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Slap! - Martin O'Malley
RedSoxFan (sorry!) wrote to suggest today's slap, Baltimore mayor Martin O'Malley. Not only is he a gay-friendly politician that's running for Governor of Maryland, he's hot! RedSoxFan notes:
He's the finest politican I've ever seen.
I might have to give that nod to San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, but Martin is no slouch. Just look at those arms!

*pant* I've been a fan and follower of O'Malley for years now. Beyond those bulging biceps is a very gay-friendly man. I've been wantin' me some Martin for a while now!
TheSixth1 - James | 2011-05-09 21:51

Yep, he's a hot man! Love the arms, but the pic doesn't do him justice. He's much more handsome! Check out his campaign website for more photos:
Evan | 2011-05-09 21:51

Make your life time more easy get the and all you require.
Keisha29Stevens | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Pete Sampras
Inspired by greekdude over at Dreamcaps I realized that I had never slapped Pete Sampras, and as a service to all of my fur-loving readers I realized that I should remedy that situation. I never really cared for Pete myself (sssh, don't tell Juice!), but I can see a certain appeal I suppose. So here he is in all (well most) of his hirsute glory!

More Pete Sampras

So delicious :)
Doug | 2011-05-09 21:51

i always thought he was such a hunk and now I know I am right! thanks for giving me the chance to drool over him again.
marvin | 2011-05-09 21:51

you must be joking right ??!!

This is the ugliest bear ever!
Looks like this prim-ape never took part in the evolution.

He's hairy like animal (and not in a good way) !!!!
BeN | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Jesse Bashem
Following up on yesterday's slap of Mr. Gay 2006 finalist Blair Shepard, today's slap is the winner - San Diego contestant Jesse Bashem. Personally, I'd have voted for Blair. For those who wish to make their own judgments, the finals will be broadcast on Q Television - I couldn't find a date and time.

More Jesse Bashem

Now that seems like as ageist a rant as some twenty year-old who wants nothing to do with anyone over age thirty. Fortunately, there is a whole range of tastes, and someone to suit everyone, and as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, let everyone enjoy themselves. I've generally found the man himself, appealing rather than only a type. Some types tend to appeal more to me, but then I've often been surprised how much I've been attracted to a man who is completely different, but has a personality that drew me in. And if he doesn't appeal to you, just look on another blog rather than trying to make everyone think just like you do. If we all liked only one type of man, there would not be enough to go around, would there?
fareva | 2011-05-09 21:51

What "American countryside"? Are you referring to suburbia? I'm afraid there isn't a whole lot of countryside left the US.

Also, city dwellers tend to be healthier than non-urban dwellers. Why? They walk everywhere, and they tend to have healthier diets.
Dave | 2011-05-09 21:51

I quite like the big one on the right...
don | 2011-05-09 21:51

"...there isn't a whole lot of countryside left the US"? This is tongue-in-cheek, right?
don | 2011-05-09 21:51

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My fortune
My fortune for today, from
Just slack off today.
I can take care of that.

Off the tracks?
I don't often read Peggy Noonan's columns (too busy searching for pictures...), but her column this week in the WSJ is a must read. She writes that America is in trouble:
I think that a lot of people are carrying around in their heads, unarticulated and even in some cases unnoticed, a sense that the wheels are coming off the trolley and the trolley off the tracks. That in some deep and fundamental way things have broken down and can't be fixed, or won't be fixed any time soon. That our pollsters are preoccupied with "right track" and "wrong track" but missing the number of people who think the answer to "How are things going in America?" is "Off the tracks and hurtling forward, toward an unknown destination."
I don't know how pervasive those kinds of thoughts are, but I know that I share them. Then I always catch myself and wonder "Haven't people always had thoughts like this? We're still hanging in there." But lately it seems that it's just getting worse and worse, and in what I could easily see as a sure sign of our impending doom, I find myself agreeing with Teddy Kennedy. Speaking pensively one evening with his family, he said to the younger generation present:
I'm glad I'm not going to be around when you guys are my age.
I often wonder if the problem is one of perception - we live in an age of unprecedented access to information, including information about what's going wrong. In the past, a disaster like Katrina would have been similarly devastating, but we across the country wouldn't have watched it unfold minute by minute on CNN and we wouldn't have been treated to an excruciating examination of every failure of every bureaucrat from top to bottom - it would have been much more localized.

And I have to confess that I'm one of the ones just going on with life, hoping everything will work out. I'm generally optimistic, go I think it will. Somehow.

Truly frightening. The Romans thought they had it figured out, too. Good reasons to buy a wood stove and learn to garden.
muffy | 2011-05-09 21:51

Emergency Slap! - George Takei
A special slap goes out today to actor George Takei, best known as Hikaru Sulu from the original Star Trek series.

You see, George came out as gay in the current issue of Frontiers.

Thanks to Kip and Juice for pointing this out! And, to answer Kip's question: I always thought Sulu and Chekov were a couple...

Hooray for George!

Now far-more-interesting would be a gay "character" in the Star Trek universe. It's long over-due.
John in T.O. | 2011-05-09 21:51

not to be picking nits, but they were androgenous, not hermaphrodites.

And they've tried the gay thing in several episodes, actually, mostly ones involving the Trill species. In TNG's "The Host," Dr. Crusher found it impossible to carry on a relationship with Odan after his symbiont was transplanted into a female host.

However, the opposite situation occurred in a DS9 episode, where Jadzia decided it was ALRIGHT to carry on a female-female relationship with a new host, while the symbiont was a former husband. There was even a lesbian kiss scene, much to the chagrin of many fans.

Oh, and I don't know why you're getting upset about that particular TNG episode ... the whole idea was that we were SUPPOSED to be outraged about her/his reparative therapy.

yeah ... I'm the biggest Star Trek geek around. Way to go for George, though. Can't say I didn't see it coming. But I guess I didn't, since he's like 70, anyway.
the dude | 2011-05-09 21:51

You *should be* indignant about the "reparative therapy" (which was actually called "psycho-techtic therapy") working. That's the whole point, as the dude says. Its a *commentary* on the religious right's tenet that homosexuality can be corrected. I think it was a great moment for Star Trek, as they pointed out the stupidity of the religious right! You have to look deeper. Star Trek has always had to be more subtle in their messages, especially for the original series in the 60's.
Jon | 2011-05-09 21:51

Do you understand that it is correct time to receive the loans, which would make you dreams real.
DeboraPARSONS32 | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Blair Shepard
Today's slap is a redux of one of my very first slaps, Blair Shepard. As I reported earlier, Blair spent some time in France and made a splash on the French music charts. I found him when he was profiled in the March 2004 issue of Instinct Magazine.

