie Bamber will be making an appearance here again soon. If you saw the season 2 episode last Friday in the U.S. then, like me, you've seen the man in a too-small towel and, like me, haven't been able to get him out of your head since!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slapdate! - Jeremy Bloom
April Slap of the Month winner Jeremy Bloom is one of my all-time favorites - he and Jamie Bamber are probably my two favorite guys (maybe it's the initials?). Anyway, I came across some new pics of Jeremy and thought I'd share:

More here and on Dreamcaps.

Slap! - So You Think You Can Dance
Today's slap, at the insistence of Mr. X, is the (hot) guys of Fox's moronic So You Think You can Dance. Having said that it's moronic, I will confess that I tune in occasionally to see some of these guys, especially Blake - it's easy to watch because the guys are so cooperative and usually dance with their shirts at least open, if not off. I keep hearing that Blake's a complete prick, but I haven't watched enough to get that - and prick or not, he's incredible looking, and that's what this is all about, right?

So here, many thanks to Dreamcaps, are Nick, Craig and Blake:





P.S. Craig was eliminated last week, but Blake and Nick made it through this week. And even though I didn't post him, Artem isn't hideous and he's hanging in too.

UPDATE: Don is certainly right - Artem is on top. Fixed.

It has to be Artem. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. And isn't that him above (!) Nick?
don | 2011-05-09 21:51

Blacke is an ass, but the boy can move! I'll give him that! What a body!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

I just have to completely agree with with on Craig! HOT! So sad when he was kicked off. That smile. Those abs. Ahh....
Mark | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slapdate! - Craig Fallon
Some recent comment activity reminded me of one of my very first slaps, Olympic Judo competitor Craig Fallon, so I figured I'd share with everyone. He's definitely a hottie.

Oh, the pain
Chrisafer has a heartwrenching post about the pain of breaking up after 12 long years.

Maybe you don't need such a fast processor?
c|net has instructions, including video demonstrations, on how to attach water cooling to your PC. Call me a Luddite, but isn't this a bit over the top for the average home user? Does anyone really need, in their home, a processor that runs so fast (and hot) that it needs water cooling?

Oh, who am I kidding? I've got the plumber coming on Tuesday to hook up my water line.

It's not a necessary thing yet, but it will be probably. Processors are getting hotter. And this way you can get good cooling, and quiet.

Water cooling will go much more mainstream, I predict.
Hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slapdate! - Brokeback Mountain
Dae reminded me that with the upcoming (December 9) release of Brokeback Mountain I should like everyone to the naked pics of Heath Ledger. And who can forget his boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal? Alas no naked pics of Jake.

poor guy... i hope he's one hell of a grower.
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

looks pretty damn nice to me. and also in the normal range. I mean really....
michael m. | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Riker Twins
Today's slap is twins Derek & Drew Riker. They were quite popular on The Amazing Race 3, and I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed that I didn't watch any of it. Nevertheless, here they are. Enjoy!

More Riker Twins

I totally forgot about them.

Thanks for the memo believe me it's a good one !!
BeN | 2011-05-09 21:51

Wow... they're very pretty!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

This may have single-handedly (ha!) made my day. Not only is the Amazing Race my favourite show, but when I watched it with these guys... well, let's just say I doubled my pleasure. Kudos I say. Kudos.
Drew | 2011-05-09 21:51

"The first ever GAY Slasher film"
Mike over at HERE! sent along some information about a new production of theirs called HellBent (great name!). The movie takes place at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival; set amidst "flamboyant costumes, beautiful people, drugs, music, dancing and sex" (sounds good to me), it's the story of four gay friends who have to fight for their lives to escape a serial killer.

Mike included some pics from the movie and this poster:

And you can see the (very hot) pictures from the film here. Me? I like the one where Eddie is handcuffed.

For more information on the movie, visit Hellbent's site where you can watch the trailer and see more information including when it'll be playing in your neighborhood (October 14 here! Woohoo!)

I'll be posting more about what HERE! is up to in the next day or so, including former slap Chad Allen's new project. I'm really not sure how HERE! has escaped my attention until now, but since it's available on DirecTV I'll definitely be tuning in.

Wow. Twinks in underwear, and it's not directed by David Decoteau. What's going on?
Hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

a thumbs up! Oh wait... that wasn't his thumb! Love those tighty whities!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slapdate! - Sebastian Rulli
Way back in April I slapped Sebastian Rulli. Well, Barry was kind enough to send along some of his favorite pics of Sebastian which I posted with the rest. Thanks, Barry!

