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Stone Four
Need some writing
or photography done?
Goodbye SoBlo
This makes me sad. Honestly, I've worried about exactly this since starting this blog. I haven't written a lot on here yet - and honestly, not everyone can read everything, because of the way I created the software - but I still worry about it. I don't know if this will cause me to censor myself or not - I'm hoping not, but I have a tendency to self-censor anyway; this will probably do nothing but reinforce that.

I hope that Jeremy (I think that's his name) can repair whatever damage he feels he caused.

Yes, You Can Have it All
I don't know why this surprises me, but you can now receive comics on your cell phone.

Complaining of the ever-shrinking comics page, artists and their distributors are looking to other media. I guess there are people who still read their comics on a piece of paper, huh? I've been reading them on the web for so long that it's routinely a pleasant surprise to pick up a newspaper in Subway and find some comic strips to read.
Bush's Military Records
Terry McAuliffe is SUCH a charming person. Commenting on the recent "discovery" of Bush's military records - the ones that had been "destroyed", he said (taken from Drudge's non-permanent link):
The supposed discovery of these records on Friday afternoon, as reporters converge on Boston to cover the Democratic National Convention, is highly questionable. If the Bush Administration continues to search, maybe they'll find answers to the long list of unanswered questions that remain about George W. Bush's time in the Air National Guard. Bush's military records seem to show up as randomly as he did for duty.
I don't remember his righteous indignation when the Rose Law Firm billing records were discovered.

Honestly, does this really matter? This is probably the LAST presidential election where this kind of thing will even be a talking point, because people of John Edwards' age are too young to have been drafted - or to have dodged the draft. Additionally, didn't we hear in 1992 that the military record of a candidate wasn't important?

Why has the dialogue in Washington gotten so partisan (and ugly) over the past decade?

Six Feet Under
So I just watched the most recent episode of Six Feet Under. I had heard from several people that it was a "bizarre" episode. I don't know that I'll go all the way to bizarre, but it was certainly "unusual" - as in, not a typical episode, structurally. The subject matter, I thought, was right on - but in this case, covered with unusual depth. And, I have to confess, the boy was cute. :D

Stupid people
I am so fucking sick of stupid people! Even more so, stupid obnoxious people.

So I'm in line at Chipotle, and this in-bred looking guy is at the front of the line ordering. And his order is so fucking high maintenance, he MUST be gay. He wants "2 burritos with 2 scoops of rice each, no beans, and chicken". Good lord. And of course, the woman behind the counter speaks 1 word of English, so she has this blank fucking look on her face. So he has to say it ALL again, VERY SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWLY. She gets those taken care of and moves them down the assembly line - and this fat fuck wants more! This time he wants "2 burritos with 1 scoop of rice each, no beans, and 2 scoops of steak each". What the fuck?!?!?!? Can't you just order a NORMAL FUCKING BURRITO????
Meanwhile, the lady down the assembly line is asking him what kind of salsa he wants - a normal question, no? And he says in the most obnoxious, sneering tone you can imagine "No salsa". Sounds innocuous enough, I know, but it's just not possible to capture the tone of his voice in text. Suffice it to say I'd had enough of him - I flew over the counter, dragging him with me and smashed his face in the tortilla steamer while stuffing the entire container of black beans down his throat into his grossly engorged belly.

That made me feel much better.

The A/C
The window unit is finally in! Thank the maker! And the handyman who did it - HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!

Electricity - EEEEE-lectricity
So we're in the new house now - and the guy is coming over to hook up the A/C (window unit...) today. And so I'm looking at the panel box and the ratings on the various pieces of computer equipment I have around here. And I just have one question:

WHY didn't people building houses in the 50's plan for me having 30+ amps of computer equipment??? I mean it's so obvious.

Ah, the joys of an old(er) home.

Useless information department
In the useless information department, the boyfriend and I were sitting at home working and keeping 1-eye (each) on the TV. The Bird Cage ended and Coal Miner's Daughter started. Seeing the scenery we wondered where it had been filmed - since I grew up in West Virginia, and the BF went to college NEAR West Virginia, at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. So we looked on the web to see where "CMD" was filmed, and came up with Haysi, Virginia.

Now you know.

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Patton35Amy | 2011-05-09 21:51

So the asbestos abatement guy called back. Ugh. It's gonna bbe $835 for one of the houses and $2300 for the other one. WHY WHY WHY is this such a problem? I did get a hint from him that he might be able to sneak me in under some rule or another. Here's hoping. :)

The albatrosses - er... houses...
So I'm working on developing a couple of new houses here in Denver. My partners and I own a couple of houses - built in the 50's or so - that we're going to tear down and build something sweet.

Here's one of them...

And the other...

In the end, they're both gonna look more or less like this:

So the current adventure is trying to get the asbestos out. Woo-fucking-hoo. Why the fuck does the government have to get so damn involved in every damn thing anyone does - but that's a completely different topic... I especially love it when the asbestos inspectors and removal techs roll their eyes and act like the entire legal infrastructure surrounging asbestos abatement is silly.

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Edith28Emerson | 2011-05-09 21:51

Well, here we go...
I'm gonna start this blog. Fuck knows why. Just because.

There's something vaguely narcissistic about the whole idea, isn't there? But I'm not gonna let that stop me. I'm going to do my best to follow the instructions, but we'll just have to see.

More than anything, this is for me. If others read it, that's peachy.

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