And lately he's been in the first ever Mr. Gay 2006 International competition (sponsored by Instinct Magazine - hmmm). Anyway, Blair won the competition in his home town of San Francisco and went on to the finals in Palm Springs. Alas, he was beaten by the finalist from San Diego, Jesse Bashem who works as a competitive men's gymnastics coach - tough competition to say the least. Regardless, Blair is certainly worth another slap:

More Blair Shepard

What a least he did not scare me like the guy yesterday did.
gary in CO | 2011-05-09 21:51

What's wrong with him? Nice firm bod, nice smooth chest, looks good with short hair. Like to see the rest though!
Steve | 2011-05-09 21:51

that black and white is hot...
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

God... I'd only kick him out of bed to do him on the floor.
John in T.O. | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Looking for distraction?
How long can you keep from getting hit?

So far I've survived 21 28 31 seconds.

Brilliant! Hours of wasted work hours. Exactly what I needed on a Friday. Yay!
Hector | 2011-05-09 21:51

18.857 but that felt like a freaking eternity!
muffy | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Ewan McGregor
I've gotten a couple of requests for today's Slap, Obi Wan Kenobi himself, Ewan McGregor. He's certainly best known for playing the Jedi master in the first three episodes of Star Wars, but I'll always remember him best for his naked antics in Velvet Goldmine. No pics, sorry...

More Ewan McGregor

UPDATE: I was finally able to come up with some full-frontal pics of Ewan from a couple of different movies - check 'em out!

EEEEK!!!! No close ups this early in the morning.
gary in CO | 2011-05-09 21:51

WHAT? You didn't slap the World Champion Chicago White Sox? Have you seen Joe Crede? What about Paul Konerko?

I mean, come on, Ewan is fine, but we've seen him before and again and again.
Jim | 2011-05-09 21:51

Ewen McGregor is the hottest guy on earth! I loved him in Moulin Rouge, I loved him in Velvet Goldmine, I just love him. He doesn't seem to realize how sexy he is and that makes him irresistible.
Sam | 2011-05-09 21:51

i read at planetout last year that ewan is proud of his penis and was going to do a naked fotoshoot for a brit magazine...did it occur? isn it available? i'm proud of his penis also...irresistable in moulin qoute: "...he has an enormous talent!!"
den | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - George Eads
Over the past couple of months, several people have suggested George Eads as a Slapee, so I'm finally getting around to it. George is currently playing Nick on CSI and, from all indications, doing an excellent job of it. I told one person who suggested George that he really didn't do anything for me, but I have to admit that on closer inspection I was wrong - now if I could just get a little bit closer...

More George Eads

I've always liked Eads compact tight body. He looks great in leather.
Allen | 2011-05-09 21:51

don't watch CSI, but might have to check it out...he does have a tight little bod, and how do I get to see him in leather??? I bet his ass looks great in tight black leather!!!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Anyone remember him from the short-lived series "Savannah"? In the pilot, he's in the bathtub, and I think I fell in love with him right there. Well, maybe not love per se...
Evan | 2011-05-09 21:51

Love his hot, compact body and sexy face. Oh I could just Ead him up! :)
Jon | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Yes, boys (and a few girls...), Bent has sold out. Well, I don't know - have I? Regardless, I'm going to start taking ads. I had been thinking about it, and BoiFromTroy wrote to suggest that I consider BlogAds - so I'm gonna give it a whirl.

Now I just need to decide on some sort of image to represent Bent...

Slap! - Walgreens
Today's slap goes out to another corporate hero out there, Walgreens. Walgreens has been taking heat lately for its generous sponsorship of the Gay Games.

Once again Peter LaBarbera, of the Illinois Family Institute, makes a fool of himself. In a letter to Walgreens he wrote:
Make no mistake: the 'Gay Games' was conceived as a way to build acceptance for homosexuality, in the name of sport -- a perversion of the athletic ideal.
Right. Thanks Pete. Let us know when the aliens give your brain back.

Oh, how I hate these non-slaps.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Walgreens is great actually. I get my prescriptions filled online with them and never had a problem.

Most companies will ask for your zipcode now as an added security measure. If you enter the wrong zipcode when buying gas, they won't approve the purchase.
Terry | 2011-05-09 21:51

Boys and their toys...
The Paris Hilton of 14th St leaps me in technology again. I guess I've gotta go shopping:

Slingbox is is great! I am the envy of all my friends at my office during sales meetings when I have the tennis channel playing on my laptop. Awesome.
Bomber | 2011-05-09 21:51

Watching my Slingbox right now at work. Keeps me sane here alone on 3rd shift.
Randy | 2011-05-09 21:51

Going up?
Wired has the low down on the recently completed Space Elevator Games - the first ever. Similar to the widely publicized Ansari X-Prize the games hope to spur development of space elevator technology. Seen by many as the most promising technology for launching things into space, space elevators hold the promise of lifting payloads to an orbit at 60,000 miles at a cost of $100/lb. or less - compared to more than $20,000/lb. for the space shuttle.

Wow -- ask and you shall receive. And boy did we ever! You really came through for our SLAP! nomination request in a big way. We had so many nominations that we have eight winners in all. However, we did have to disqualify some of the more celebrity-driven nominations and keep this strictly based on friends and "real people". Thanks to all of you who sent in your favorites. We hope you enjoy these guys as much as we do.

First Place -- "J", Nominated by Ron

The remainder of these incredible guys are presented in no particular order. In performing this selection process we did learn that straight guys drink a lot of beer and have no problem getting naked together, as evidenced in the following photos. All the better for us, we suppose.

See the other winners here...

-- Mr. X

Oh no, we can't see the pics. Alos, you must slap that other carpenter from "while you were out." Vander something is his name.
Jax | 2011-05-09 21:51

Hey, I am very excited about "J" winning, and since I am proudly dating this guy, we need to see his picture!

Ron | 2011-05-09 21:51

i tihnk you're talking about the carpenter on trading spaces named Faber Dewer
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

What a tease!
brian | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Ah, politics
Watching CNN's Late Edition this morning, I caught a few minutes with one of Florida's senators, Bill Nelson. He was, as you might expect, talking about Wilma's potential impact on his home state. At the end of the interview, Wolf asked about the financial trouble that the National Flood Insurance Program is facing. Nelson had this to say:
There's gonna have to be some major changes Wolf. Look, 60% of New Orleans residents under sea level had no federal flood insurance. Now that's inexcusable. We've got to change that. Otherwise, guess who picks it up? It's the American taxpayer that picks up the tab - so people are gonna have to start buying flood insurance or else suffer the consequences.
If you believe this, Senator Ted Stevens has a bridge he'd like to sell you. While it's refreshing to hear an elected official make such statements, it's nothing but hot air - when push comes to shove, people will NEVER be forced in such a situation to bear the consequences of their choices.

Insurance carries with it certain inevitable problems, which is why government ends up being the insurer in a variety of circumstances. Government can require the insured pay -- such required payments are called taxes; how much will be paid by whom becomes a political question, but then how much will be paid by whom is ALWAYS a political question.