More Sebastian Rulli

OMG what a stud..
imagine being on the receiving end if that smile.....HOT
Mike | 2011-05-09 21:51

Reminds me of an ape a bit.
Hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

I'm not a guy but i must agree with ya boyz...que papi encanta...tengo que ir a argentina a buscarme un jevo como este!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Matt Long
Today's slap, at the long ago suggestion of "h p" and the recent suggestion of "J", is Matt Long the stunning 25-year old actor who played Jack in the short lived Jack & Bobby. I never watched the show, but it did feature some incredibly hot men - from the very twinkish Matt Long to the much furrier Bradley Cooper. Too bad it was cancelled.

More Matt Long

At least we'll get to see more of Bradley in that new "Kitchen Confidential" show. The show, itself, doesn't look so hot, but Bradley in boxer briefs sure does. Woof. Oh...That was out loud, wasn't it?
Hector | 2011-05-09 21:51

Very nice. I think he'd look even better with a few more years on him. Let's hope he stays around TV.
Hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

Nice, but since you brought on the comparison, I would take Bradley Cooper any day!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

More football hotness from BfT
Boi from Troy has some new football hotness for everyone to enjoy. I highly recommend checking it out:

Not bad. :)
Hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Robby Ginepri
Today's slap, by popular acclamation, is US tennis star Robby Ginepri. Robby has been doing quite well at this year's US Open and is next scheduled to play the Argentinian diva Guillermo Coria in the quarter-finals, apparently today, but I haven't seen confirmation of that yet. Regardless, I highly recommend you check him out - as one of Juice's friends sent us in a text message "I just wanna lick out those armpits".

More Robby Ginepri

Jeff Park | 2011-05-09 21:51

How about slapping Todd Hunt. Daily Drool featured him the other day. The guy can't take a bad picture.
Sean | 2011-05-09 21:51


Thank you thank you...
Bomber | 2011-05-09 21:51

Love Robbies hairy bod and like that he lets the face get hairy. For such a young guy he sure has alot of hair!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slapdate! - Charlie Hunnam
Surfing around I came across this great new pic of Charlie Hunnam. Jeez, he's hot.

i swear he looks like a blonde James Franco (Spiderman)!!!!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Aaron Peirsol
Today's slap is Olympic swimmer Aaron Peirsol. You'll remember Aaron and his delicious antics from the Athens games - among other things, he won 3 gold medals, including 2 in individual backstroke events. He was also a part of the U.S. 4x100 gold-medal-winning medley team.

More Aaron Peirsol

P.S. A big shout out to Steve for suggesting Aaron. Nice!

Thanks very much, Rob, for slapping Aaron. Much appreciated. As a side note, Aaron sometimes lets his chest hair grow out a bit, which is an added bonus for some of us.
Steve | 2011-05-09 21:51

In keeping with your sports theme, may I ask: Robby Ginepri? I couldn't take my eyes off of him during the match last night, how could I have missed him for so long? Takes the sting out of Andy's losing in the first round, at least.

And swimmer boy? Hot.
Sean | 2011-05-09 21:51

On the theme of 2004 Olympians...

I recall you slapped the Hamms... have you slapped the infinitely-hotter Blaine Wilson??
Clint | 2011-05-09 21:51

I agree with Sean... Robbie Ginepri is quite the looker in those sleeveless shirts, but Richard Gasquet wasn't bad looking either... eye candy on both ends of the court! Can we please have another round of tennis slaps???
drew | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap of the month!!
OK, it's time to cut off the voting. I can't actually prevent any new votes, but I'll just announce the winner anyway. I'm not surprised at all to report that it's David Beckham.

I am, however, very pleased to report on strong showings by some other hotties that I especially like, Kerr Smith, Sean Faris & Tom Welling. And of course, Juice's favorite for the month Brandon Cox.

And the number of votes this month was incredible. I haven't looked to see what brought in such a huge number of votes - and it looks kinda suspicious, but what the hell?

UPDATE: You can see the results by clicking on the "View Results" link at the bottom of the voting panel, or click here. Disclaimer: As people keep voting, David Beckham may move in and out of the lead, but he was in the lead when I wrote this post originally and is still in the lead as I write this update.

Can you show all the voting results? Thanks.

Benjamin McKenzie
Dominic Purcel (Wentworth Miller's brother on TV)
Dermot Mulroney (my all time favorite)
Matthew Fox
Clive Owen
Cris | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Wentworth Miller
Today's slap is British actor Wentworth Miller, who you'll be able to see in this fall's hot-looking prison drama Prison Break. What I'm about to say isn't really a spoiler, I guess, but just in case: [SPOILER] Prison Break looks like it'll be especially hot because the fundamental plot revolves Wentworth's (playing character Michael Scofield) attempt to get his innocent brother out of prison. In order to accomplish that, he has the plans for the prison tattooed onto his body and gets himself convicted and sentenced - so presumably we'll get to see the plans a lot. [/SPOILER]

More Wentworth Miller

The hottie in the Mariah Carey's video We Belong Together.