Bad government is a serious mistake, and voting for morons is a serious mistake. A libertarian fantasy might make you feel better, but it does not make the world better.
BruceW07 | 2011-05-09 21:51

Well, it's hot air in the sense that the Democrats are in the minority; it's somewhat cooler air in that sooner or later something has to change.

The fundamental problem here is that you place way too much faith in private insurance - here's the flaw: private companies exist to make a profit first, and to provide a quality service to their clients second.

The failing of the tax and spend debate in the US, if I may say so, is that politicians pander to those wanting the lowest tax but you never look at the total bill you end up paying, if you addd in healthcare insurance for instance and all the other services it is anathema for the state to provide there.

Now, is the state always the most efficient, effective way to provide services? No, it certainly isn't. But is it the only way to guarantee universal coverage of US citizens of sufficient quality AND costing less overall than private insurance? Yes.

That doesn't mean ending private insurance: you can buy more, or stay private if you want (in fact great - that cuts the costs of universal health provision further!).

But isn't it about time, instead of cutting tax for the richest, yet spending more than ever before and piling up a...well, ridiculous doesn't quite do it justice, does it...national debt, the wealthiest nation on earth established a safety net for everyone - not just those who can afford it?

On a completely different subject, you also need to give the Federal Elections Commission sole responsibility for drawing electoral boundaries - take it out of the hands of politicians.
Adam | 2011-05-09 21:51

Adam, maybe you missed it, but everyone who pays Federal Income Taxes received a cut. In addition those cuts managed to increase total income to the Feds, just as they did for JFK and RWR.

You say the problem is putting too much faith in private companies is bad, but your solution is transferring that faith to an unaccountable and unmotivated bureaucracy that will, as all bureaucracies eventually do, become bloated. At least private entities have a motivation to keep customers as those customers have a choice, unlike your preferred solution.
LifeTrek | 2011-05-09 21:51

Spare us the Republican spin Life Trek - you'll be telling us next that flat rate tax benefits the poorest the most. Good grief! Talk about voodoo economics!

You really should read what I said - look - it's right above: " the state always the most efficient effective way to provide services? No.."

So, it's a simple balance between freedom and fairness: continue with the gross inequity of millions of Americans in the richest country on earth being without health insurance but gee, at least we're all free to be destitute, or opt for universal coverage, maintain the option for private cover on top, and you'll find you pay less as well as that not insignificant benefit: a healthier US. How are you doing on that measure in, say, the realm of obesity?

I bet you all the money in my pocket right now, against all the money in yours, that the UK National Health Service costs less per capita than if everyone in the US had a private health insurance plan. Corporate fat cats are, by and large far greedier than public sector "bloated bureaucracies".
Adam | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Shawn Pyfrom
Going to the teen world just for a bit, today's slap is 19-year old Desperate Housewives star Shwan Pyfrom. For those of you who don't watch the ladies of Wisteria Lane, Shawn plays Bree's (Marcia Cross) (presumably) gay son Andrew. I say presumably because creator Marc Cherry hinted last year that it wasn't quite as simple as Andrew being gay - but recent statements make it hard to tell. Regardless Andrew did enjoy a snogging session with gay gardner Justin (Bent favorite Ryan Carnes) last year - maybe they'll get another go.

Nevertheless, Shawn is definitely a cutie - and as BoiFromTroy notes, those of us who might not be as excited about this year's season would be considerably more so if they'll go ahead and explore Andrew's coming out storyline. And whatever Andrew has in store for his mom. According to Cherry, "Andrew pulls a hideous stunt on his mother, Bree". So let's have it!

More Shawn Pyfrom

were there any more pics with him in the speedos
Les | 2011-05-09 21:51


He has no abs, no hair and the only thing close to nice is his face. Hot ? NOT !!!!!
BeN | 2011-05-09 21:51

There's nothing like baby fat to really turn you on. NOT.
Justin | 2011-05-09 21:51

hmmm, is he even legal? He looks 14yrs.
no thanks,
Terry | 2011-05-09 21:51

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My husband and I recently got TiVo in conjunction with our DirecTV service. You know - the sexy HD TiVo model that has two tuners, blah blah blah. Anyway, the machine seems to have developed an electronic crush on my husband.

TiVo has that (now annoying) feature of taping shows that it thinks you'll enjoy. And for some reason it doesn't give a damn about me - all it tapes is football for my husband. All the fucking time.
  • High-School Football
  • The Mike Shanahan Show
  • 49ers Insider
  • Raiders Press Conference
Are you fucking kidding me? Not a single Star Trek anywhere???

UPDATE: OK, Doug's story is better than mine...

Fear can turn of the option of having TIVO choose programs for you. When I first got mine I was flicking through channels one day...the phone rang...and I left the Tivo.....soon after I was getting 'all Christian/Catholic' all the time because I had inadvertantly stopped channel flicking on a Christian channel when the phone rang. You need to go into your TIVO option/setup screen to make the change.
Doug | 2011-05-09 21:51

Your DirecTiVO will record shows that you want to see if you select a few shows you like (either in the "now playing list" or in the program guide) and click on the green thumbs up button. You can give a particular show one, two or three thumbs, either up (green) or thumbs down (red). If you want to keep football from recording, just give it a thumbs down.

Or alternately you can turn off the record suggetions button and then it won't record anything but the shows you specifically select.

There are also quite a few hidden codes that you can activate that will do things like enable a 30 second skip (gets throgh commericals quickly), display a clock and time remaining in the program on the bottom of the screen, etc.
Kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Quake 4
It looks like one of my favorite games ever - Quake - will have a new version available on the Xbox 360. As usual, the graphics are nothing short of incredible and I'm sure the game play will be too.

More screen shots

Looks like I'll have to get an Xbox 360 when it comes out - seems like I heard some time next month? In the meantime, I'll have to visit Wal-Mart and see how it looks.

'Nuff said

(Via Michael at GayOrbit)

AWESOME little comic! Why can't people --supposedly "religious"-- accept that they can pray 24-7 in their homes & places of worship, they can share their glory ad nauseum with like-minded pals, they can cover their houses & churches with Nativity scenes year-round if they want, but it's not a legal requirement for all Americans and NO concern of the gov't? Excuse the rant.
Shackles | 2011-05-09 21:51

Sorry folks, I've already started getting spam on the nominations e-mail address, so I had to turn it off. You can still use the e-mail link at the top of the page to contact me.

Oh. And I meant to say that I'll be posting the winners on Monday. Mr. X and I have conferred and decided on several winners. Some of you may have seen a glimpse of the results due to technical difficulties, but the real post will be available Monday.

Slap! - Nathan Gunn
Hans was kind enough to suggest today's slap, baritone Nathan Gunn. Hans appears to have bene absolutely correct when he noted:
The directors of each of the productions in which he has appeared have made certain that he is bare-chested sometime during any given operatic production.

More Nathan Gunn

"Barihunks" are all the rage now in the world of opera. Other hunks worth checking out are Simon Keenlyside and Dmitri Hvorostovsky.
Jon | 2011-05-09 21:51

Wow! What a great smile!! And that chest is awesome! But it looks like the third picture is from the White Party....
Evan | 2011-05-09 21:51

Nathan Gunn is a definite permislap, in my opinion -- the pix from the Met production of An American Tragedy really show off his pec slabs. 5 or 6 kids he has -- his babymaker is a body part I'd pay money to see. (BTW: Beautiful voice, too.)
David | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Jen Wohlner and Ryan Cooperman
Today's slap comes via Andy. Jen and Ryan are the new homecoming king and queen at their Buffalo Grove, IL high school. So why the slap?
Much is being made of the fact that a jock and cheerleader are school royalty but the roles seem to be reversed. Jen Wohlner is the athlete and Ryan Cooperman is the cheerleader.
And both are openly gay. Congratulations to both! And to the students at Buffalo Grove who voted for them.

And a Slap-Not-In-A-Good-Way to Pete LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute who said "For us, it's a sad thing". I won't dignify the rest of what he said be posting it here or linking to it.


Great slap. It offers a little bit of hope for our future.
Gabe | 2011-05-09 21:51

Ryan has a wonderful smile. That's so sweet. Hooray for both of them! :D
John in T.O. | 2011-05-09 21:51

Great slap!!!!
Terry | 2011-05-09 21:51

That's just so heart warming to me. Good for them. Snaps for Jen and Ryan! *snaps*
jonathan | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Ken Olin
I figured I'd make up for the relative lack of fur lately with another round. xyzpdq, over at Dreamcaps was kind enough to post pictures of the very studly Ken Olin. Honestly, I didn't even know he was an actor - the only place I've ever noticed him in the credits is as a producer on Alias.

As far as fur goes, I know I've scored a hit if WindReader approves (see Josh Stamberg) - I'm really not capable of judging these things. So, WR, how about it? Does Ken pass?

More Ken Olin

If, for example, I saw a guy like that shirtless at the clubs back in the day (five years ago-ish), I'd be in major flirt mode. Sexy. I've never written this before, but: WOOF!
brian | 2011-05-09 21:51

Wow ~ Ken, a bit pudgier than the 30-something days, but still looking pretty good! Hm, 'creative' slap I'd say ;-pp
Franzel | 2011-05-09 21:51

Wow! I had forgotten how hot he is. I'm so turned on by a man who looks like a MAN.

Sam | 2011-05-09 21:51

Yeah he "was" a hotty back in the day...but ick, old fat man with too much hair. Wonder if he knows what a gym looks like.
Alex | 2011-05-09 21:51

Show/Hide More Comments...

For those who like their men hairier...
John has a look at the current stubbly appearances you can see on the baseball diamond.

Slap! - Jason Cameron
Edward wrote to remind me that I had broken my promise to slap Jason Cameron, one of the carpenters on TLC's While You Were Out. So, of course, I have to ask - what is it with the hot home improvement guys on all of these shows?? And why can't the guys building my houses look like this? I can only remember one hot guy among all of the sub-contractors. What's up with that?? And I neglected my duty as your host and didn't take a picture of him.

Now where was I? Oh yeah. Jason Cameron. Nice suggestion, Edward!

More Jason Cameron

And for more pics, don't miss his website:
Evan | 2011-05-09 21:51

very nice...but I agree, why don't the contractors I hire every look this good, I guess I should just hold out on the projects until I get head/body shots!!!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

That is the perfect male physique in my estimation. Not too big...not too cut...just enough manly muscle to make me drool. LOVE HIM
Doug | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slapdate! - Sean Faris
Some lovely soul over at Dreamcaps (free registration req.) posted some new photos of former slap Sean Faris. Un-fucking-believable.

More Sean Faris

UPDATE: The commenter was right - I had forgotten to include one of the pics from the collection. And I guess he's right - Sean isn't a terribly good actor, but that's OK, I watch Reunion anyway. He and Will Estes are just too tasty to pass up...

You forgot this one, from the same spread:

(It's a good thing he's so pretty since he can't really act)
anon | 2011-05-09 21:51

what magazine are these from-they are so hot I need to buy a hard copy! anyone?
JD | 2011-05-09 21:51

UMMMMM look at that body he is one dam sexy guy
jay | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Adam van Koeverden
Today's slap - thanks Maecus!! - is Canadian Olympian Adam van Koeverden. I remember posting a picture of Adam and his tongue quite a while back, but I decided he needed a real, official slap. So here he is. May we have a moment of silence, please??

More Adam van Koeverden

Hot Damn!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

Oh Mama.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

O Canada!

(and to think... I decided NOT to move to Canada after the 2004 Presidential election... WHAT WAS I THINKING???)
Evan | 2011-05-09 21:51

If he is hitchhiking, I will drive up north to Canada just to pick him up
Marlon | 2011-05-09 21:51

Popular searches
As I was poking around my database this evening, I came across the table I use to keep track of searches and checked to see who's most popular. I was shocked - OK not so shocked - to see that Josh Duhamel is the most popular search term on Bent. I guess I was partially surprised because he didn't win the Slap of the Month voting back in May when he was featured. Hmmm. I guess I'll be putting him in the Slap of the Year balloting anyway. So with that said, other popular searches (in descending order of popularity) have been:

Brent van Zant

Brad Pitt

Alexandre Verga

Jesse Metcalfe - I can't believe I haven't slapped him since November!

paul walker

Matt Lanter

Jensen Ackles

adam baldwin

jude law - It's been since November for him too!

tom cruise - haven't slapped him, never will. It's my sandbox and he can't play

dean cain

Here's a suggestion for an uncoming slap: Ewan McGregor. Did anyone see his post-Obi-Wan pecs in "The Island"?? Yowza! And he's been naked in, like, every movie he's been in. Plus, he's just so darned nice *and* a terrific actor.
tebo | 2011-05-09 21:51

Thank you for never ever posting Tom Cruise...I wish this person would fall off the face of the earth.
gary from CO | 2011-05-09 21:51

yeah... i love the nudes of Josh. I take another look as often as i can. what an ass!!!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

Thank you - all the guys are great!
Dean will always be my favorite - the proverbial Tall, Dark and Handsome (Hunk)!
I've even gone so far as to have a tattoo of the Superman symbol.
Michael | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slapdate! - Alan Ritchson
Today's slap, at Don's urging, is former American Idol contestant and current AquaMan Alan Ritchson. I slapped Alan way back in January, but I figured it was time for an update he looked so good in his green swim trunks. MMMMMMMMMMMMM.

More Alan Ritchson

He's AquaMan???
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

Now that's yummy!
John in T.O. | 2011-05-09 21:51

He's Aqua man???? NICE, I'm not really into seafood, but...
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

He and Superboy/man would make a cute couple!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

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OK, readers. It seems the reader interest in posting a SLAP! candidate is minimal. Let's expand this a bit to include any anonymous hottie you feel needs a good SLAP! This could be some random guy from the beach, walking down the street, or from the locker room (that may be stretching - but do your best, as we know you will). Of course we are still willing to accept your co-workers, teachers, friends, or even yourselves if you so desire to submit them. We will even guarantee the anonymity by blocking out the eyes of your submission, if you prefer. So come on readers -- don't let us down! Show us who you really think deserves a good SLAP!