Hottie Factor!!!
Lex | 2011-05-09 21:51

very hot... I remember this guy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer... dont remember the season but it was pretty early on. He was in the swim team and all... cool episode
Jess | 2011-05-09 21:51

I had no idea he is British! Yumm
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

HOT HOT HOT! Thanks!
Mark | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - James Blake
Since it's tennis season again, I thought I'd pick a couple of hotties - and American James Blake, as suggested by Michael, seemed like an excellent candidate. The former Harvard student has been having trouble for the last year after suffering a broken neck last summer, but he just beat one of the best players in the world, former slap Rafael Nadal. So James is only one round from the quarterfinals - woohoo!

More James Blake

He's a hottie--love that ethnic mix thing he's got going on--and he's especially cute w/ a shaved head. Thanks.
:) | 2011-05-09 21:51

don | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Billy Crudup
Today's slap is actor Billy Crudup. I remember seeing him in Inventing the Abbotts and thinking that he needed to show a LOT more skin. I found a few pics of Billy without his shirt, but they're kinda hard to come by.

Also, I have to confess that someone sent an e-mail recommending Billy as being slap-worthy, and of course he (or she?) is right. But I couldn't find the e-mail, so I can't give proper credit. So if it was you, give me a shout and I'll give you proper credit. But, regardless, thanks!!

More Billy Crudup

UPDATE: I found the e-mail suggestion. Thanks Jade Cat!

looks good, but the 8th pic is a bit strange!
hellboy | 2011-05-09 21:51

The eigth and ninth photos both appear to be from Stage Beauty. In the film, Crudup plays an actor who specializes in the playing of female roles. The film is set just at that time when Charles II first allowed women on the stage. Crudup's charachter, and others like him, thus find themselves suddenly unemployed. I liked it actually. Good ending.
PJ | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap of the month!
Yup, it's that time again! We have to vote for the hottest man of August! It's been an especially tough month - as usual I had to reduce the voting list down to 20 guys, and I had more trouble than usual doing it this month. So anyway, here they are, the men of August. Me? I'm voting for Mark Feehily - he may not be strictly the hottest, but he's something special.

As an interesting aside, I checked July's voting just now and discovered that since I posted the results naming Raoul Bova as the winner, more votes have arrived and The Carlson Twins are in the lead by a few votes. So get your votes in! I'll announce the results some time over the weekend, I imagine - but I do have out of town guests, so it may wait until Tuesday. We'll see.

Andres Segura

Sean Faris

Thomas Jane

Tom Welling

Will Kemp

Joseph Sayers

Seann William Scott

Naveen Andrews

David Fumero

Matt Lanter

Michael Trucco

Tahmoh Penikett

Chaise Mooty

Justin Timberlake

David Beckham

Greg Siff

Brandon Cox

Mark Feehily

Charlie Hunnam

Kerr Smith

I didn't see Tahmoh Penikett at first, and as going to sulk. But no, here's there. Jolly good!

I bet that boring asexual Tom Welling will win though.
Hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Mark Wahlberg
Today's slap - by VERY popular request - is Marky Mark. Do I really need to say more? Everyone here already seem to know who he is... Instead of details about Mark, I'll just share this: Mark was one of my first - um - pieces of regular "material" when we were both a lot younger.

More Mark Wahlberg

10nks !
BeN | 2011-05-09 21:51

He certainly had a certain something. Looked good in that monkey film, but has gone off the boil a bit now.

Can't forget the prosthetic in Boogie Nights. that was cool..
Hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

Mark Wahlberg's is so hot... I have a belly button fetish and his "outie" is unbelievably sexy... :-)
Kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

damn he fine!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Matthew Mullins
Today's slap is Matthew Mullins. Dave pointed me in Matt's direction, wondering what I thought - well, Dave, I have one word: WOW. Anyway, Matt is apparently a regular on The Discovery Channel's XMA: Xtreme Martial Arts. I may have to start watching.

Oh, and these pics are from Matt's site - I highly recommend you check it out.

More Matthew Mullins

Matt needs a tan, but other than that... he's pretty hot!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

I said it before I'll say it again : MARK WAHLBERG
(Please ?)
BeN | 2011-05-09 21:51

I'd like to see Mark too... intriqued to see his 3rd nipple.
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap of the month - Jeff Wilson or Sean William Scott
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

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