Please send all nominations to:, before October 19. Winners will be announced beginning October 21.

As an example, see this guy:

or the Aspen Volleyballer slaps. So if not your friends, show us your taste!

Sorry, I don't have any SLAPs to post, but I have to give a hand to this little hottie!!! I could just picture him mowing my lawn and me getting my hose out to help him along!!!!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

I can't imagine anone being better to look at than this delightful fellow. The tiny little nipples and that low-slung pair of sweats...not to mention the ripples in between...are perfection!
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

i've seen this pic of this guy before... he's scrumptious
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

I am not nearly gay enough to describe this hot piece of ass as scrumptious...butt I wouldn't mind seeing more of what he has to offer!!!!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Jared Padalecki
Today's slap, at Mark's behest, is Jared Padalecki, star of The WB's Supernatural. He's also been in Gilmore Girls and - tragically - Young MacGyver. Hopefully he can rise above that last one.

More Jared Padalecki

yeah... he's cute. have yet to see the show, but it looks good.
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

I'm seriously lusting after this pup. And I love to hear him talk.
Ricky | 2011-05-09 21:51

hey jared i am you're biggest fan not biggest fan like pictures on the wall of my room but im a big fan of you
i love you so much i seen supernational last week and it was good i love that
you were in it the hour instid of 5 10 min. i love ya
ashley | 2011-05-09 21:51

I remember the first time I saw him on Gilmore Girls (one of the few times I have seen the show). I thought, he is SO not my type, but he is SO hot. Great slap!
Tom | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Josh Stamberg
Greg was kind enough to send along a suggestion for today's slap - actor Josh Stamberg. If you watched Six Feet Under you may remember Josh as one of Keith & David's casual fucks, Sarge. It was hard to find a lot of pics of 'ol Joshy, but the ones I did find are pretty hot - and should definitely be pleasing to those of you who've been asking for a bit more hair.

More Josh Stamberg

What can i say, i am all hot and sweaty just looking at these pics, i am not usually into hairy guys, but this guy is really hot!!!
girlygirl28 | 2011-05-09 21:51

Ahh, Sarge. Drempt of that musky body for months after that episode aired. Thanks for the memories...

Tobias | 2011-05-09 21:51

Can't outdo the Rockstar! comment (perfect), but Hell yea! sounds 'bout right...LOVED the episodes with him!!
Franzel | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Henry Cavill
While we're talking about James Bond, Lorne and I figured I might as well slap Daniel Craig's runner-up, Henry Cavill. Henry is definitely a hottie, but is still a bit too twinkish to be James Bond, doncha think? I mean, could you really take him seriously saying "Bond, James Bond"? Maybe he'll be Bond's twinkish sidekick in a plastic suit with nipples. Or not.

And does he kinda have a little Matt Lanter thing going on? Or is it just me?

More Henry Cavill

Tomorrow: Fur, I promise!

I wish they had seriously considered Robbie Williams for the role of James Bond. He's not gorgeous, but he's hot as hell.
John in T.O. | 2011-05-09 21:51

Hey! I may be showing my age here, but isn't he a dead ringer for a young Rick Springfield in the black & White shot?

And definitely not Bond material; unless we want a return to the Roger Moore era.
chinatrader | 2011-05-09 21:51

oh yeah... he's a hot one!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

Who does he play in the Tudors? (I've been reading up on the period, so I'm curious. Unfortunately, I don't have Showtime.)
MC | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Bonus slap! - Wrestlers
Don was lovely enough to send along a link to a site with some VERY hot wrestlers. I posted a few of the most choice ones here, but you'll probably want to check out all the wrestlers.

More wrestlers

Warning: these men are also not polished and buffed West Hollywood go-go dancers! But if you're taste isn't so...selective...then, yowza, these men are hot!
tebo | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Daniel Craig
Today's slap, as made in a very timely suggestion by Ted B., is Daniel Craig - you may know him better as the future James Bond. I remember him as the evil Alex West from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Evil or not, however, that shower scene was something to behold. We can only hope that 007 will spend some time in the shower in the upcoming Casino Royale.

More Daniel Craig

I miss Pierce already.
If they were gonna go with ugly why not just go with a female Bond?
tim | 2011-05-09 21:51

Sheesh, there are some strong opinions against Danny here. It's true, Danny does not look like a polished and buffed West Hollywood gogo dancer. No, instead he is a real man: extremely hot, extremely sexy, all natural. Much more in the tradition of Sean Connery than Timothy Dalton. And I say aw yeah!
tebo | 2011-05-09 21:51

Throw some chest hair on that guy's pecs and, I'm sorry, but you have the perfect man.
brian | 2011-05-09 21:51

i can't decide here... i'm still on the fence! I thought he was hot as hell in TombRaider, but nto much in Road to Perdition...
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

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The new USAirways
My husband and I are planning a trip in April to Italy with our friends H & T. And since I use American Express for nearly everything I buy (including LOTS of construction materials), I have WAY too many frequent flyer miles - and with Amex I can use them on Delta, USAir, and several other airlines. Since our friends have their miles on United, it made sense because of code shares, etc. to transfer the miles to USAir and make the reservations there. And since it's nice and early, we'll be going business class - sweet!

Anyway, the point of my story: When I called USAirways to make the reservations, the recording referred to America West and USAirways "joining together to create the world's largest low-fare airline". Hmmm. I'll be interested to see how that manifests itself in fares. Has anyone noticed any changes?

Oh yeah: While I'm at it, does anyone have any suggestions for what to do in Tuscany?

Update: I figured I should explain my frequent flyer card logic, because largely I agree with Kip that people should have cash rebate cards, not FF cards - mainly because most people don't use their FF miles the right way. And based on some quick research I did I find that I agree more.

Specifically, I was operating under the assumption that the maximum cash back on any particular card was in the neighborhood of 2%. I find now that it may be as high as 5%, which changes my math significantly. Let me explain. On Amex, I get one point per dollar (duh...) and the business class ticket I booked was 80,000 points; to buy the same ticket would have cost $2,600. So, my value per point - based on this transaction - is $0.032 (3.2%), more than the 2% cash back I thought I would get. If the 5% cash back is an across the board rebate, it certainly makes more sense than buying business class airplane tickets - if it's restricted, it takes a bit more investigation.

Now, here's some more fun math. If you opt for first class tickets instead of business class, your value per point rises significantly; based on some very quick research - that is by no means universally applicable - your value per point may rise as high as $0.10. Figuring out if you're getting real first class seats versus the new "business elite" or whatever is left as an exercise to the reader. Oh. And so is calculating the interest cost of holding all those points...

So, the bottom line is this: Most cash-back credit cards seem to be offering rebates of at least 2%. So if you insist upon keeping a FF credit card, make sure that your value per mile is at least $0.02. An easy rule of thumb is that you probably don't want to buy coach class tickets with miles you earned on your credit card.

Yep. Do as the Tuscans do.
don | 2011-05-09 21:51

First off, if you want really good service always fly the foreign airlines NEVER U.S. airlines!
I have flown a million miles or more and I have to say a flight on Turkish Airlines was beyond comparison with almost any other airline for service, food and well maintained aircraft!
Richard | 2011-05-09 21:51

Tuscany is beautiful but also try to catch Venice and the blue grotto on Capri. It might be too much for the trip you're planning but they are worth a visit.
muffy | 2011-05-09 21:51

Just returned last Saturday from 3 weeks in Tuscany. Indeed see Florence, then get out into the countryside. We loved Lucca, walled ancient city, and not quite so touristy as Sienna and San Gimignano. We also went a bit South and loved the Maremma region, including Sovana and Pitigliano. They are built right into the tufa (rock) and are quite spectacular settings for hilltowns. Have fun!
Peter | 2011-05-09 21:51

Picture it ... Sicily, 2012
John sent along a story he thought I might enjoy - the plans of the Italian goverment to build a bridge from the boot over to the Sicilian soccer ball.

It will be the longest suspension bridge in the world as it crosses the Messina Strait from Villa San Giovanni to the northeast corner of Sicily - a distance of over 2 miles.

Many of the bridge's critics are confident that Italy won't be willing to spend the estimated $4.65 billion (4 trillion lire ?) to get it built. It would be kinda neat to see it on Google Earth...

My future ex-husband
Fleshbot has a link to a video capture of the the towel-slip scene in which perennital Bent favorite Jamie Bamber shows us some nice skin. It's big, but it's worth it. YUM.

I will have to download that scene, Mr.Bamber is such a tease with that towel. I have guys at my gym that don't let their towels fall as much as he did in this scene! VERY NICE!!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Just saw it...oh my god, it was wonderful actually seeing it...wish it would have totally fell off...
Alex | 2011-05-09 21:51

Fuck the dishes!
I need one of these.

This is incredible, all they need to do is attach the refrigerator and the microwave and we're all set for the Jetson's kitchen, where do I sgn up for my Rosie robot?
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Aspen Volleyballers
Way back over Labor Day, Juice came to visit and we spent the weekend in Aspen. Every year over Labor Day Aspen hosts The Motherlode Volleyball Classic. The weather was nice, so we were fortunate enough to see lots of nice volleyball skin. Juice and I spent quite a while stalking some of these guys, so even though I didn't get it all on film chip, I did manage to get some nice shots. So I have no idea who these guys are, but they are definitely nice to look at. This guy was my favorite:

More Aspen Volleyballers

It sure seems as all those who took off their shirts were well worth the exposure, a decoration to the eye, and an incitement to lust. But why, oh why do they insist on wearing those horrible pants? All volleyball players (not just the women) should be required to wear speedos.
fareva | 2011-05-09 21:51

all this time i had the body of an Aspen Volleyball Player and didn't know it. I've found my nitch!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51're letting me know this after the summer is over?!?!? What are the odds hotties will be running around Central Park showing flesh in this weather?!? I'm way down in TriBeca, I have the guys at Battary Park and along the river, so I guess I shouldn't complain!!!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

NICE...I agree, Speedo should be mandatory!! I'd go as far to say thongs, but that might be pushing it!
I like the big guy in the fourth shot, big and beefy, and you can almost make out the junk in his package!!! Just shave his head,lose the gold chain and he would make a nice play thing!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Whither Microsoft?
It's interesting to see the world's least favorite "monopoly" have to join forces with another company to try to maintain its relevance. This is, of course, partly in response to AOL's dominance of the IM market; I assume, however, that it may also be in part to the newest least favorite "monopoly" and its entry into the space.

More importantly, it shows how quickly even a "monopolist" can become irrelevant if it doesn't continue to deliver the products that people want. In a timely fashion.

Slap! - Matt Walch
Dan wrote ages and ages ago to suggest firefighter Matt Walch as a slap. He's also a fitness model - duh! - and likes to compete in rodeos, riding bareback (!) and roping calves. All I have to say is: He can tie me up any time he wants...

More Matt Walch

OH MY GOD! I'd start a fire in my house if he was the one who'd cum and rescue me! Jesus, god is a fireman!
Alex | 2011-05-09 21:51

Holy Smokes Batman!!!!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

A while back I asked for exotic, and damn you did well (thanks for benny bratt). However, here are some links to my fave Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan (Fit fit fit)
(in this site u can check other actors - so fine, try zayed khan, john abraham amongst others)

Though he does not show much skin!

George | 2011-05-09 21:51

There is something to say for some fur, but lets get off of it, a smooth man is so hot, you can see all his muscles flex, etc. Fur hides that!
Alex | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Strangely enough...
It's really weird, but The Swift Report has made an exception to its normal story pattern. It has started reporting facts.

And while I'm at it
Neil was kind enough to send along a link to a little movie he made of the hotties from Australian Rules Footballers.

You know, people like Campbell Brown

and Brodie Holland (he whose recent pics I'm gonna post soon)

So here's Neil's movie of AFL Guys.

Nice work Neil!

aww...I didn't get to see the movie, very disappointing!!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slapdate! - Josh Wald
Taylor was good enough to send along a link to a picture of Josh Wald that I hadn't seen before. You remember Josh - he won Slap of the Month way back in March. I don't know if it's a new pic - or just one I haven't seen, but Josh always looks good.

Your pictures are great but the quality of the scans ruins them.
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

I'm a big fan of Josh... feel free to take a look at his amazing ass here:
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

i agree... i love him. Brent may have an amazing body and WOW what a package, Josh has more appeal.
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

Josh is *so* hot: handsome face, beautiful eyes, hairy chest, good definition but not too bulky. His tatoos are really hot, too. I can only say "ungh" when I see him.
tebo | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Dean Cain
Today's slap is Dean Cain who used to play Superman before a more super-looking Superman came along. Lots of people have been requesting Dean recently, and among popular searches, he's the most popular who's never been slapped. My favorite role of Dean's is as "Cole" in The Broken Hearts Club, one of my favorite gay movies.

So anyway, I've checked Dean off the list of notable omissions. I'll be perusing more popular searches for ideas in the coming days.

More Dean Cain

Always a favorite. Wish the towel would have fell while he was talking on the phone, also would love to help him off with his jacket, grewy T-shirt....He's better than the new Superman, he's to much of a twink
Alex | 2011-05-09 21:51

Agreed, Dean IS Superman!! To think I put up w/ Teri Hatcher all those yrs just in the vain hope it would be a shirtless-Superman episode!! ;-p
Ahhh, Deannnnnn
Franzel | 2011-05-09 21:51

YES!!! Dean Cain is a great slap! the face, the body! Loved him in Broken Hearts, could have seen more of him (naked) with Michael Bergin, but a good movie. Thanks for the morning slap!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Dean is probably my most favorite!
The proverbial Tall, Dark and Handsome. Everything most individuals are looking for, male or female.
Thank you soooo much for including him. I am definately in love!
Michael | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Frank Lampard
Today's slap is UK footballer Frank Lampard, currently playing for Chelsea.

More Frank Lampard

he was in a sex film a while back, there's a site comes up if you search on google, it was another hot player called Keiron Dyer and Rio Ferdinand i think. Not seen it myself, but worth a look

oh by the way, this site rocks!!!
Junior jones | 2011-05-09 21:51

Hey! Anyone knows who Gerard Butler in Lara Croft 2 is? HE is DAMN hot! Can anyone put some of his NICE pics on?
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Now I don't get those of you who like their men to resemble woolly mammoths, but even I draw the line at men who get their arm pits and legs waxed.

And he's not that good looking either...
Adam | 2011-05-09 21:51

Agreed he's not all that hot, I've seen (and had better). But he is a bit better looking then any of the actors in the BBC-America series "Footballers Wive$"
Regarding pit shaving, anyone else notice that in "Temple of Doom", Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones shaved his pits? Nude pits I can take or leave myself.
Richard | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Frank Grillo
Today's slap, at the suggestions of Giancarlo, is Frank Grillo. Frank's been a busy boy over the course of his career, including several years as Hart Jessup (#5) on The Guiding Light and a fairly large role in the failed series Blind Justice. Most notably to me, however, is his several episode guest role on one of my new favorite shows Prison Break. If I had to characterize him on that show, I can think of one word: Large. But you'll get the idea from the pics. Wow.

More Frank Grillo

WindReader, I'm with you on the chest hair-- I'm sure he's naturally got plenty. Why DO men wax/shave their chest hair? Contractual? I know models etc. need to show definition, but please. Trimming I can understand, but grown men are men and should look as such!

Sorry for the rant, Rob-- I know you love the twinks, just don't understand why...;-)
The Puckster | 2011-05-09 21:51

A beautiful torso, fortunately not obscured by hair.
fareva | 2011-05-09 21:51

He is so hot! I wish my neighbor looked like him and liked to stand in front of the window buck naked. I love him smooth and would love to be his personal barber. Wish he was "full aroused"...Might not be able to breath though? Oh, by the way, looks like his sac is heavy with his boys.
Alex | 2011-05-09 21:51

Though I completely agree with the no waxing/shaving sentiments expressed....must it be commented during each slap? Got it fellas. You don't like waxing. Point taken!
Bomber | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Iran Malfitano
Today's slap, courtesy of Barry, is Brazilian actor Iran Malfitano. Barry was kind enough to send along a nice selection of pictures for your enjoyment - and boy is this guy hot! He's only 24 - I hope he can raise his U.S. profile so that we can see more of him!

More Iran Malfitano

Double woof! Triple woof! He's a real man!
Ed | 2011-05-09 21:51

Hes fat hairy and ugly Wow what a slap
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Rob-- you continually surprise me.
I think you slapped him just for me. Thank you.
Now, do I need a job BEFORE moving to Brazil or can I just wing it on maybe a US passport/good looks/intelligence?
The Puckster | 2011-05-09 21:51

a bit too hairy for my taste but i'm not complaining...still nice~!
Cherbot4000 | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Remember Sebastian Rulli?
I slapped him back in April and then did a recent update. Well, Rey sent along some information that some of you may be interested in: He's in a Spanish-language soap opera called Contra Viento y Marea ("Against all Odds"). Apparently it's shown on Univision, and though you may not be able to understand, Rey says it features the important stuff.
He is often featured without his shirt on and the scenes are hot as heck. In this series, they have colored his hair black. This show is worth watching just for the little bon bon Rulli. Even if you don't speak Spanish, you'll enjoy the eye candy!
Sounds good to me.

A new here! production
The good folks over at here! sent along some pictures from their new film Dante's Cove. Billed as "Melrose Place meets Dark Shadows meets Passions meets Charmed" it sounds kinda hot! And with stars like this, it's good for eye candy if nothing else. And the really good news is that it opens today - and is available on the here! network, as well as in a limited theatrical release. So if you're lucky enough to live in NYC or LA, head to your local theater - otherwise, contact your local provider to make sure you get here! As for me, I get it via Comcast pay-per-view, so I'll be watching when I get home on Sunday.

More pics of Dante's Cove

Slap! - Random Hotness
As you may be able to tell, today is the day I'm cleaning out my inbox. But it's always fun because there's usually some hotness to be had. And Don came through with some of that hotness:

More hot swimmers


I wonder what's weighing down his shorts. Maybe its the hefty package in the front.
Brian | 2011-05-09 21:51

nah... he just has a great big ass!!!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

Now if plumbers & TV repairmen looked like these guys, no one would mind seeing them bend over.....
Sammy | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slapdate! - The Atherton Twins
Some of you will remember January's Slap of The Atherton Twins - the extremely hot gymnasts currently starring in Cirque du Soleil's Varekai. Well, Austin came across some very hot pictures of the pair and was kind enough to send them along. YUM:

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!
Mikey | 2011-05-09 21:51

Two heads are always better than one! Keeps my mouth occupied.
Brian | 2011-05-09 21:51

Makes going to the Cirque even more worth wild...Very hot and handsome....
Sammy | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Brodie Croyle
Today's slap is the hottest guy on the gridiron, Alabama quarterback Brodie Croyle. BoiFromTroy wrote to suggest Brodie; notably, BfT has Brodie categorized under "Gay - Infatuation". I can relate. BfT also referred me to the new shrine site he has created that's dedicated to Brodie and the Heisman trophy. BfT is hoping (me too!) that the Brodie4Heisman site will garner some leads to some more skin.

And to anyone who lives near Tuscaloosa: Go get your camera and head over to practice. We need photos!

More Brodie Croyle

love the bulge in those shorts
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

everything about him is so awesome. Gotta love them southern boys...
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

Amber | 2011-05-09 21:51

Amber | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Kyle Boller
Today's slap is one of Jonathan's favorites -- Baltimore Ravens quarterback Kyle Boller. I slapped him almost a year ago, but this time I was able to find a couple really nice shirtless pics, so I thought he deserved another go.

More Kyle Boller

He's ok, I guess. I mean everyone can't make me come!
Brian | 2011-05-09 21:51

He's nice, but he's no Matt Leinart. Need a Leinart shirtless slap!
Dick | 2011-05-09 21:51

I agree with Doug...he's a hot guy. clean cut, all american guy...I bet he'd be wild in bed, its the straight laced ones you have to look out for, once they get into it, they're unstoppable!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

Oh my gawd! I just want to lick him and suck him and f**k him all over. I'm a good girl, I am:-) He makes me have naughty thoughts.

I just want to "slap" him:-)
Terry | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Orlando Bloom
I was reminded by Sebastien that I have been neglectful in my slap duties by missing Orlando Bloom for so long. I slapped him way back in December, but that's just too long for someone so pretty. So what is Orlando up to? Well, it looks like he's busy filming Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 - with the second being better known as "Dead Man's Chest". And don't forget the upcoming Elizabethtown, opening 14-Oct.

More Orlando Bloom

Horrid little creature.
Hat12 | 2011-05-09 21:51

I heard he's a homophobe.
Vicente Fox | 2011-05-09 21:51

I just discovered this site today. I've been missing out. You call it the daily slap, I call it a daily affirmation.
As for Orlando Bloom, very hot! Great pics you have posted.
Mikey | 2011-05-09 21:51

ouch...that kind of changes my view of lil' Orlando. Hey a good slap would be actor John Paul Pitoc, he was in a film called Trick, a hottie!
kevin | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Eric Balfour
Today's slap is actor Eric Balfour. He's quite a hottie, but I honestly don't remember him from anything except as Claire's boyfriend "Gabe" in Six Feet Under. Honestly, I need to see more movies.

More Eric Balfour

MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm yummy, and dirty......... wanna throw him down and lick him clean.....
David | 2011-05-09 21:51

He was also in the first season of "24" w/ Keifer. He played a computer specialist, I think.
Joe | 2011-05-09 21:51

he's hot from the neck down. i saw him on an episode of Buffy once, way back in the day.
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

BILL WASCHER | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap of the Month!
Augh. The polling site is broken. Fun. I was going to tabulate the results, but since it's busted I'm stuck - so as soon as the polling site is back I'll post the results. Hopefully they didn't lose the results.


OK, the results are in - and the winner is:

Wentworth Miller

And Gemini6Ice is, of course, correct - I should do the polling on my own server - it would certainly increase reliability. But I don't use standard CGI scripts, so that's harder than it sounds - I guess I should check for a ready-made solution anyway. Perhaps by next month's voting I'll have something.

Wentworth got my vote for sure, but that's because i didn't see Chris Meloni's name...
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

He's hot, but I dont think he's hot enough for Slap of the month.. He kinda gives me the creeps, So I voted for Jonathan Bennett... Yum
Arfa | 2011-05-09 21:51

He is not that hot at first sight, but he kinds of grow on you. He was brillant in Prison Break.
Matt | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Brad Pitt
Today's Slap is my most shocking - yes, SHOCKING - oversight yet. I simply can't believe I haven't included him at all before now. I'm talking, of course, about the former Mr. Aniston, Brad Pitt. Every since he burst on the scene in Thelma & Louise he's been one of my favorites. And, based on the queries I've been seeing in the search box, people agree - he's gotten more queries than anyone else. So in order to answer all of those queries, here he is. Enjoy!

More Brad Pitt

even if he has an average dick, i still wish i could be Brad! He's so HOT!!!
dae | 2011-05-09 21:51

The best 'Brad' moment is in Fight Club when Ed Norton knocks on the door and sweaty Brad opens it nude and Helena Botham-Carter is panting, following off the bed in the background....ah, to her at that moment would be *what's the word I'm looking for?!* ;-p
Franzel | 2011-05-09 21:51

Brad could be wearing a wholly t-shirt and ratty boxer shorts - hell, just burlap sack and he'd still be perfect. It doesn't matter what he does to change his looks - he will always be the eptimote of male beauty.
Michael | 2011-05-09 21:51

Mon Dieu!
abraxas | 2011-05-09 21:51

New feature!
Yes, I've finally done it! Several people have requested it lately, so I decided it was time to make public the search feature I've been using for months. So now you can search for all of your favorite guys in the Daily Slap archives - no pushing now, there's enough for everyone!

As a caveat, be aware that for various technical reasons the results may occasionally contain entries you don't expect - it's nothing to be alarmed about, just keep surfing!

And I'm keeping track of all of the search queries - don't worry I'm not tracking who searches for what - so we'll see if anything fun comes through.

UPDATE: While I was writing this post, I had my first official (not done by me) search. And the winner is:

Alexandre Verga

G. T. Ezell | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap! - Stephen Dorff
Today's slap is actor Stephen Dorff. I remember seeing him as a twinkish little 19-year old in The Power of One. I also caught a few minutes of the truly dreadful Space Truckers - he looked really good, but I couldn't watch another minute. He's been in lots of other movies, but I can't remember having seen any of them - not a good sign.

More Stephen Dorff

Damn cute and furry too...a good combination.
Doug | 2011-05-09 21:51

I'd kiss his ass. Really. I would! And I don't even care how much money he's made.
Ed | 2011-05-09 21:51

Does Abso-smurfly nothing for me.
John in T.O. | 2011-05-09 21:51

Slap of the Month!
It's been another great month of Slaps - and a bit less twinkish than usual maybe. Plus we had our very first guest Slap Suck! There are no real standouts for me this month, so I can't even decide who I think will win. My vote, however, is going to Wentworth Miller - he just looks so good and Prison Break is so much fun.

Oh, and I found a polling site that let me add more than 20 responses - so everyone's included this month. Vote away!

OK - let's hear it. Who's your Slap of the Month?
Matthew Mullins
Mark Wahlberg

Billy Crudup
James Blake
Wentworth Miller

Aaron Peirsol
Robby Ginepri
Matt Long

Riker Twins
The Guys From So You Think You Can Dance
New York City
Tom Williams
John Barrowman
Simon Baker
Reichen Lehmkuhl
Chip Arndt

Jared Leto
Gael Garcia Bernal
Josh Holloway
Josh Randall
Michael Vartan
Jonathan Bennett

James Purefoy

John Stamos
Steven Gerrard

Jacob Young
Chris O'Donnell
Suck! - Chad Michael Murray's Nipples
Christopher Gorham
Javier Lopez

View Results

This was a tough one !!!!!

It was hard choosing between The Riker Twins and Reichen Lemkuhl (I know I asked for the slappage of Mark Wahlberg but there are no really good pics in his slap)
BeN | 2011-05-09 21:51

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ShannonRandolph20 | 2011-05-09 21:51

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RoyChris | 2011-05-09 21:51

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RosemarieSellers32 | 2011-05-09 21:51

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Slap! - Benjamin Bratt
George reminded me in one of his comments about today's slap - I might not otherwise have slapped him. Anyway, today's victim honoree is Benjamin Bratt, currently appearing in E-Ring. He was also in Law & Order for several years and in several movies, including Red Planet and Traffic. I think he's quite a good actor, but I still wonder how he managed to date Julia Roberts.

More Benjamin Bratt

I saw him walking with in Greenwich Village about a year ago, wadda hunk! Great smile too.
Jon | 2011-05-09 21:51

Why would Julia Roberts let this one go?
anonymous | 2011-05-09 21:51

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